Planning Olympic Legacies

Author: Eva Kassens-Noor
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415689597
Format: PDF, Kindle
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When a city wins the right to hold the Olympics, one of the oft cited advantages to the region is the catalytic effect upon the urban and transport projects of the host cities. However, with unparalleled access to documents and records, Eva Kassens-Noor questions and challenges this fundamental assertion of host cities who claim to have used the Olympic Games as a way to move forward their urban agendas In fact, transport dreams to stage the "perfect games" of the International Olympic Committee and the governments of the host cities have lead to urban realities that significantly differ from the development path the city had set out to accomplish before winning the Olympic bid. Ultimately it is precisely the IOC’s influence – and the city’s foresight and sophistication (or lack thereof) in coping with it – that determines whether years after the Games there are legacies benefitting the former hosts. The text is supported by revealing interviews from lead host city planners and key documents, which highlight striking discrepancies between media broadcasts and the internal communications between the IOC and host city governments. It focuses on the inside story of the urban and transport change process undergone by four cities (Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, and Athens) that staged the Olympics and forecasts London and Rio de Janeiro’s urban trajectories. The final chapter advises cities on how to leverage the Olympic opportunity to advance their long-run urban strategic plans and interests while fulfilling the International Olympic Committee’s fundamental requirements. This is a uniquely positioned look at why Olympic cities have – or do not have – the transport and urban legacies they had wished for. The book will be of interest to planners, government agencies and those involved in organizing future Games.

Olympic Cities

Author: John R. Gold
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317565312
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The first edition of Olympic Cities, published in 2007, provided a pioneering overview of the changing relationship between cities and the modern Olympic Games. This substantially revised and enlarged third edition builds on the success of its predecessors. The first of its three parts provides overviews of the urban legacy of the four component Olympic festivals: the Summer Games; Winter Games; Cultural Olympiads; and the Paralympics. The second part comprisessystematic surveys of seven key aspects of activity involved in staging the Olympics: finance; place promotion; the creation of Olympic Villages; security; urban regeneration; tourism; and transport. The final part consists of nine chronologically arranged portraits of host cities, from 1936 to 2020, with particular emphasis on the six Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games of the twenty-first century. As controversy over the growing size and expense of the Olympics, with associated issues of accountability and legacy, continues unabated, this book’s incisive and timely assessment of the Games’ development and the complex agendas that host cities attach to the event will be essential reading for a wide audience. This will include not just urban and sports historians, urban geographers, event managers and planners, but also anyone with an interest in the staging of mega-events and concerned with building a better understanding of the relationship between cities, sport and culture.

Routledge Handbook of Sport and Legacy

Author: Richard Holt
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136477594
Format: PDF, ePub
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What remains of a great sporting spectacle after the last race is run or the final match is played? How can the vast expense of mounting such events be justified? What if there is nothing left behind or what if the legacy is negative, a costly infrastructure which is unused or a debt-ridden host city? The Routledge Handbook of Sport and Legacy addresses perhaps the most important issue in the hosting of major contemporary sporting events: the problem of ‘legacy’. It offers a rigorous, innovative and comparative insight into this contested concept from interdisciplinary and practical perspectives. Major events must now have a conscious, credible and defined policy for legacy to meet public expectations. The book provides a comprehensive survey of the various kinds of legacy that can be delivered, as well as a close examination of the potential benefits and practical challenges involved in each. From ‘hard’ legacies, such as stadia and infrastructure, to ‘soft’ legacies including skill development, attitude change and capacity building, the book offers both a historical case study and an innovative strategic management approach, and establishes the limits of what can realistically be achieved in terms of economic, social, cultural, physical and sporting development. The Routledge Handbook of Sport and Legacy includes contributions from world leading scholars and practitioners and features detailed case studies of major sports events from around the world, including the FIFA World Cup and ten Olympics Games from London in 1908 to London 2012. It is invaluable reading for students and researchers working in sport studies, events management, human geography, economics or planning, and an essential reference for any professional engaged in delivering legacy through sport.

Hosting the Olympic Games

Author: John Rennie Short
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351000330
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Hosting the Olympic Games reveals the true costs involved for the cities that hold these large-scale sporting events. It uncovers the financing of the Games, reviewing existing studies to evaluate the costs and benefits, and draws on case study experiences of the Summer and Winter Games from the past forty years to assess the short- and long-term urban legacies for host cities. Written in an easily accessible style and format, it provides an in-depth critical analysis into the franchise model of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and offers an alternative vision for future Games. This book is an important contribution to understanding the consequences for the host cities of Olympic Games.

Mega Events and Mega Ambitions South Korea s Rise and the Strategic Use of the Big Four Events

Author: Yu-Min Joo
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137531134
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book provides a holistic analysis of South Korea’s strategic use of mega-events in its modern development. It examines the Summer Olympics (1988), the World Expo (1993), the FIFA World Cup (2002), and the Winter Olympics (2018) over the past 30 years of the country’s rapid growth, and across varying stages of economic and political development. It explains how mega-events helped to secure South Korea’s position on the international stage, boost nationalism, propel economic growth in export-oriented national companies, and build cities that accommodate – as well as represent – South Korea’s progress. It thereby highlights the broader implications for today’s global phenomenon of increasing reliance on mega-events as a catalyst for development, while the criticism that mega-events do more harm than good proliferates. The book is ideal for academics, policymakers, and those with an interest in mega-events and their role in the development of non-western countries.

Flug der Tr ume

Author: Ariel Lawhon
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104902070
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Eine Gruppe von Passagieren wird im Mai 1937 zur Schickalsgemeinschaft. Der letzte Flug der Hindenburg und sein tragisches Ende markieren das Ende einer Ära. Ariel Lawhon entfaltet eins der größten Rätsel des 20. Jahrhunderts und erzählt von dieser Reise mit einer emotionalen Intensität, die noch lange nachwirkt. Am Abend des 3. Mai 1937 gehen in Frankfurt 97 Menschen an Bord des Zeppelins Hindenburg, für den letzten, schicksalhaften Flug nach Lakehurst, New Jersey. Unter ihnen eine ängstliche Stewardess, die etwas zu verbergen hat, der zuverlässige Navigator, der ihre Zuneigung gewinnen will, ein naiver Kabinenjunge, der eine dauerhafte Position im größten Luftschiff der Welt anstrebt, eine vorlaute Journalistin, die in Deutschland auf einer schwarzen Liste steht, und ein geheimnisvoller amerikanischer Geschäftsmann, der eine offene Rechnung begleichen möchte. Im Laufe der drei champagnerseligen Tage ihrer Reise lichtet sich allmählich der Dunst um ihre Lügen, Ängste, Pläne und Hoffnungen für die Zukunft. ›Flug der Träume‹ zeichnet ein intimes Porträt der tatsächlichen Personen an Bord des letzten Flugs der Hindenburg. Hinter ihnen braut sich der Sturm in Europa zusammen, vor ihnen lauert die Katastrophe. Aber zunächst schweben sie über dem Atlantik und ahnen nichts von dem unerbittlichen, tragischen Los, das sie erwartet.

Secondhand Zeit

Author: Swetlana Alexijewitsch
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
ISBN: 3446244123
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Der Kalte Krieg ist seit über zwanzig Jahren vorbei, doch das postsowjetische Russland sucht noch immer nach einer neuen Identität. Während man im Westen nach wie vor von der Gorbatschow-Zeit schwärmt, will man sie in Russland am liebsten vergessen. Inzwischen gilt Stalin dort vielen, auch unter den Jüngeren, wieder als großer Staatsmann, wie überhaupt die sozialistische Vergangenheit immer öfter nostalgisch verklärt wird. Für Swetlana Alexijewitsch leben die Russen gleichsam in einer Zeit des "secondhand", der gebrauchten Ideen und Worte. Wie ein vielstimmiger Chor erzählen die Menschen in ihrem neuen Buch von der radikalen gesellschaftlichen Umwälzung in den zurückliegenden Jahren.

Die Lebenden reparieren

Author: Maylis de Kerangal
Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag
ISBN: 3518740547
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Simon lebt, jedenfalls schlägt sein Herz noch. Doch die Ärzte stellen den klinischen Tod des Neunzehnjährigen fest. Simons Eltern müssen nun entscheiden, ob sie seine Organe zur Spende freigeben wollen, ob ein anderer mit Simons Organen weiterleben darf. In einer rasanten Folge von emotional aufwühlenden Szenen erzählt Die Lebenden reparieren von einem Tod mitten im Leben und der vielleicht schwersten Entscheidung, die Eltern treffen müssen. Ein spannender und bewegender Roman, der erschüttert und zugleich tröstet. »Ein Roman, der buchstäblich unter die Haut geht.« Wolfgang Schneider, Deutschlandradio Kultur »Ein spannender, anrührender, ein wichtiger Roman.« Niklas Bender, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung »So also ist gloriose Literatur. Kein Journalismus, kein Film käme auch nur in die Nähe jener Zone, in der sie sich bewegt ...« Peter Praschl, Die Welt

OECD Umweltpr fberichte OECD Umweltpr fberichte Schweiz 2007

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 3905822008
Format: PDF, Docs
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Der Hauptzweck der OECD Umweltprüfberichte ist es, die Mitgliedstaaten dabei zu unterstützen, im Umweltmanagement gemeinsam und individuell bessere Ergebnisse zu realisieren. Dies soll erreicht werden durch: die Unterstützung der einzelnen Länder ...