Grave s End

Author: Elaine Mercado
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 9780738700038
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Elaine Mercado recounts the ghostly experiences she and her family had after moving into their home in New York, describing the creepy sensations, shadowy figures, suffocating dreams, and physical aggression they encountered from the home's resident ghost.

Haunted House

Author: Walter Hubbell
ISBN: 1425023975
Format: PDF
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It is one of the best spooky stories, definitely spine-chilling. Mysterious and vivacious action in the story mesmerizes the reader. The horrifying effect is created as the arcane setting of fires, shaking of the house, loud and incessant noises, distinct knocking as sledge-hammers on the walls and the furniture moves in day-light without any visible cause. Interesting and fear-provoking!

A Most Haunted House

Author: G. Davies
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781500371685
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Amazon #1 Bestseller in both Supernatural and Unexplained mystery categories in U.K, U.S , Australia, Canada and Germany.A most haunted house is the worldwide bestseller based on a true and terrifying account of a prolific and aggressive haunting in a small Welsh town in West Wales. Seen as controversial and sparking debate between skeptics and believers alike due to the ferocity and intensity of the haunting, A most haunted house is the grim eye witness account of a young couple fighting to keep their new home and each other as an entity tears their world apart. After an introduction by Investigator and paranormal re-searcher G L Davies , A most haunted house is a series of transcripts from the people involved that spans the three months that the haunting took place. Starting with almost small and mundane incidents and climaxing with the haunting reaching it's full and terrifying ferocity. Described as chilling and disturbing by some and thought provoking by others this is one novel that is a must for those interested in the Paranormal. A most haunted house invites you the reader to decide for yourself on what truly happened at this home. Should this be true, then there are unknown forces that we cannot combat in this world. A most haunted house has been #1 in both the Unexplained mystery and Supernatural categories on Kindle and has topped the charts since it's release. Read today and join, as thousands already have, a journey into fear and the unknown. What will you discover at A MOST HAUNTED HOUSE?

True Haunting

Author: Edwin F. Becker
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1463408625
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"24 year old ed Becker purchases a house for himself and his expecting wife; a two-flat apartment building, which would allow them to live in one apartment and rent the other. What Ed doesn't know, is that there are already tenants residing in this building that he cannot evict... Skeptical and street-smart, Ed has a difficult time coming to the realization that this apartment is home to the paranormal. As tensions begin to build between his spouse and himself, he attributes the stress to the new lifestyle they had accumulated, as both property owners and new parents. Coupled with the efforts of working long hours and restoring a dilapidated home, Ed ignores the unusual happenings that have no viable explanation. And what happens when something that wants to be noticed goes unacknowledged? Things escalate... Read this hauntingly true story, of one of the earliest televised exorcisms in the nation, brought to the forefront by NBC. Interviewed and reported by nationally known news correspondent, Carole Simpson, and conducted by nationally known psychic Joseph DeLouise and exorcist, Rev. William Derl-Davis. Go behind the scenes of the known history of this truly haunted home--one that shattered the dreams of a young couple, and the family that can never leave it."--P. [4] of cover.

The Silent Twin

Author: Caroline Mitchell
Publisher: Bookouture
ISBN: 191075191X
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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I’m alone in the dark, please can you find me … Nine-year-old twins Abigail and Olivia vow never to be parted. But when Abigail goes missing from Blackwater Farm, DC Jennifer Knight must find her before it’s too late. Twin sister Olivia has been mute since Abigail’s disappearance. But when she whispers in Jennifer’s ear, Jennifer realises it is Abigail’s voice pleading to be found. A damp and decaying house set in acres of desolate scrubland, the farm is a place of secrets, old and new – and Jennifer must unravel them all in order to find the lost girl. But could Olivia’s bond with her twin hold the key to finding Abigail? And can Jennifer break through her silence in time to save her sister’s life? A darkly gripping, page-turning thriller that will enthrall fans of Rachel Abbott, Alex Marwood’s The Wicked Girls and Mark Edwards. What people are saying about The Silent Twin: ‘This was everything I hoped it would be and then some. Dark, dangerous, intense, and with a killer plot that held me completely captive, it is my favourite yet from Mitchell.’ Becca’s Books Caroline Mitchell is one hell of an author! With every book in this fantastic series her writing just goes from strength to strength.’ Booklover Catlady ‘It'll take you on a heart-thumping, breath-taking rollercoaster of a ride and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. I highly recommend this book, I loved it.’ Deecees's Books ‘A real page turner that makes the hair on your arms stand up. ’ Sean’s Book Reviews ‘Extremely well written, the suspense is palpable, and the last 20 pages or so are breathtaking…A really good whodunit with several suspects to keep the reader guessing.’ Strong Book Reviews ‘I actually read this in a morning and was completely glued. She has developed a style that just immerses the reader, totally absorbing and completely engaging. 5*/5’ Postcard Reviews ‘This book is FANTASTIC and I thoroughly enjoyed reading every single word of it. I was absolutely hooked from the word go…left my heart pounding and my brain whirring. Caroline’s writing style is quick paced, descriptive and is one that definitely keeps a reader’s interest…Definitely an author to get excited about. 5/5. ’ Hollie in Wanderlust ‘5 Stars …This book was amazing, I was instantly hooked…My jaw dropped so many times while reading. ’ Steph and Chris’s Book Review ‘By heck I was NOT disappointed…I read this book twice…totally wowed away all my expectations…bold, gripping and really confident …my number 1 book of the year…an awesome read…I could not put it down.’ Laura Prime Blog

The Amityville Horror

Author: Jay Anson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416507698
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The classic and terrifying story of one of the most famous supernatural events--the infamous possessed house on Long Island from which the Lutz family fled in 1975.

Don t Call Them Ghosts

Author: Kathleen McConnell
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 9780738705330
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In 1971, the author and her family moved into a historic home known as the Fontaine Manse. Two days after moving in, she and her husband had an extraordinary experience that left them with no doubt that unseen residents occupied the house, too. This is the true story of how Kathleen McConnell came to know and care for the spirit children who lived in the attic of the mansion: Angel Girl, Buddy, and Baby. From playing ball with Kathleen, to saving her son Duncan from drowning, the spirit children became part of the McConnell family in ways big and small. Finally, a heart-wrenching dilemma triggered an unexpected and dramatic resolution to the spirit children's plight. Don't Call Them Ghosts is an inspiring story of the transcendent and lasting power of a mother's love. Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) 2nd Runner Up for Biographical/Self Help category

The Demonologist The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren

Author: Gerald Brittle
Publisher: Graymalkin Media
ISBN: 1935169238
Format: PDF, Docs
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If you think ghosts are only responsible for hauntings, think again. The Demonologist reveals the grave religious process behind supernatural events and how it can happen to you. Used as a text in seminaries and classrooms, this is one book you can't put down. For over five decades Ed and Loraine Warren have been considered America's foremost experts on demonology and exorcism. With over 3,000 investigations to their credit, they reveal what actually breaks the peace in haunted houses. Expertly written by Gerald Daniel Brittle, a nonfiction writer with advanced degrees in literature and psychology specializing in mystical theology. Don't miss the Warrens in the new movie "The Conjuring."

The Sallie House Haunting

Author: Debra Lyn Pickman
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 0738726788
Format: PDF
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This is the firsthand account of what Tony and Debra Pickman and their newborn son Taylor experienced in the now notorious Sallie House, from the day they moved in to the turn-of-the-century haunted house until they finally fled in terror. The story of the Sallie House and the fire-starting ghost girl who haunted it has sparked endless rumors and theories of murder, cover-ups, racism, and abuse. But the Pickmans know the real story because they lived it—and barely made it out alive. Now, for the first time, Tony and Debra reveal untold stories from their ordeal. They describe Sallie’s seemingly protective fascination with their baby, and tell what it was like to live with menacing entities that scratched, bit, and terrorized their family. Along with historical research, the Pickmans share personal photographs and journal entries from their time spent living in the nightmare house that still haunts them today.

The Demon of Brownsville Road

Author: Bob Cranmer
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0425268551
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Describes how Cranmer, after purchasing a home in the Pittsburgh suburb where he grew up, was forced along with his family to engage in a spiritual battle for their lives when a malevolent presence started tormenting them.