Much Governed Nation Pt2

Author: W. H. Greenleaf
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135033587
Format: PDF, Docs
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First published by Methuen in the 1980s Volume I: The Rise of Collectivism: This volume establishes the central theme that the most important feature of British political life since the nineteenth century has been the extension of the role of government at all levels. Volume II: The Ideological Heritage: The second volume reviews the development of the three main political ideologies in British politics: Conservatism, Liberalism and Socialism, with special reference to the ways in which they have affected or responded to the rise of collectivism. Volumes III and IV: A Much-Governed Nation Parts 1 and 2: Examining the way in which our political arrangements have been adapted and extended to deal with the wider range of responsibilities thrust upon them, these two volumes also describe the changes in the main traditional institutions (Local government, the Civil Service, the Cabinet, Parliament etc) as they deal with the growth of the state, as well as looking at the increased use of delegated legislation and administrative tribunals.

The Governance of China

Author: Jinping Xi
Publisher: Sinomedia International Group
ISBN: 9787119090573
Format: PDF, ePub
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"A compilation of Xi Jinping's major works from November 15, 2012 to June 13, 2014. It includes speeches, talks, interviews, instructions, and correspondence ... Also contains 45 pictures of Xi Jinping at work and in daily life"--

Selected Papers Volume 3

Author: S. Chandrasekhar
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226100944
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This is the third of six volumes collecting significant papers of the distinguished astrophysicist and Nobel laureate S. Chandrasekhar. His work is notable for its breadth as well as for its brilliance; his practice has been to change his focus from time to time to pursue new areas of research. The result has been a prolific career full of discoveries and insights, some of which are only now being fully appreciated. Chandrasekhar has selected papers that trace the development of his ideas and that present aspects of his work not fully covered in the books he has periodically published to summarize his research in each area. This volume is divided into four sections. The first, on dynamical friction and Brownian motion, includes papers written after Chandrasekhar published his 1942 monograph Principles of Stellar Dynamics. Also in this section is "Stochastic Problems in Physics and Astronomy," one of the most cited papers in the physics literature, as well as papers written jointly with John von Neumann that have been given impetus to recent research. As Chandrasekhar notes, the papers in the second section, on statistical problems in astronomy, were influenced by Ambartsumian's analysis of brightness in the Milky Way. A third section on the statistical theory of turbulence addresses issues still unresolved in fluid dynamics, and the last section is devoted to hydromagnetic problems in astrophysics that are not discussed in Chandrasekhar's monographs.