Teaching Adventure Education Theory

Author: Bob Stremba
Publisher: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 0736071261
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Written for instructors who want their classroom experience to be as involving as the field, "Teaching Adventure Education Theory" offers activities instructors can use to help students make the connections between theory and practice. Top educators provide lesson plans that cover adventure theory, philosophy, history, and conceptual models.

Outdoor Leadership

Author: Bruce Martin
Publisher: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 1492585793
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Outdoor Leadership, Second Edition, is the definitive text for developing student leadership in outdoor and adventure settings throughout the world. Crafted by an author team internationally recognized for their research, teaching, and experience in outdoor and adventure leadership, this new edition provides students with the foundational knowledge they need to develop as competent professionals in the field. Grounded in Eight Core Competencies Through Outdoor Leadership, Second Edition, students are introduced to eight core competencies that the authors consider essential to outdoor leadership: 1. Foundational knowledge 2. Self-awareness and professional conduct 3. Decision making and judgment 4. Teaching and facilitation 5. Environmental stewardship 6. Program management 7. Safety and risk management 8. Technical ability This unique approach to outdoor and adventure leadership will help students meet current professional standards in the field as they prepare for careers in education and recreation. The students move step by step through the materials and assignments, gaining and demonstrating leadership competencies, which they will document through a portfolio of their course experiences. The development of these portfolios is a highly practical and valuable takeaway for students looking to get a leg up as they ready themselves for their careers. New to the Text This latest edition of Outdoor Leadership offers new features, material, and resources, including: • The expertise and perspectives of new author Marni Goldenberg • A new chapter on program assessment • A new chapter on developing cultural and social justice competencies as an outdoor leader • A redistribution of the content on values and ethics (formerly a single chapter) across multiple chapters • An increased emphasis on international perspectives • A stronger focus on outdoor leadership in the area of ecotourism • Revisions to address critical issues in the evolving field of outdoor and adventure leadership • New ancillaries, including an instructor guide (which includes learning and portfolio activities for each chapter, as well as other new learning experiences), a test package, and a presentation package Emphasizing Both Theory and Practice While primarily directed at novice outdoor leaders, , is useful for more experienced outdoor leaders as well, including administrative and supervisory personnel in outdoor leadership organizations. The authors have created a balance between theory and practice as they explore the eight core competencies by doing the following: • Introducing students to a wide variety of theories and concepts integral to outdoor leadership • Using chapter-opening vignettes to illustrate the theories and concepts addressed in the chapter • Acquainting readers with numerous organizations and agencies in which outdoor leaders work • Offering a series of learning activities and professional development exercises to transform the theoretical into the practical Preparing Students for Successful Careers The result is a highly useful resource that grounds students in the theories, concepts, and competencies that they need in order to be successful leaders in outdoor and adventure settings. This competency-based approach will help aspiring outdoor leaders plan safe, enjoyable, and ecologically responsible expeditions; acquire and showcase their leadership abilities, culminating in a professional portfolio; and develop the knowledge and expertise they need to be effective leaders.

Adventure inward

Author: Morton T. Kelsey
Publisher: Augsburg Books
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Through the recording of thoughts, dreams, questions, and experiences, the author demonstrates how a Christian can begin "an adventure inward.

Wilderness Therapy for Women

Author: Ellen Cole
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9781560246824
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Wilderness Therapy for Women offers women risktaking adventure activities in the outdoors as an alternative to traditional therapy. The contributing authors illustrate the empowerment, confidence, and self-esteem women can derive from adventure and experiential activities. This is the first book of its kind devoted to the symbolic value of wilderness accomplishments to women's mental health. Wilderness Therapy for Women unites women with nature and each other by lifting the social constraints surrounding women in adventure pursuits. It offers women a new method of healing while developing an appreciation for the uniqueness of the environment. Daring experiences in the outdoors rekindles a sense of strength and a respect for the provider of that strength. A therapeutic experience from the outdoors provides women with an awareness of their capabilities to strengthen and preserve themselves and their surroundings. This book is divided into four parts: Theoretical Perspectives, Wilderness Therapy in Action, Special Populations, and Personal Narratives. Readers will find many topics of interest including: Body image and wilderness therapy The therapeutic value of the wilderness Ethical considerations of experiential therapy Ropes courses for women All-women's river trips Special populations: rape and incest survivors, welfare mothers, and mid-life women. Intended as a guide book, Wilderness Therapy for Women is ideal for mental health professionals who are either practicing wilderness therapy or merely inquisitive about it. Outfitters and professional outdoor leaders will benefit from chapters on theory, applications, and special populations. Outdoor program administrators and educators who must remain on the cutting edge of their industry will also profit from this book.

Courage Quest

Author: Sally DeMasi
Publisher: Sally DeMasi
ISBN: 0996703349
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is an engaging memoir of one woman’s solo backpacking travels through areas of the world most would not tackle, she searched fifteen years for courage by confronting fear. Sally DeMasi stepped from her comfort zone to expand new horizons and face her personal fears. Leaving a lucrative career behind, she chose a backpack over a rolling suitcase. Staying in hostels, traveling as locals do by bus, dolmuses, and ferries or on foot, she defiantly overcame - walking the streets of Nairobi, paddling down the angry Amazon River, meeting the empathetic people of Turkey, and, even in her new home state, challenging the major Salmon River rapids in Hell’s Canyon and beyond, with a new love. She conquered her fears. DeMasi provides vivid descriptions of people she met on her travels and her dangerous encounters as she peeled away the layers and repetition of an old life to reveal her real and confident self, a new refreshed and distinctive lens of self-discovery. “Courage Quest” reveals a story of personal growth that is both uplifting and inspiring. Sally’s story offers encouragement to others, regardless of age or gender, to understand and overcome fear of the unknown. The reader may find a path within this memoir to explore how to reinvent theirs. Reviews: Review on Goodreads by John Enemark March 10, 2014 “Courage Quest describes the journeys of Sally Demasi, a middle aged woman who after divorce and becoming increasingly unfulfilled working in the Corporate world decides that she needs to find Courage within herself to break free from that existence by traveling much of the world on her own with only a backpack and God's good grace to reach her goal of discovering a new meaning to her life. Demasi's book poignantly illustrates her journey traveling the world such as paddling 100 miles down the Amazon suffering severe physical pain and intestinal parasites, walking extremely dangerous neighborhoods of Athens, traveling Africa and the Middle East and Peru documenting in great detail the people she met and made new relationships with, carrying with her only the bare necessities in her backpack and staying in local Hostels among real people of the region. Sally's writings held my interest from beginning to end and the book includes beautiful photography of the people and landscapes throughout her journeys.I highly recommend Courage Quest to anyone who would ever wonder what life is really like outside of the comfort and luxury of the USA.” Dania Van Schuyler, designer and traveler "Unexpected beauty unfolds in dangerous circumstances in Sally DeMasi's new book "Courage Quest." Through her recollections of solo adventure travel she experiences personal growth with newly found courage extracted from being forced out of her comfort zone. I enjoyed learning of fascinating places and people as though I had been packed in her super light backpack going along for the ride, and anxiously awaiting the outcome." Thea Belecz “Sally DeMasi distills her extensive experience in global traveling into challenging adventures: “I did not realize at the time that I was visiting one of the most important sacred sites in the world to heal the body, enlighten the mind, and inspire the heart.” Ms. DeMasi’s experiences will do the same for you not only through reading the text, but following her ‘footsteps’ and suggestions at the end of the book.”

The Handbook of Transformative Learning

Author: Edward W. Taylor
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118218930
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Handbook of Transformative Learning The leading resource for the field, this handbook provides a comprehensive and critical review of more than three decades of theory development, research, and practice in transformative learning. The starting place for understanding and fostering transformative learning, as well as diving deeper, the volume distinguishes transformative learning from other forms of learning, explores future perspectives, and is designed for scholars, students, and practitioners. PRAISE FOR THE HANDBOOK OF TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING "This book will be of inestimable value to students and scholars of learning irrespective of whether or not their emphasis is on transformative learning. It should find its way to the reference bookshelves of every academic library focusing on education, teaching, learning, or the care professions." —PETER JARVIS, professor of continuing education, University of Surrey "Can there be a coherent theory of transformative learning? Perhaps. This handbook goes a long way to answering this question by offering a kaleidoscope of perspectives, including non-Western, that consider the meaning and practice of transformative learning." —SHAUNA BUTTERWICK, associate professor, University of British Columbia "This handbook will be valuable and accessible to both scholars and practitioners who are new to the study of adult education and transformative learning and to more seasoned scholars who seek a sophisticated analysis of the state of transformative learning thirty years after Mezirow first shared his version of a then-fledgling theory of adult learning." —JOVITA ROSS-GORDON, professor and program coordinator, MA in Adult Education, Texas State University

Bewegungs und k rperorientierte Ans tze in der Sozialen Arbeit

Author: Josef Koch
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3322913872
Format: PDF
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Erlebnispädagogik, Sport- und Bewegungsprojekte sind Versuche, dem Körper mit seinen Ansprüchen in der Sozialen Arbeit gerecht zu werden und eine lebensweltorientierte Pädagogik zu praktizieren. Experten diskutieren den Stellenwert und die Entwicklung körper- und bewegungsbezogener Sozialer Arbeit aus theoretischer und praktischer Perspektive.

The Lost City of Z

Author: David Grann
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1847378056
Format: PDF, ePub
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**NOW A MAJOR FILM STARRING ROBERT PATTINSON, CHARLIE HUNNAM AND SIENNA MILLER** ‘A riveting, exciting and thoroughly compelling tale of adventure’JOHN GRISHAM The story of Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett, the inspiration behind Conan Doyle's The Lost World Fawcett was among the last of a legendary breed of British explorers. For years he explored the Amazon and came to believe that its jungle concealed a large, complex civilization, like El Dorado. Obsessed with its discovery, he christened it the City of Z. In 1925, Fawcett headed into the wilderness with his son Jack, vowing to make history. They vanished without a trace. For the next eighty years, hordes of explorers plunged into the jungle, trying to find evidence of Fawcett's party or Z. Some died from disease and starvation; others simply disappeared. In this spellbinding true tale of lethal obsession, David Grann retraces the footsteps of Fawcett and his followers as he unravels one of the greatest mysteries of exploration. ‘A wonderful story of a lost age of heroic exploration’ Sunday Times ‘Marvellous ... An engrossing book whose protagonist could out-think Indiana Jones’ Daily Telegraph ‘The best story in the world, told perfectly’ Evening Standard ‘A fascinating and brilliant book’ Malcolm Gladwell

The RHP Companion to Outdoor Education

Author: Peter Barnes
Publisher: Russell House Pub Limited
ISBN: 9781903855362
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Outdoor education still has a long way to go in terms of its acceptance by educational organisations and the public at large, some of whom even question its very meaning and purpose. This important new book - will help clarify aims and encourage the pursuit of good practice...