Letters and Papers Foreign and Domestic of the Reign of Henry VIII

Author: J. S. Brewer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108063101
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Published between 1862 and 1932, and reissued here in multiple parts, this monumental calendar of documents remains an essential starting point for the serious study of Tudor history. An experienced editor of historical texts, John Sherren Brewer (1809-79) had no prior training in the history of the period, yet he brought to the project the necessary industriousness and an impeccable command of Latin. Four volumes appeared before his death, whereupon James Gairdner (1828-1912), his former assistant, took up the editorial reins. Continuing Brewer's method of ordering chronologically all available documents from 1509 to 1547, and reproducing some passages while paraphrasing or omitting others, Gairdner brought the project to its conclusion, aided himself by R. H. Brodie (1859-1943) in preparing the later volumes. Part 1 of Volume 2 (1864) has been split into two for this reissue: this second half covers the period from November 1515 to December 1516.

Storm Keeper

Author: J. Henry Warren
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 145355145X
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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* * * * * 5 STAR REVIEW * * * * * STORM KEEPER "A MYSTERY THRILLER" By: J. Henry Warren Reviewed by: Molly Martin of Scribesworld 7/30/2001 Jake Turner is a tad nonplussed to discover his business bank account is down to zero. "If hes stolen from me again, Ill kill him." This Philly merger and acquisition man has been hard at work putting his personal and his professional life back together. Following Jakes divorce as well as the failure of his Wall Street career, Jake thought everything was at last beginning to come together. Due to a new alliance, he is again making money, more than he thought he might, and he has an odd but deliciously wealthy client. Things are looking up, Jake has not only gotten both his house and airplane back but his bank account has been filled with lots of money. Now Jakes partnership account is down to zero and Jake means to find out why. His search begins in Philadelphia, but ends up on the North Carolina coastal island of Ocracoke. Jake soon finds himself battling both the peculiarities inherent to violence and greed along with a Hurricane tracking straight for him. In STORM KEEPER J. Henry Warren has produced a riveting work filled with complicity, adventure, conflict, treachery and greed. This first novel page-turner will hold your interest from the opening lines right down to the last paragraph. STORM KEEPER is a novel filled with powerful, well-developed characters, absorbing plot twists that keep you breathless and clever, and credible dialogue. Writer Warrens Jake Turner character is a delight. Take a little of Steven Kings taut fear producing writing in tandem with Erle Stanley Gardner artifice and you will have an idea of the treat in store for you on the pages of STORM KEEPER. Those of us who particularly enjoy thrillers can only hope writer Warren is hard at work on another Jake Turner mystery/thriller for us. Delightful work, highly recommended. Reviewed by: Molly Martin http://www.scribesworld.com/reviews/ J. Henry Warren