Origin Management

Author: Anne van de Heetkamp
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642198083
Format: PDF
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Origin Management describes a holistic approach that allows internationally operating companies to benefit from reduced import duty rates within Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). Through the creation of a single, auditable, and global platform, companies are enabled to successfully claim preferential origin and sustain, review and audit preferential treatment claims. Seeking to provide a comprehensive treatment of origin management for a professional audience, this book outlines the underlying theoretical concepts and legislative frameworks, and presents practical implications and guidelines for a successful origin management program as part of a strategic sourcing initiative. The authors advocate an approach that involves sharing and distributing information and resources throughout the company and the supply chain, resulting in competitive advantages, synergies, and a central information point for all origin associated issues.

Rules of origin and the web of East Asian free trade agreements

Author: Miriam Manchin
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The authors provide an overview of the preferential rules of origin in East Asia, highlighting the aspects that might possibly generate some trade-chilling effects. They review characteristics of existing preferential trade agreements with special emphasis on lessons from the European experience, and analyze some important features of the existing rules of origin in East and South-East Asian regional integration agreements. The empirical analysis of the effectiveness of preferentialism on intra-regional trade flows focuses on the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), with the aim of providing a rough estimate of the costs of requesting preferences. The results suggest that preferential tariffs favorably affect intra-regional imports only at very high margins (around 25 percentage points). This points to the likelihood of high administrative costs attached to the exploitation of preferences, particularly with regard to the compliance with AFTA's rules of origin.

Rules of Origin and Korea s Use of Free Trade Agreement

Author: Jisoo Yi
Format: PDF, Docs
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Abstract: "The purpose of this research is to redress this gap and further explain the effects of RoOs on FTAs focusing on the administrative procedures of RoOs. By doing so, it aims to help customs administrations facilitate trade and rationalize FTA compliance management procedures. This is of particular importance in terms of providing the knowledge necessary for regulators to understand the administrative policy impact on FTA usage."

Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing

Author: Linda E. Swayne
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1412973821
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"This four-volume set introduces, on the management side, principles and procedures of economics, budgeting and finance; leadership; governance; communication; business law and ethics; and human resources practices; all in the sports context. On the marketing side this reference resource explores two broad streams: marketing of sport and of sport-related products (promoting a particular team or selling team- and sport-related merchandise, for example), and using sports as a platform for marketing non-sports products, such as celebrity endorsements of a particular brand of watch or the corporate sponsorship of a tennis tournament. Together, these four volumes offer a comprehensive and authoritative overview of the state of sports management and marketing today, providing an invaluable print or online resource for student researchers"--

European Union Institutions Law Trade Future 2nd Edition A5 reprint

Author: Jacques Couvas
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1365581179
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Second Edition of this book reviews the fundamental principles of the Institutions and Law of the European Union and expands on EU Competition Policy, international trade with third countries, and enlargement strategy, including the access to membership by Turkey. The new edition features updates on regulatory and policy developments up to summer 2016 and critically examines Europe's situation, following the crises in 2015 and 2016. The author critically evaluates the recent positions taken, and predictions made, by politicians and academics in respect to the Union's future direction. He presents his own views and discusses potential developments in the shape of of the EU in the coming decades. The book is of academic content and standards, but it is written in a style that can appeal to students and executives with non-legal background.

Rules of Origin

Author: Roman Grynberg
Publisher: Cameron May
ISBN: 1905017103
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Rules of Origin have become increasingly important instruments for the management of international trade. Very often they are so complex as to be opaque in nature and incomprehensible not only to the layman but to many businessmen as well. They have also gained significance in light of their manipulation by authorities to achieve protectionist objectives. This book is an important contribution towards promoting an understanding of the economic implications of preferential rules of origin in textiles and clothing, and their impact on international trade in these sectors. For the authors, it has been hard to contest that the design of garment rules of origin in both US and EU preferential arrangements is specifically aimed at protecting domestic textile interests, and only peripherally and incidentally at assisting the developing country beneficiary of the preference arrangement. The articles in Rules of Origin bring together works that provide exceptional analysis and studies commissioned by the Commonwealth at the request of developing countries. Apart from the articles, the book contains key legal documents that pertain to rules of origin and trade in textiles and clothing to assist the reader.

Free Trade Agreements

Author: Jeffrey J Schott
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0881324582
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In this conference volume, distinguished economists and trade policymakers address the US initiatives to enter into free trade negotiations with a broad range of countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the Western Hemisphere, and Africa. The sheer number of these initiatives is unprecedented and has provoked major policy questions concerning US interests in the negotiations, the setting of priorities among the many contenders for concluding free trade agreements (FTAs) with the United States, the objectives of those trading partners, and the implications that these agreements could have for broader initiatives such as the Doha Round in the World Trade Organization and the Free Trade Area of the Americas. The papers in the volume were presented during a conference on FTAs and US trade policy, sponsored by the Institute in May 2003. The editor, Jeffrey Schott, summarizes the policy implications drawn from the conference papers and discussions, which are organized around several topics: the conceptual case for FTAs and how they have worked in the past; what FTAs imply for the broader global system; the specific agreements that are already being pursued (Australia, Central America, Morocco, southern Africa) or considered (ASEAN, Brazil, Egypt, Korea, and Taiwan). The volume includes a technical appendix with results of GTAP and gravity model simulations of the trade and welfare effects of the prospective agreements.

Legal Guide to GATS

Author: Nellie Munin
Publisher: Kluwer Law International
ISBN: 9041128247
Format: PDF
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This academically rigorous yet highly accessible book guides the reader through an ocean of literature and interpretative possibilities embodied in GATS. In doing so, it provides a road map of the various interpretative possibilities and dilemmas posed by the treaty. The work advances a legal analysis of GATS, based on its historical and institutional roots, while at the same time taking into account its objectives and prospects, as well as the balance of interests involved. In total, this timely book presents a thorough legal analysis of GATS that will serve as a comprehensive yet highly useful guide to the agreement.