The Impact of Religiosity on Fertility

Author: Sandra Hubert
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3658070080
Format: PDF
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​The work investigates the impact of religiosity of women and men on their completed fertility in an international comparison considering a long time period. Sandra Hubert aims at uncovering all mechanisms through which religiosity and religious institutions can affect fertility. Hence, both the micro- and the macro-level of each country are explicitly integrated, and theoretically as well as empirically dealt with. The selection of differing countries rests upon the expectation that religiosity influences fertility decisions independently of the institutional context, social norms, state church-relations, and the national degree of religious vitality. These factors are intensively compared with each other at the country level. At the micro-level the impact of religiosity on fertility is tested by means of regressions and based on the Generations and Gender Survey. Results depend on gender, country, the diverse religious affiliations, and more.

Handbook of Youth and Young Adulthood

Author: Andy Furlong
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134065353
Format: PDF, ePub
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The parameters within which young people live their lives have changed radically. Changes in education and the labour market have led to an increased complexity of the youth phase and to an overall protraction in dependency and transitions. Written by leading academics from several countries, this Handbook introduces up to date perspectives on a wide range of issues that affect and shape youth and young adulthood. It provides an authoritative and multi-disciplinary overview of a field of study that offers unique insight on social change in advanced societies and is aimed at academics, students, researchers and policy-makers. The Handbook introduces some of the key theoretical perspectives used within youth studies and sets out future research agendas. Each of the ten sections covers an important area of research – from education and the labour market to youth cultures, health and crime whilst discussing change and continuity in the lives of young people. This work introduces readers to some of the most important work in the field while highlighting the underlying perspectives that have been used to understand the complexity of modern youth and young adulthood.

Family Dynamics After Separation

Author: Ulrike Zartler
ISBN: 9783847406860
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In many Western societies, there has been a tremendous increase in family diversity over the course of the past few decades. The increased instability of marital and non-marital unions entails new challenges for both parents and children. In this special issue of the Journal of Family Research, scholars from different disciplines examine, from a life course perspective, how re-partnering processes work and how relationships are rearranged in post-separation families. [Subject: Sociology, Family Studies]

Communities of Restoration

Author: Thomas Noakes-Duncan
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567671542
Format: PDF
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By bringing together the insights of ecclesial ethics, an approach that emphasizes the distinctive nature of the church as the community that forms its mind and character after its reading of Scripture, with the theory and practice of restorative justice, a way of conceiving justice-making that emerged from the Mennonite-Anabaptist tradition, this book shows why a theological account of the theory and practice of restorative justice is fruitful for articulating and clarifying the witness of the church, especially when faced with conflict or wrongdoing. This can help extend the church's imagination as to how it might better become God's community of restoration as it reflects on the ways in which the justice of God is taking shape in its own community. "How does an ecclesial context shape the theological apprehension and praxis of justice?†? This question orientates the book. In particular, it asks how, in view of its members having been admitted into God's restoring justice in Christ, the church might embody in the world this same justice of restoring right relationships. While Christian reflection on the nature of justice has tended to favour a judicial and retributive conception of justice, it will be argued that the biblical understanding of the justice of God is best understood as a saving, liberating, and restorative justice. It is this restorative conception that ought to guide the community that reads Scripture so that it might be embodied in life.

National Paradigms of Migration Research

Author: Michael Bommes
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 3862340937
Format: PDF
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Die differierenden Traditionen der Migrationsforschung in unterschiedlichen Ländern hängen eng mit nationalen Politikmustern und dem Selbstverständnis des jeweiligen Nationalstaats zusammen – entweder affirmativ verstärkend oder kritisch hinterfragend. Stellt man sie nebeneinander, so wird vieles fraglich und diskutierbar, was vorher selbstverständlich schien. Im vorliegenden Band werden die Migrationsforschungstraditionen in zwölf Ländern vorgestellt: den traditionellen Einwanderungsländern Kanada und Australien, vier europäischen Ländern mit inzwischen jahrzehntelanger Einwanderungserfahrung (Großbritannien, Deutschland, Österreich, Niederlande), den neuen Einwanderungsländern Italien, Polen und Japan und den postkolonialen Ländern Indien, Malaysia und Nigeria. Auf diese Weise öffnet der Band aus einer vergleichenden Perspektive heraus Wege zu einem besseren Verständnis unterschiedlicher Forschungstraditionen, und zwar über die traditionellen westlichen Diskussionszusammenhänge hinaus. Wir können die unterschiedlichen Muster der Inklusion und Exklusion von Einwanderern und der intellektuellen Diskurse besser verstehen und relativieren, wenn wir sie mit anderen Lösungen und Denktraditionen konfrontieren. Da auch die Leitdisziplinen der Migrationsforschung in unterschiedlichen Ländern nicht dieselben sind, enthält der Band auch einen Pluralismus der Fachzugänge: Soziologen, Politikwissenschaftler, Ethnologen, Ökonomen und Philosophen definieren Migration, Integration und ihre Beziehungen zu den gesellschaftlichen Strukturen. Sie stellen damit Annahmen in Frage, die im jeweiligen Kontext als selbstverständlich gelten.

Education in the Muslim World

Author: Rosarii Griffin
Publisher: Symposium Books Ltd
ISBN: 187392755X
Format: PDF
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This collection of articles is an eclectic selection of studies of a range of educational situations relating to Muslim populations in different parts of the world. It is intended as a selection and in no way contains any overarching theme, other than illustrating the wide diversity of situations and issues relating to education in Muslim societies. The contributors provide a wide and fascinating range of insights and problems, many of which apply to other communities as well; there is much to be shared and celebrated between ‘east’ and ‘west’, but only with greater understanding. It is hoped this book will contribute something towards that understanding.

Youth Transitions

Author: René Bendit
Publisher: Barbara Budrich
ISBN: 3866491441
Format: PDF, Kindle
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What will become of today's young people? Will they be supportive of the world they live in? Or are they perhaps doomed to be criminal drop-outs? This book investigates to what extent different and contradictory trends of social modernization and economic progress determine the biographical development and social integration of young people in different countries and world regions. The book looks at the role young people themselves can play in the future, either as constructive social actors or as a problematic and partly excluded group, unable to face the challenges of a permanently changing world. It examines youth transition from education to work; patterns of vulnerability and the processes of social inclusion/exclusion; political participation, exclusion, and instrumentalization; youth cultures and new technologies; and regional research networks, governance, and supra-national youth policy.