Perfect Murder Perfect Town

Author: Lawrence Schiller
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 006186823X
Format: PDF, Docs
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In Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, Lawrence Schiller thoroughly recreates every aspect of the complex case of the death of JonBenét Ramsey. A brilliant portrait of an inscrutable family thrust under the spotlight of public suspicion and an affluent, tranquil city torn apart by a crime it couldn't handle, Perfect Murder, Perfect Town uncovers the mysteries that have bewildered the nation. Why were the Ramseys, the targets of the investigation, able to control the direction of the police inquiry? Can the key to the murder be found in the pen and writing pad used for the ransom note? Was it possible for an intruder to have killed JonBenét?

True Stories of CSI

Author: Katherine Ramsland
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781440638947
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The bestselling forensic psychologist examines the true crimes that inspired the television smash hit, C.S.I. Katherine Ramsland follows the evidence and revisits some of the most absorbing episodes of the phenomenally popular C.S.I. television franchise, and explores the real-life crimes that inspired them. She also looks into the authenticity of the forensic investigations recreated for the dramatizations, and the painstaking real-life forensic process employed in every one of the actual cases?from notorious mass-murderer Richard Speck, to the massacre of Buddhist monks in an Arizona Temple, to a baffling case of apparent spontaneous combustion.

An Angel Betrayed

Author: David J. Hughes
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 1618977083
Format: PDF
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JonBenet Ramsey was six years old when she was murdered on Christmas night, 1996 in her home in Boulder, Colorado. Her killer has never been brought to justice, because the police, prosecutors, lawyers, and her own family were too focused on their own careers, public images, political agendas, and social status. Experts sold out, lawyers used every dirty trick available, and police were hamstrung by political maneuvering and restrictions placed on them largely without public consent. She was An Angel Betrayed. The murder of JonBenet Ramsey was a tragedy for her and her loved ones. The corrupted investigation into her death was tragic for the entire country. Now, a common man tells how the American justice system has been compromised by money, politics and cowardice, and how it bodes ill for where our society is headed. About the Author: David J. Hughes was born to a working-class family in Vermont. He was inspired to write this book by frustration and a strong sense of duty. This is his first book. Publisher's website: http: //

Exploring Forensic Astrology

Author: B. D. Salerno
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1491792744
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Law enforcement often struggles to connect the dots to identify someone as a killer beyond a reasonable doubt. Forensic astrology can serve a much-needed civic and legal functionit helps connect dots between the crime and the perpetrator. The stars, after all, do not lie. Real crime meets astrology in this revealing book that seeks to get to the bottom of who committed the crime and why. Join the author as she aims to answer questions such as: Who murdered JonBenet Ramsey? Did Bob Crane know his killer? Was Natalie Woods death really an accident? Did Robert Blake get away with murder? Was Dr. Sam Sheppard guilty or innocent? Did Lizzie Borden act alone? Using techniques from ancient astrologers, author/astrologer B.D. Salerno analyzes these murder cases and more, sharing how forensic astrology can help us understand the nature of the crimes as well as identify the likely killers. An appendix includes information on the planets, their meanings, the zodiac signs, the essential dignities of the planets, degrees of danger, fixed stars, and more. Get to the bottom of law enforcements greatest mysteries, and discover how reading the stars can solve crimes with Exploring Forensic Astrology.

Insight Guides Colorado

Author: Insight Guides
Publisher: Apa Publications (UK) Limited
ISBN: 1786716941
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Rocky Mountain State of Colorado offers soaring peaks, world-class skiing and vibrant cities that lure travellers from all over the world to America's alpine heartland. Be inspired to visit by the new edition of Insight Guide Colorado, a comprehensive full-colour guide to the state. Inside Insight Guide Colorado: A fully-overhauled new edition by our expert Colorado-based author. Stunning photography that brings this fascinating country and its people to life. Highlights of the state's top attractions, including the Rocky Mountains, Denver and the San Luis Valley. Descriptive accounts cover the whole state from the Mesa Verde to the Eastern Plains. Detailed, high-quality maps throughout will help you get around and travel tips give you all the essential information for planning a memorable trip. Insight Guide Colorado now includes the Walking Eye app, free to download to smartphones and tablets on purchase of the book. The app includes our independent selection of the best hotels and restaurants, plus activity, event and shopping listings. About Insight Guides: Insight Guides has over 40 years' experience of publishing high-quality, visual travel guides. We produce around 400 full-colour print guide books and maps as well as picture-packed eBooks to meet different travellers' needs. Insight Guides' unique combination of beautiful travel photography and focus on history and culture together create a unique visual reference and planning tool to inspire your next adventure. 'Insight Guides has spawned many imitators but is still the best of its type.' - Wanderlust Magazine

Holy Denver

Author: Florence Wetzel
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1491757043
Format: PDF
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“It’s pure pleasure to enter the mind and heart of Holy Denver’s soulful, sympathetic protagonist, Elizabeth Zwelland. Throughout this unique story—in which the author skillfully blends the economic downturn, Beat poetics, and the Columbine High School shooting—I wanted to hug Elizabeth, have coffee with her, and cheer her on.” Kasey Jueds, author of Keeper and winner of the 2012 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize It’s 2009, the height of the economic crash, and thirty-six-year-old Elizabeth Zwelland has come down in the world. Due to fallout from Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, she loses her prestigious Manhattan publishing job and is forced to move to Colorado, the home of her Beat-poet father. The only job Elizabeth can find is at an independent bookstore in downtown Denver, where she earns minimum wage and shelves the books she once edited. Embittered by her many losses, Elizabeth becomes increasingly scornful of her coworkers and the bookstore’s customers. Her behavior leads to a shocking confrontation, which forces her on a deep emotional journey that includes entering the Columbine tragedy and the JonBenét Ramsey murder. Elizabeth’s awakening occurs not by following a particular religion, but by living through painful events and opening up to life in Denver—or Holy Denver, as Jack Kerouac christened the city in On the Road.

Sagt og usagt

Author: Beth Grothe Nielsen
Publisher: Gyldendal A/S
ISBN: 8702117428
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Børn bliver brugt til voksensex både i og uden for familien. En gang imellem bliver der talt om misbruget, andre gange vil vi ikke høre om det. Nogle af ofrene fortæller i erindringsform om deres oplevelser, andre får hjælp til at genopvække (falske?) minder. Forældre klæder børn ud som sexede skønhedsdronninger, og fra litteraturen er Lolita vandret videre som generel betegnelse for den begærede lille-pige. Beth Grothe Nielsen forsøger kulturhistorisk og så neutralt som muligt at beskrive det felt, der i daglig tale kendes under betegnelserne incest og pædofili.

Dahmer ist nicht tot

Author: Edward Lee
Publisher: Festa
ISBN: 3865525679
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Hat Dahmer seinen eigenen Tod nur vorgetäuscht? Im Juli 1991 fasste die amerikanische Polizei einen der teuflischsten Serienmörder der Geschichte – den Kannibalen Jeffrey Dahmer. Drei Jahre später wurde er im Gefängnis von einem anderen Insassen erschlagen ... ,Doch kurz nach dem Begräbnis beginnt eine weitere kannibalistische Mordserie. Fingerabdrücke, DNA und modus operandi – alle Spuren führen zu Dahmer. ,Die Ermittlerin Helen Closs ist sich sicher, dass es sich um einen perversen Nachahmer handelt ... bis in der Nacht ihr Handy klingelt und Jeffrey Dahmer selbst mit ihr redet. , ,Eine fein geschliffene Geschichte. Edward Lee und die Serienkillerexpertin Elizabeth Steffen sind auf Augenhöhe mit den besten Kriminalschriftstellern. Gruselig und intelligent ... so wie Jeffrey Dahmer selbst.

Die Bestie von Florenz

Author: Douglas Preston
Publisher: Knaur eBook
ISBN: 3426411016
Format: PDF, ePub
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Douglas Preston will einen schönen Sommer in der Toskana verbringen – doch dann erfährt er von einer spektakulären Mordserie. Die Bestie von Florenz hat sieben Paare brutal ermordet, und trotz langjähriger Polizeiarbeit, unzähligen Verdächtigen und Verurteilungen scheinen die Verbrechen noch nicht aufgeklärt zu sein. Gemeinsam mit dem italienischen Journalisten Mario Spezi beginnt Douglas Preston zu recherchieren. Die beiden decken nicht nur Ermittlungsfehler und Ungereimtheiten der italienischen Rechtsprechung auf, sondern geraten selbst in das Fadenkreuz der Ermittler. Der internationale Bestseller exklusiv im Knaur Taschenbuch: eine faszinierende und schockierende Anatomie des Verbrechens! Die Bestie von Florenz von Douglas Preston · Mario Spezi: Spannung pur im eBook!