Personal Injury Schedules

Author: Brian F. J. Langstaff
Publisher: Tottel Publishing
ISBN: 9781847663733
Format: PDF, ePub
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This third edition of Personal Injury Schedules is an authoritative and up-to-date guide to the assessment of damages and presentation of schedules in the UK. The book offers practical expert guidance helping to accurately assess the value of a claim and decide on what basis to seek damages. It also provides an up-to-date toolkit for best practice in the presentation of schedules and counter-schedules. It covers a variety of claims ranging from the small to the catastrophic and is completely updated to take account of Ogden VI, The Thompstone indexation cases, and numerous recent UK Fatal Accident Act cases.

Personal Injury Awards in EU and EFTA Countries

Author: David McIntosh
Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.
ISBN: 9041120092
Format: PDF, ePub
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Following two previous reports relating to ""Personal Injury Awards in EU and EFTA Countries"" this text undertakes further research into the subject. The report provides a guide to an understanding of the personal injury awards system in both the European Union (EU) and European Free Trading Area (EFTA), and looks at the changes that have taken place since 1991. The research compares the levels of compensation awarded to individuals within the member states and sets out recommendations for future procedures.; Schedules, tables, graphs and commentary in the report demonstrate findings of each.

Tort Law for Paralegals Third Edition

Author: Neal R. Bevans
Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online
ISBN: 0735578737
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Students whose instructors useTort Law for Paralegals, Third Edition, will come away from their Torts course with a true understanding of Tortsandwhat it is like to practice in the real world. The easy-to-read and engaging style of experienced author Neal Bevans utilizes numerous examples and illustrations to provide an in-depth discussion of tort law, combined with a solid foundation in the practicalities of daily legal work.Key features that make this text a resounding success include:broad coverage of all the key topics in tort lawthat paralegals need to know coverage ofpractical skillsthat include working in a law firm, assessing cases for settlement value, investigating claims, billing hours, and evaluating insurance policiesemphasis on ethical issueswith a separate section on ethics at the end of each chapterone hypothetical casethat runs through all the chapters, providing continuity to the material and a vehicle for illustrating various points in a coherent frameworkforms and court documents relevant to the hypothetical caseincluded in the appendixa robust Instructor’s Manualthat includes a test bank, lesson plans, suggested syllabi, web resources, and additional assignments a CD with ancillaries, including PowerPoint slidesThe well-developed, highly teachable pedagogy of this concise text includes:chapter objectivesto open each chapter“Issue at a Glance”boxes in each chapter that summarize important legal conceptsmarginal definitionsnumerousfigures, tables, and diagramscase excerptsthat discuss legal theory and practical applications“Skills You Need in the Real World”sections in each chapter that highlight particular paralegal skills, ranging from locating expert witnesses to creating a trial notebook to billing time in a file“Life of a Paralegal”sections that profile paralegals working in the field references towebsitesthat assist students in gathering more informationadditional forms and court documentsat the end of each chapterKey Terms, Review Questions, andApplying What You Have LearnedexercisesRefinements to the Third Edition include:web resourcesandcase excerptsalong with other developments in the law, that have been updated throughout the bookassignmentsandexercisesthat have been revised to reflect the author’s experience teaching from the book

Personal Injury and Damage Ascertainment under Civil Law

Author: Santo Davide Ferrara
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319298127
Format: PDF, Docs
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This volume serves to provide an international overview of personal injury compensation in different geographical areas (15 countries already included), with a special focus on the methods used to ascertain the injury and the related damages. It also goes on to clarify the logical and methodological steps required for a sequential, in-depth ascertainment of any traumatic event and the related personal damage, both pecuniary and non-pecuniary. Personal injury is a legal term for an injury to the body, mind or emotions suffered by the plaintiff under tort and/or civil law regulations. Damages related to the injury can be pecuniary or non-pecuniary in nature. Although several comparative studies and research projects on tort and civil law and personal injury claims aimed at developing new tools for promoting harmonization of private law have been performed at an international level, heterogeneity and divergences still exist in the definition and compensation of personal injury and damage across different national legislative systems. The starting point for any awarding procedure should be a medical, or rather a medico-legal, assessment to gain evidence on the trauma or event causing the injury, the mechanism of injury, the pre-existing health status of the injured party, and the health consequences of the injury (temporary and permanent impairment, work incapacity, etc.). In order to pursue the ultimate goal of an international harmonization of personal injury compensation, it is of upmost importance to define the quality requirements for the medico-legal ascertainment methodology, which are essential for guaranteeing the objectivity, rigor, and reproducibility of the data and the evidence collection procedure. Currently, there are no supra-national medico-legal guidelines dealing with the ascertainment methodology of personal injury and damage under tort and civil law.

Civil Litigation

Author: Colette Reid
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019960343X
Format: PDF, ePub
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Civil Litigation provides support to students taking the Professional Practice Course at the Law Society of Ireland and provides an excellent overview of civil litigation issues for practitioners in the Irish jurisdiction.

Apil Guide to Fatal Accidents

Author: Gordon Exall
Publisher: Jordans Pub
ISBN: 9781846619519
Format: PDF, Docs
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Civil Costs: Law and Practice is well established as the authoritative reference for both costs practitioners and those who need a more rigorous analysis of the law than is possible in popular shorter works on the subject. Independent reviewers have said that it is ‘the Bible of the legal costs world’ and that it is ‘a life support system for every litigator’. All aspects of civil costs law are covered. The detailed commentary is scrupulously impartial, such that independent reviewers have noted that ‘there is not a single proposition put forward that does not have a detailed corresponding reference for the authority’. Reviewers have also noted that on ‘the rare occasion where the writer’s opinion alone is being given, this is made crystal clear’. The authorities are often quoted word-for-word, but even when they are not, they are cited, usually with pinpoint precision. There are literally thousands of footnotes, and where appropriate, difficult points are explained by way of flowcharts or diagrams. All of the rates and figures that a costs practitioner could wish for are set out in easily accessible forms, such as tables and charts. Many of the chapters have been substantially rewritten for the third edition, and all the major changes and developments since the Jackson Reforms are addressed, including: • Consumer protection and contracts of retainer;• Costs budgeting and prospective case management;• Relief from sanctions following Mitchell and Denton;• Human rights and the recovery of success fees;• The rise in applications for security for costs;• The greater use of orders for interim payments;• Changes in the way the Bar charges for its services; • Proportionality under the new overriding objective;• Provisional assessments;• The expansion of fixed costs regimes; • Part 36 offers, in both substantive litigation and in costs litigation; • The changes in costs procedure, including the compulsory requirement to make an offer; and• Changes to the format of Bills of Costs and Points of Dispute.Civil Costs is written primarily for members of the judiciary who deal with civil costs, and for costs lawyers, costs draftsmen and costs counsel. Civil litigators, barristers practising civil law and managing partners will also find it useful. Unusually for a practitioners’ text, it is well regarded by common law lawyers outside England and Wales. This is because its extensive citation of older authorities makes it easy to identify principles that are globally relevant.

Montrealer bereinkommen

Author: Fabian Reuschle
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110259141
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Die zweite Auflage berücksichtigt die zum 30. Dezember 2009 in Kraft getretene Anhebung der Haftungshöchstbeträge und kommentiert die aktuelle Rechtsprechung des Europäischen Gerichtshofs, des Bundesgerichtshofs und der gesamten Instanzgerichte zum Montrealer Übereinkommen sowie zur Verordnung (EG) Nr 261/04 zur Nichtbeförderung, Annullierung und großen Verspätung von Fluggästen. In die Kommentierung wurde zudem die Rechtsprechung verschiedener Vertragsstaaten miteingearbeitet. Zugleich berücksichtigt die Kommentierung das neue Kollisionsrecht der Rom I- und Rom II-Verordnungen. Die Kommentierung ist auf dem Stand vom 20. Mai 2011.