Patent Strategy

Author: H. Jackson Knight
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118314255
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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As individuals and companies realise the importance of theirinventions, issues surrounding patent laws and practices are takingcentre stage around the world. Patent Strategy introduces researchers to patentapplications and patent portfolios. With minimum use of‘legal jargon’ it provides the technical professionalwith the assistance and advice they require to understand the legalcomplexities that they may encounter before and during a patentapplication. It also discusses the responsibilities of theresearcher after patent applications have been filed and the rolethe researcher can play in the maintenance of a global patentestate. This updated edition of the best selling book has been expandedto keep pace with modern day movements and addresses the globalissue surrounding intellectual property. Including new informationon areas such as software and biotechnology it shows the techniquesthat can be used by individuals and academic inventors to protecttheir work and is the ideal reference source. Bridges the gap between the legal system and scientificresearch and avoids legal jargon Details the reasons behind patents, their importance andrelevance to all researchers and the strategy needed for filing fora patent Focuses on the strategy and reasons rather than just being atextbook of patent law Presents an overview of tools a researcher can use whileworking with a patent attorney or agent Adopts a readable style that explains the basics right up todeveloping a strategy Essential reading for all those who wish to keep pace andprotect their work Reviews from previous edition: "...I can recommend it for technology managing types. Does anice job of explaining many aspects of the patent system and patentstrategies with a minimum of jargon and case citations..." —Internet Patent News "...provides an enlightened approach to a complex subject. It isrelatively easy to read and follow..." — Polymers Paint and Colour Journal "This handy book provides the researcher with useful guidance onhow to maximize the benefit of their inventiveness to themselvesand their organization". —Journal of Chemical Technology andBiotechnology

Ausgew hlte Beitr ge zum Innovationsmanagement zur empirischen Mittelstandsforschung und zum Patentschutz

Author: Wilhelm Schmeisser
Publisher: Rainer Hampp Verlag
ISBN: 3866182104
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Das Buch folgt der These, dass der Unternehmenserfolg internationaler, mittelständischer Unternehmen in zunehmenden Maß von dem Wettbewerbserfolg ihrer innovativen Produkte, Verfahren und Dienstleistungen sowie deren Patentschutz abhängt. Empirisch wird die These anhand der regionalen Strukturen in ausgewählten ostdeutschen Bundesländern im Spiegel relevanter Wirtschafts- und Mittelstandsdaten analysiert, aber auch an wesentlichen Indikatoren der Innovations- und FuE-Tätigkeit dieser Unternehmen sowie deren regionale Kooperations- und Innovationstätigkeiten. Außerdem wird der Einsatz förderpolitischer Instrumente der Regional-, FuE- und Mittelstandspolitik für einzelne Bundesländer beschrieben, analysiert und kritisch kommentiert. Ein zweiter Teil des Buches setzt sich mit dem Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz, dem Patentgesetz sowie dem Patentmanagement im Unternehmen auseinander. Dieser Teil zeigt, wie ein ganzheitlicher Innovationsprozess als Unternehmensstrategie, von der Idee bis zur Marktreife, nur mit Hilfe des Intellectual Property-Managements international abgesichert und gesteuert werden kann.


Author: Lothar Walter
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110443430
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Patents are a time-honored and proven tool for protecting inventions. Since patents have critical importance for the success of a company, expert patent management has become a core task in technology-oriented organizations. This textbook shows how it is possible to proactively boost a company’s success through a three-stage patent management process.

Handbuch Technologie und Innovationsmanagement

Author: Sönke Albers
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783409126717
Format: PDF, Docs
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Die Autoren dokumentieren auf einer breiten, interdisziplinären Basis den derzeitigen Erkenntnisstand aus der Sicht unterschiedlicher Wissenschaften und stellen darüber hinaus die zukünftigen Hauptentwicklungsrichtungen im Technologie- und Innovationsmanagement vor. In Unternehmensbeispielen werden aktuelle Themen aufgegriffen und deren Umsetzung in die Praxis beschrieben. "Das Werk besticht durch die Zusammenführung der Forschungsergebnisse der renommiertesten Wissenschaftler im deutschsprachigen Raum und schließt somit eine Lücke in der akademischen Fachliteratur." ZfCI - Zeitschrift für Controlling und Innovationsmanagement

Understanding chemical patents

Author: John T. Maynard
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780841219977
Format: PDF
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Gives a description of the U.S. patent system and a tutorial on how to read and understand patents, how to use patents as a source of information, how to recognize that an invention has been made, and how to work with attorneys or agents in seeking patent protection for inventions. Also gives the technical person enough familiarity with the special terminology of patents to be able to deal comfortably with patent attorneys, agents, and technical liaison personnel. Answers the questions not only of practicing chemists and chemical engineers, but also people in other fields who need to understand the patent system. The author of this second edition is a practicing patent attorney in San Francisco.

Patent Management and Valuation

Author: Grid Thoma
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317405706
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Research on patent valuation has become increasingly important in academic and policy circles in the last few decades. In part, this is the outcome of the wide consensus that innovation is a crucial ingredient for growth at various levels. On the other hand, there has also been an overcoming of growth models unilaterally focused on technological-oriented approaches. This book presents novel and original research on patent value determinants, which are intrinsic or extrinsic to the innovator's business model. Grid Thoma has undertaken a long study on the strategic factors affecting patent valuation, bringing extensive quantitative evidences across various geographical and institutional contexts. Beforehand, the valuation of the patent real options is appraised when the innovator can postpone the additional investment required for the patent's successful exploitation. Then, he analyses what other complemental IP strategies are combined with patenting that in turn directly affect the value of patents. Moreover, the book scrutinizes the so-called 'strategic patenting' hypothesis according to which innovators obtain patents for other reasons beyond gaining IP protection. A second order of strategic factors affecting the value of patents resides at the outset of the invention process. These are constituted by knowledge spillovers, which are typically mediated by the local geographical context where the invention process takes place. The analysis shows that the contribution of knowledge spillovers from business and nonbusiness organizations to the value of the patented R&D constitutes a relevant aspect for an innovator's decision making. This thoughtful, cutting-edge research book is vital reading for researchers, academics, and policy decision makers in the area of in market valuation, management of technology, innovation management, and economic geography.

Tech Stock Valuation

Author: Mark Hirschey
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 9780123497048
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The contribution of research and development to a company's market value has grown considerably in recent years. In the mid-1970s, accountants were able to capture on their ledgers 90-95% of a firm's book value, but by 2000 the importance of intangible assets had grown to the point where they could account for only 13-15%. Financial economists and accountants have investigated the link between a firm's market value and its R&D spending, and various factions advocate a variety of positions on the amount and rate of investment, investors' ability to capture returns on that investment, and ways to measure value, investment, and returns. 'Tech Stock Valuation' extends the R&D literature by providing detailed direct evidence on the market value implications of inventive and innovative output. Specifically, the book demonstrates that stock-price effects of patent output are most pronounced in the case of of high-quality patents, where patent quality is measured by scientific merit. Scientific measures of patent quality give tech stock investors and R&D managers a valuable new tool that can be used to measure R&D program effectiveness. At the same time, it gives investors a new tool to help them assess the value of hard-to-measure intangible assets. *Provides detailed direct evidence on the market value implications of inventive and innovative output *Based on recent research, much of which Dr. Hirschey has pioneered *Gives financial professionals a new tool for assessing R&D quality and its relation to market valuation

Patent Filing Strategies and Patent Management

Author: Florian Jell
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3834971189
Format: PDF, Docs
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Florian Jell empirically investigates the objectives that companies pursue with their patenting activities and presents empirical insights into how patent management is organized within industrial companies. The book concludes with a case study of how a company reacted to its competitor’s patenting – which led to a patent arms race.

Nanotechnology Commercialization for Managers and Scientists

Author: Wim Helwegen
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 981436438X
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The nanotechnology industry is a fast growing industry with many unique characteristics. When bringing the results of nanotechnology research to the market, companies and universities run into unforeseen problems related to intellectual property rights and other legal and regulatory issues. An effective commercialization of the results of research requires basic knowledge of the relevant issues and a well-defined strategy, while the absence of such knowledge and strategy can be detrimental to the commercial potential of any invention. Even the most impressive scientific achievements can become a commercial failure due to a lack of understanding and strategy relating to the legal and regulatory issues surrounding the commercialization of a technology. With contributions from twenty experts in the field, Nanotechnology Commercialization for Managers and Scientists discusses the most relevant issues that a company or university will face when bringing a nanotechnology invention to the market. A large part of the book will be dedicated to the obtainment, strategic use, valuation and licensing of patents. Further chapters will deal with e.g. investment, university-industry collaboration, environment health and safety, etc. In this way managers and scientists at universities and companies are provided with a handbook that provides them with industry specific basic knowledge of issues that they are unfamiliar with but is essential to the commercial success of their inventions.