Oil and the Future of Energy

Author: Editors of Scientific American Magazine
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1461749913
Format: PDF, ePub
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Oil and the Future of Energy brings together the most important and accessible science writing on a topic of intense public interest and concern. In addition to oil, writers cover carbon and climate change, hydrogen, nuclear power, conservation, renewable resources, transitional strategies, and visionaries in the field today. With their impeccable reputation for top science reporting, the editors of Scientific American present influential research and thinking from the most important scientists working with these burning global issues today. This one volume is an unparalleled resource for businesspeople, investors, and individuals who care about the planet.

Green Building with Concrete

Author: Gajanan M. Sabnis
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1498704115
Format: PDF, ePub
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Illustrates the Global Relevance of Sustainability Applicable to roads, bridges, and other elements of the infrastructure, Green Building with Concrete: Sustainable Design and Construction, Second Edition provides an overview of all available information on the role of concrete in green building. A handbook offering viewpoints from worldwide experts on the global nature of the sustainability movement, it highlights research on economic analysis, in particular the International Organization for Standardization, Environmental Management—Life Cycle Assessment—Principles and Framework application of life cycle costing, to provide a full picture of the economic benefits of concrete in green building. Outlines the Variety of Ways That Concrete Is Easily and Affordably Reused With an emphasis on environmental impact and occupational and consumer health and safety, the text clearly outlines how to make the most of concrete in sustainable design. It explores the benefits of thermal mass, increased water supply, and improving water quality; reducing urban heat island effects; reducing construction waste; and the use of supplementary cementitious materials. The authors include an in-depth evaluation of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other emissions associated with the manufacture of cement. They also highlight the attributes that concrete has to offer the green building movement and the effect that emerging life cycle analysis has on concrete’s role in this important revolution in the building industry. Readers gain a better understanding of how concrete can contribute to sustainable construction, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and the green building movement overall. Green Building with Concrete: Sustainable Design and Construction, Second Edition presents the most recent information about concrete’s role in the green building movement, state-of-the-art methodologies, and best practices, and provides readers with diverse viewpoints on global sustainability.

Ultra Low Power Bioelectronics

Author: Rahul Sarpeshkar
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139485237
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book provides, for the first time, a broad and deep treatment of the fields of both ultra low power electronics and bioelectronics. It discusses fundamental principles and circuits for ultra low power electronic design and their applications in biomedical systems. It also discusses how ultra energy efficient cellular and neural systems in biology can inspire revolutionary low power architectures in mixed-signal and RF electronics. The book presents a unique, unifying view of ultra low power analog and digital electronics and emphasizes the use of the ultra energy efficient subthreshold regime of transistor operation in both. Chapters on batteries, energy harvesting, and the future of energy provide an understanding of fundamental relationships between energy use and energy generation at small scales and at large scales. A wealth of insights and examples from brain implants, cochlear implants, bio-molecular sensing, cardiac devices, and bio-inspired systems make the book useful and engaging for students and practicing engineers.

Physics of the Future

Author: Michio Kaku
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141931396
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The international bestselling author of Physics of the Impossible gives us a stunning and provocative vision of the future Based on interviews with over three hundred of the world's top scientists, who are already inventing the future in their labs, Kaku-in a lucid and engaging fashion-presents the revolutionary developments in medicine, computers, quantum physics, and space travel that will forever change our way of life and alter the course of civilization itself. His astonishing revelations include: The Internet will be in your contact lens. It will recognize people's faces, display their biographies, and even translate their words into subtitles. You will control computers and appliances via tiny sensors that pick up your brain scans. You will be able to rearrange the shape of objects. Sensors in your clothing, bathroom, and appliances will monitor your vitals, and nanobots will scan your DNA and cells for signs of danger, allowing life expectancy to increase dramatically. Radically new spaceships, using laser propulsion, may replace the expensive chemical rockets of today. You may be able to take an elevator hundreds of miles into space by simply pushing the "up" button. Like Physics of the Impossible and Visions before it, Physics of the Future is an exhilarating, wondrous ride through the next one hundred years of breathtaking scientific revolution. Internationally acclaimed physicist Dr Michio Kaku holds the Henry Semat Chair in Theoretical Physics at the City University of New York. He is also an international bestselling author, his books including Hyperspace and Parallel Worlds, and a distinguished writer, having featured in Time, the Wall Street Journal, the Sunday Times and the New Scientist to name but a few. Dr Kaku also hosts his own radio show, 'Science Fantastic', and recently presented the BBC's popular series 'Time'.

Renewable Energy

Author: Anne E. Maczulak
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 0816072035
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Presents an introduction to renewable energy resouces, discussing how they are being developed and utilized and covering such energy alternatives as biofuels, wind, solar, geothermal, nuclear, and hydroelectricity.

Der Wasserstoff Boom

Author: Joseph J. Romm
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9783527315703
Format: PDF, ePub
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Ist Wasserstoff die Lï¿1⁄2sung fï¿1⁄2r all unsere Energie- und Umweltprobleme? Die weit verbreitete Meinung in den Medien, bei Umweltexperten, Industrieanalysten und Autoherstellern scheint zu sein, dass emissionsfreie Brennstoffzellen auf Wasserstoffbasis schon in einigen Jahren, spï¿1⁄2testens aber binnen der nï¿1⁄2chsten zwei Jahrzehnte die Rettung bringen kï¿1⁄2nnten. So schnell geht es aber nicht, sagt Joseph Romm. In "Der Wasserstoff-Boom" erklï¿1⁄2rt er, warum Wasserstoff nicht die vielgepriesene einfache technologische Lï¿1⁄2sung ist und warnt vor ï¿1⁄2berzogenen Erwartungen an die Brennstoffzellen, die den Markt neu beleben und das Weltklima retten sollen. Zwar kï¿1⁄2nnten Gebï¿1⁄2ude und Fabriken ab 2010 tatsï¿1⁄2chlich mit Energie aus Brennstoffzellen versorgt werden, argumentiert Romm, aber auf den grï¿1⁄2ï¿1⁄2ten Verursacher fï¿1⁄2r Treibhausgasemmissionen, den Straï¿1⁄2enverkehr, wird Wasserstoff wahrscheinlich nicht vor 2050 einen spï¿1⁄2rbaren Einfluss haben. Da unser Klima aber solange nicht warten kann, mï¿1⁄2ssen wir sofort reagieren und die energieeffizienten und erneuerbaren Technologien, die bereits kommerziell verfï¿1⁄2gbar sind, schneller einfï¿1⁄2hren. "Der Wasserstoff-Boom" bietet eine nï¿1⁄2chterne und hï¿1⁄2chst lesenswerte Analyse der politischen, wirtschaftlichen und technologischen Hintergrï¿1⁄2nde rund um den Wasserstoff und Klimaschutz. In einer Zeit, wo es mitunter schwer ist, Wissenschaft und Spinnerei auseinander zu halten, gibt Romm eine sachliche Einfï¿1⁄2hrung in die Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Technologie, offenbart die praktischen Schwierigkeiten beim ï¿1⁄2bergang zur Wasserstoffwirtschaft und zeigt, warum weder Politik noch Wirtschaft darauf vertrauen sollten, dass Wasserstoff-Autos kurz- oder mittelfristig einen kommerziellen Erfolg haben werden, auch nicht unter den immer bedrohlicher werdenden Anzeichen fï¿1⁄2r eine Klimaverï¿1⁄2nderung. "Romms klare und prï¿1⁄2zise Analyse ist eine Pflichtlektï¿1⁄2re fï¿1⁄2r jeden, der meint, mit Wasserstoffautos lieï¿1⁄2e sich vor Mitte dieses Jahrhunderts ein Beitrag zum Klimaschutz leisten." (Arthur H. Rosenfeld, Bevollmï¿1⁄2chtigter der California Energy Commission)

Environment Abstracts

Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This database encompasses all aspects of the impact of people and technology on the environment and the effectiveness of remedial policies and technologies, featuring more than 950 journals published in the U.S. and abroad. The database also covers conference papers and proceedings, special reports from international agencies, non-governmental organizations, universities, associations and private corporations. Other materials selectively indexed include significant monographs, government studies and newsletters.