Next Wave Cultures

Author: Anita Harris
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135909105
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Whereas once young women’s feminist activism could be easily identified, today this resistance seems obscure, transitory, and disorganized. In Next Wave Cultures, established and emerging scholars provide an interdisciplinary examination of young women’s multilayered lives. This collection demonstrates that young women have new ways of taking on politics and culture that may not be recognizable under more traditional paradigms, but deserve to be identified as socially engaged and potentially transformative nonetheless. Exploring the ways in which girls' various cultural pursuits are tied to identity formation and relate to issues of class, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, ability, and, gender, Next Wave Cultures highlights both the limitations and opportunities afforded by globalization of youth consumer culture. This valuable collection is a necessary read across disciplines—especially to those in the fields of education, gender and cultural studies, sociology, and psychology.

Hub Culture

Author: Stan Stalnaker
Publisher: Wiley
Format: PDF
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Original and intriguing perspective on a significant and increasingly important marketing target group. * A hip, contemporary issue that people will want to be aware of. * Interesting comparison of various fashionable cities and places in the hub culture "league."

Smart Working

Author: Anne Marie McEwan
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1317054121
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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It is more possible than ever to influence and shape our working environments, our experience of work and each other. Business leaders who set the conditions and create engaging, meaningful work through organisational design and use of the knowledge and creative potential of their workforces are engaging in smart working. In Smart Working: Creating the Next Wave, Anne Marie McEwan explains how smart working is more than just flexible and mobile working. It is about flexibility and autonomy - how people work, not just where and when. She argues that systems, working environments and governance are more likely to lead to effective performance if they maximise self-determination and choice. She describes how collaborative communication technologies create possibilities for stimulating and harnessing collective intelligence, within and beyond organisational boundaries. In short, smart working is an outcome of designing organisational systems that are good both for business and people. McEwan warns that the tendency to talk about new management paradigms risks overlooking insights derived from years of academic research, and particularly from lessons learned from process innovation methodology. This rigorously researched but intensely practical book examines current workplace trends relating to people, technology, place and space. It reviews what we already know about effective management and high performance work methods and shows how those insights can be used to advantage in contemporary workscapes. It will help those with responsibilities for the strategic direction of their organizations. Learning and development and HR professionals will understand how to interpret these insights for their own business.


Author: Susan Yung
ISBN: 9780999297100
Format: PDF, Docs
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Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave Festival, founded in 1983 by impresario Harvey Lichtenstein, gathered performances in which genres mixed and traditions were upended. Events held in downtown lofts were given larger venues at BAM. Choreographers, directors, artists and musicians now had access to bigger audiences. The first festivals included New York artists Trisha Brown, Philip Glass, Bill T. Jones, Laurie Anderson, Robert Rauschenberg, Lucinda Childs and Robert Wilson. International companies were folded into the Next Wave, introducing New York viewers to Pina Bausch, Robert Lepage, Sankai Juku and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. During intermissions, art-world luminaries mixed with dance and theater makers. In 1999, Joseph V. Melillo took over the artistic reins of the festival. By 2012, the Fishman Space opened--a venue for smaller-scale performances--joining the Howard Gilman Opera House and the BAM Harvey Theater. This book surveys the festival's performances by genre, with photos and ephemera from BAM's archive and a chronology of performances.


Author: Annamarie Jagose
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822353911
Format: PDF
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In Orgasmology, Annamarie Jagose takes orgasm as her queer scholarly object, tracing the career of orgasm across the twentieth century.

New Wave Clay

Author: Tom Morris
Publisher: Frame Publishers
ISBN: 9492311240
Format: PDF, Docs
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New Wave Clay unpicks the zeitgeist and aesthetic of an exciting discipline with intelligence, insight and indulgence. Against the backdrop of the digital age and shiny screens, a whole new generation of craftspeople, designers and artists are realizing the pleasure of working with clay and bringing a fresh perspective to the material. Today, there is a lively crossover between craft, design, sculpture and technology that is rethinking ceramics: what you can make with it, what it looks like and who makes it. New Wave Clay is a global survey of 55 imaginative ceramicists that are leading this craft revival. They include classically trained potters who create design-led pieces, product designers who use clay as a means of creative expression, as well as fine artists, architects, decorators, illustrators, sculptors and graphic designers. Their collective output goes far beyond pots into ceramic furniture, sculpture, murals, wall reliefs, small-scale architecture and 3D printing. The book is divided into four thematic sections and features special contributions from Edmund de Waal, Hella Jongerius, Grayson Perry, Martin Brudnizki and Sarah Griffin discussing craft, industry, ornament, decorating and collecting. New Wave Clay is an image-led, dynamic study of the exciting new generation jumpstarting this age-old art. Features - A 296-page survey of 55 international ceramicists who bridge the worlds of product design, interiors, fine art and luxury craftsmanship. - Four thematic chapters are accompanied by interviews and written contributions on the subject from designers, decorators and collectors. - Richly illustrated, New Wave Clay is an image-led, dynamic book that aims to demonstrate the contemporary condition of this age-old art. - Instead of focusing on traditional craft ware and functional pieces, this title focuses on the community of ceramicists who create design-led works.


Author: Claudia Castañeda
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822383896
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Always in the process of becoming, inherently incomplete, the child is a remarkably malleable figure. In Figurations, Claudia Castañeda shows how this malleability is itself generated—how the child is "made" by different constituencies and how the resulting historically, geographically, and culturally specific figures are put to widely divergent uses, often to very powerful effect. Situated at the intersection of feminist, postcolonial, cultural, and science and technology studies, this book provides a remarkable map of the child's meaning and movement across transnational circuits of exchange. Castañeda investigates the construction of the child as both a natural and cultural body, the character of its embodiment, and its imaginative appeal in various settings. The sites through which she tracks the bodily production and deployment of the child include nineteenth-century developmental science; cognitive neuroscience in the late twentieth century; international adoption; rumors and media coverage of child-organ stealing; and poststructuralist theory. Her work reveals the extent to which the child's cultural significance and value lie in its status as a body whose incompleteness makes it "available" for such varied uses. Figurations establishes the child as a key figure for understanding and rethinking the politics of nature, culture, bodies, and subjects in changing "global" worlds.

The Young Are Making Their World

Author: Yuya Kiuchi
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476625123
Format: PDF
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Young people have long used popular culture to explore, define and express who they are. For many, popular culture is also a tool of survival. Gone are the days when proscriptive programs were needed for young people to transition to adulthood. Today, youth culture is communicated through information technology, particularly social media, enabling young people to engage the world. Yet, as always, youth culture is often a cause of concern for adults and policy makers. This collection of new essays focuses on modern youth popular culture. There are such topics as social justice and youth mobilization in Ferguson, Missouri, social media and sexual literacy among LGBT youth, and youth culture’s influence on children’s sports.

Changing Landscapes for Childhood and Youth in Europe

Author: Vassiliki Deliyianni
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443860638
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Contemporary social transformations, characterised by multi-dimensional globalisation and technological change, have lent new impetus to the emergence of internationally oriented and interdisciplinary childhood and youth studies. Analysis of sharpened polarisations of chances and risks within and between generations in specific life circumstances meets up with the re-conceptualisation of childhood and youth as social constructions within the life-course. As such, insulated national discourses are no longer an adequate framework to address such issues: economic and cultural globalisation processes exert dual and reciprocal influences, restructuring societies and identities from within and without. This collection offers a three-fold thematic focus: on the social construction of the life-course, privileging gendered and family transitions and transformations; on the contours of (not) belonging, in particular bringing migration and poverty into the spotlight; and on the potential of virtual worlds for creating and enabling new positive and negative forms of individual, social and political action on the part of young people. This collection thus offers a particular snapshot of the current landscape of childhood and youth studies, and it provides a set of exemplars from diverse national contexts. Each chapter can stand for itself – but the contributions are ordered thematically, not according to the corner of the world from which they derive. As the introductory chapter explores, the intention is – via a loose vectoring of theme and context – to encourage multiple opportunities for reflection on relations between the specificities and commonalities of children’s and young people’s lives today. This volume joins the growing library of scholarly resources for international and interdisciplinary childhood and youth studies; it brings together well-established and young scholars writing from an unusual range of national and cultural contexts. The collection will be of interest not simply for specialist researchers and those in related fields, but equally as a teaching and learning resource for higher education professionals and students in social sciences and education, including courses that link theory and research with policy and practice.

Riding the Next Wave

Author: Thomas James Duesterberg
Publisher: Hudson Inst
Format: PDF, ePub
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"Riding the Next Wave continues Hudson Institute's analytical tradition of exploring the future through the lenses of social science and history. Featuring the independent work of Hudson researchers (and those associated with the institute), Riding the Next Wave presents an overview of the possible contours of the world in the twenty-first century by exploring the probability and scope of change in demographics, national defense, biotechnology, urban development, space exploration, and much more. This collaborative effort projects a century of success and tremendous growth spreading throughout the globe, benefiting workers and developing countries in ways previously thought unattainable outside the industrialized world. The book also identifies several potential threats to future growth, exploring ways to overcome these obstacles. Riding the Next Wave will both stimulate discussion and help shape the future that it describes."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved