Museum Representations of Maoist China

Author: Amy Jane Barnes
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317093003
Format: PDF, Docs
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The collection, interpretation and display of art from the People’s Republic of China, and particularly the art of the Cultural Revolution, have been problematic for museums. These objects challenge our perception of ’Chineseness’ and their style, content and the means of their production question accepted notions of how we perceive art. This book links art history, museology and visual culture studies to examine how museums have attempted to reveal, discuss and resolve some of these issues. Amy Jane Barnes addresses a series of related issues associated with collection and display: how museums deal with difficult and controversial subjects; the role they play in mediating between the object and the audience; the role of the Other in the creation of Self and national identities; the nature, role and function of art in society; the museum as image-maker; the impact of communism (and Maoism) on the cultural history of the twentieth-century; and the appropriation of communist visual iconography. This book will be of interest to researchers and students of museology, visual and cultural studies as well as scholars of Chinese and revolutionary art.

Museums in China

Author: Marzia Varutti
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd
ISBN: 1843838885
Format: PDF, Kindle
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An examination of museums in China, surveying their development from the nineteenth century, and looking in particular at their incredible recent proliferation.

Culture in the Contemporary PRC

Author: Michel Hockx
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521681247
Format: PDF, ePub
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The volume examines Chinese cultural studies, from rock music to revolutionary museums.

Re envisioning the Chinese Revolution

Author: Ching Kwan Lee
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804758536
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A comprehensive study of contemporary memories of China's revolutionary epoch, from the time of Japanese imperialism through the Cultural Revolution. This volume examines the memories of a range of social groups, including disenfranchised workers and rural women, who have often been neglected in scholarship.

Exhibiting the Past

Author: Kirk A. Denton
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Format: PDF
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A study of museums, and their representation of history, in post-Mao China.

Spaces of Their Own

Author: Mayfair Mei-hui Yang
Publisher: U of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 9780816631469
Format: PDF, Kindle
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How are the public and political lives of Chinese women constrained by states and economies? And how have pockets of women's consciousness come to be produced in and disseminated from this traditionally masculine milieu? The essays in this volume examine the possibilities for a public sphere for Chinese women, one that would both emerge from concrete historical situations and local contexts and cut across the political boundaries separating the Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the West. The challenges of this project are taken up in essays on the legacy of state feminism on the Mainland as contrasted with a grassroots women's movement challenging the state in Taiwan; on the role of the capitalist consumer economy in the emerging lesbian movement in Taiwan; and on the increased trafficking of women as brides, prostitutes, and mistresses between the Mainland and wealthy male patrons in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The writers' examples of masculine domination in the media include the reformulation of Chinese women in Fifth Generation films for a transnational Western male film audience and the portrayal of Mainland women in Taiwanese and Hong Kong media. The contributors also consider male nationalism as it is revealed through both international sports coverage on television and in a Chinese television drama. Other works examine a women's museum, a telephone hotline in Beijing, the films of Hong Kong filmmaker Ann Hui, the transnational contacts of a Taiwanese feminist organization, the diaspora of Mainland women writers, and the differences between Chinese and Western feminist themes.

Die vier B cher

Author: Yan Lianke
ISBN: 3732551466
Format: PDF
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In einem Arbeitslager in der chinesischen Einöde sind Künstler und Akademiker inhaftiert, sie sollen umerzogen, ihre Loyalität zum Kommunismus soll gestärkt werden. Wie ihre Mithäftlinge sind auch die Musikerin und ihr Geliebter, der Gelehrte, dem wirksamen Belohnungssystem des Lagerkommandanten ausgesetzt. Doch dann bricht die große Hungersnot aus und die Gefangenen werden sich selbst überlassen, ein verzweifelter Überlebenskampf beginnt. Klar und poetisch erzählt Yan Lianke in VIER BÜCHER von der Zeit der großen chinesischen Hungersnot, von Liebe, Integrität, Würde und Moral im Angesicht absurden Grauens.


Author: LuMing Mao
Publisher: Utah State University Press
ISBN: 9780874217247
Format: PDF
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Asian American rhetorics, produced through cultural contact between Asian traditions and US English, also comprise a dynamic influence on the cultural conditions and practices within which they move. Though always interesting to linguists and "contact language" scholars, in an increasingly globalized era, these subjects are of interest to scholars in a widening range of disciplines—especially those in rhetoric and writing studies. Mao, Young, and their contributors propose that Asian American discourse should be seen as a spacious form, one that deliberately and selectively incorporates Asian “foreign-ness” into the English of Asian Americans. These authors offer the concept of a dynamic “togetherness-in-difference” as a way to theorize the contact and mutual influence. Chapters here explore a rich diversity of histories, theories, literary texts, and rhetorical practices. Collectively, they move the scholarly discussion toward a more nuanced, better balanced, critically informed representation of the forms of Asian American rhetorics and the cultural work that they do.

China in the Frame

Author: Iside Carbone
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443873063
Format: PDF, ePub
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Mechanisms of representation of the cultural Other and their connections with processes of self-expression constitute the core of China in the Frame. This original ethnographic study of Chinese-themed displays of artworks in a selection of permanent and temporary exhibitions in Italy highlights specific forms of the materialisation of ideas of cultural identities. The Other represented by these displays is China, the identity of which is nowadays perceived by a wider western public, if not unambiguously, at least more closely, thanks to faster and intensified means of communication and interaction. The representing counterpart is Italy, the identity of which, far from being firmly univocal, is fragmentary and not rigidly set due to the country’s peculiar socio-historical circumstances. The wide range of case studies brought together in this book draw attention to the impact of physical and cultural settings, as well as of various exhibitive criteria and techniques, on different types of manifestations of ideas of China through the medium of museum display. Adopting an underlying theoretical framework whereby representation is a mimetic operation that creatively contributes to the transmission of awareness and knowledge of the Other, the book provides a re-evaluation of the concept of appropriation, emphasising how the recognition of a cultural Other can be instrumental in the determination of certain modes of self-expression. On this basis, the book also elaborates a suggestive definition of Italian Orientalism intended as a phenomenon by which while relating to and trying to represent China, Italy is induced to question and represent its own cultural identity. Through an analysis of fieldwork data, the book identifies and navigates the long and rich history of many of the buildings housing the displays, the different ages of the specimens exhibited and the diversity of topics illustrated, spanning from the artistic and technical achievements of ancient China to the socio-economic changes of contemporary China. As representations are re-affirmed, developed and changed, the variety of materials included in the displays play a relevant part in bringing forth the comprehensive and overarching character of cultural representations in museum contexts.