Cambridge IGCSE Physics Study and Revision Guide 2nd edition

Author: Mike Folland
Publisher: Hodder Education
ISBN: 1471859703
Format: PDF, Kindle
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- Check your knowledge of all the essential syllabus content and concepts - Specifies the skills and knowledge that students need to acquire during the course - Highlights common misconceptions and errors - Tests knowledge with practice questions and answers at the back of the book - Get it right with common misconceptions and errors highlighted This title has not been through the Cambridge International Examinations endorsement process.

Cellular Automata in Image Processing and Geometry

Author: Paul Rosin
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319064312
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The book presents findings, views and ideas on what exact problems of image processing, pattern recognition and generation can be efficiently solved by cellular automata architectures. This volume provides a convenient collection in this area, in which publications are otherwise widely scattered throughout the literature. The topics covered include image compression and resizing; skeletonization, erosion and dilation; convex hull computation, edge detection and segmentation; forgery detection and content based retrieval; and pattern generation. The book advances the theory of image processing, pattern recognition and generation as well as the design of efficient algorithms and hardware for parallel image processing and analysis. It is aimed at computer scientists, software programmers, electronic engineers, mathematicians and physicists, and at everyone who studies or develops cellular automaton algorithms and tools for image processing and analysis, or develops novel architectures and implementations of massive parallel computing devices. The book will provide attractive reading for a general audience because it has do-it-yourself appeal: all the computer experiments presented within it can be implemented with minimal knowledge of programming. The simplicity yet substantial functionality of the cellular automaton approach, and the transparency of the algorithms proposed, makes the text ideal supplementary reading for courses on image processing, parallel computing, automata theory and applications.

African Dress

Author: Karen Tranberg Hansen
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0857858203
Format: PDF, Docs
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Dress and fashion practices in Africa and the diaspora are dynamic and diverse, whether on the street or on the fashion runway. Focusing on the dressed body as a performance site, African Dress explores how ideas and practices of dress contest or legitimize existing power structures through expressions of individual identity and the cultural and political order. Drawing on innovative, interdisciplinary research by established and up and coming scholars, the book examines real life projects and social transformations that are deeply political, revolving around individual and public goals of dignity, respect, status, and morality. With its remarkable scope, this book will attract students and scholars of fashion and dress, material culture and consumption, performance studies, and art history in relation to Africa and on a global scale.

Dying in America

Author: Institute of Medicine
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309303133
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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For patients and their loved ones, no care decisions are more profound than those made near the end of life. Unfortunately, the experience of dying in the United States is often characterized by fragmented care, inadequate treatment of distressing symptoms, frequent transitions among care settings, and enormous care responsibilities for families. According to this report, the current health care system of rendering more intensive services than are necessary and desired by patients, and the lack of coordination among programs increases risks to patients and creates avoidable burdens on them and their families. Dying in America is a study of the current state of health care for persons of all ages who are nearing the end of life. Death is not a strictly medical event. Ideally, health care for those nearing the end of life harmonizes with social, psychological, and spiritual support. All people with advanced illnesses who may be approaching the end of life are entitled to access to high-quality, compassionate, evidence-based care, consistent with their wishes. Dying in America evaluates strategies to integrate care into a person- and family-centered, team-based framework, and makes recommendations to create a system that coordinates care and supports and respects the choices of patients and their families. The findings and recommendations of this report will address the needs of patients and their families and assist policy makers, clinicians and their educational and credentialing bodies, leaders of health care delivery and financing organizations, researchers, public and private funders, religious and community leaders, advocates of better care, journalists, and the public to provide the best care possible for people nearing the end of life.

Shu Chien

Author: Lanping Amy Sung
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789812791214
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book consists of tributes written by friends, colleagues, teachers, students and family members of Professor Shu Chien on the occasion of his 70th birthday, which was celebrated in San Diego, California on 23 June 2001, and in Taipei, Taiwan on 12 August 2001.A collection of articles was submitted prior to and following these events. Together with the precious, memorable photographs, these articles provide a valuable summary of the life and deeds of this internationally acclaimed scientist who has made major impacts in the United States, mainland China and Taiwan OCo indeed, the whole world. In response to these excellent, moving articles, Professor Shu Chien has written a piece that encompasses his entire life, from early childhood to the present. This book constitutes a most valuable biography, full of sentiment and inspiration."

Differential Diagnosis for the Dermatologist

Author: Scott Jackson
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540758877
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Tis book originated as a small reference manual that I created to serve as an educational supplement for the dermatology residents a-t Loui siana State University Health Sciences Center. Deeming the compiled information to be useful for all dermatologists, I decided to expand the text and publish it. Every major category of the patient evaluation, from the chief complaint to the diagnosis, is addressed with regard to the dermatological diferential diagnosis. Te establishment of a precise diferential diagnosis for a gi- ven cu taneous problem is the fundamental challenge that the dermatologist faces with every patient. Tis unique exercise is very intellectual; in a short period of time the clinician must select from a list of perhaps several hundred diseases a few possibilities that match the clinic-al pre sentation. Tis is performed while also negotiating the patient - interac tion, examining the patient, and beginning to formulate a pla- n of ac tion. Profciency in the formulation of a diferential diagnosis that is brief and simultaneously thorough allows for consideration of- all pos sibilities, proper evaluation, and, hopefully, rapid diagnosis. We hope to provide the target readers (dermatologists and dermatologists- -in-train ing) with some assistance in carrying out this frequently complicated task. For the confrontation with an atypical presentation of a common disease or the classic presentation of an uncommon disease, the reader will hopefully fnd this book very useful.

The Anthropology of Alternative Medicine

Author: Anamaria Iosif Ross
Publisher: Berg
ISBN: 085785318X
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Alternative medicine is not a fashionable new trend but an established cultural strategy, as well as a dynamic feature of mainstream contemporary medicine, in which elements of folk traditions are often blended with western scientific approaches. The Anthropology of Alternative Medicine is a concise yet wide-ranging exploration of non-biomedical healing. The book addresses a broad range of practices including: substance, energy and information flows (e.g. helminthic therapy); spirit, consciousness and trance (e.g. shamanism); body, movement and the senses (e.g. reiki and aromatherapy); as well as classical medical traditions as complements or alternatives to Western biomedicine (e.g. Ayurveda). Exploring the cultural underpinnings of contemporary healing methods, while assessing current ideas, topics and resources for further study, this book will be invaluable to undergraduate and graduate students in anthropology, sociology, psychology, and health related professions such as nursing, physical and occupational therapy, and biomedicine.

Energy efficient Buildings in India

Author: Mili Majumdar
Publisher: The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
ISBN: 9788185419824
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Accelerated urbanization imposes immense pressure on the dwindling energy sources and fragile ecosystems. Yet, the resource crunch confronting energy supplies can be alleviated if we design and develop future buildings by incorporating sound concepts of energy efficiency and sustainability.Covering 41 projects from India's various climatic zones, this book provides thorough insights into the context, techniques, and benefits of energy-efficient buildings. The projects highlight design responses to varied climatic conditions, appropriate materials and construction methods, implementation of energy-efficient systems, and effective utilization of renewable energy to reduce pressure on grid power.This book will inspire architects, designers, urban planners, engineers, and students to build for a better tomorrow.

Intelligent Computing and Information Science

Author: Ran Chen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642181287
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This two-volume set (CCIS 134 and CCIS 135) constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information Science, ICICIS2011, held in Chongqing, China, in January 2011. The 226 revised full papers presented in both volumes, CCIS 134 and CCIS 135, were carefully reviewed and selected from over 600 initial submissions. The papers provide the reader with a broad overview of the latest advances in the field of intelligent computing and information science.