Porsche Racing Cars

Author: Bill Oursler
Publisher: Motorbooks
ISBN: 9780760307274
Format: PDF, Mobi
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For half a century, Porsche automobiles have been favorites of race fans and drivers in endurance events, rallies, hill climbs, Trans Am, Can-Am, and GT racing. This photohistory chronicles more than 100 racing Porsches that have been campaigned at circuits the world over, including Le Mans, Daytona, Sebring, Spa, Nurburgring, and Leguna Seca, to name a few. In addition to color photography of the cars today and archival race images depicting the cars and top drivers from the annals of motorsport, the author presents the histories of such legendary Porsches as the 550 Spyder, a customer version of which gained notoriety as the car in which James Dean died; the open-wheel 718/2 with which Porsche unsuccessfully contested Formula 1 in 1959 and 1960; the 904 GTS that dominated European circuits in 1964 and 1965; the 917's which in 1972 and 1973 halted McLaren's Can-Am cakewalk; the 1976 Martini-liveried 935; the pair of Rothman-sponsored 959's that easily swept Paris-Dakar in 1986; and today's successful 911 GT cars.

The Porsche Book

Publisher: Te Neues Publishing Company
ISBN: 9783961711673
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This turbo-charged book is an exciting thrill ride for all lovers of the Porsche experience. As you browse, you embark on a nostalgic, image-packed journey through the annals of high-performance motor engineering and design. The book's dynamic layout and design capture every element of these ultimate rides--power, freedom and speed. Captivated from the first glance, you will keep coming back for more! After a while, the book becomes like your own personal road movie as the sights and sounds come to life. Revel in innovative images of all the most famous Porsches--shot in glamorous locales across the globe.

The Complete Book of Porsche 911

Author: Randy Leffingwell
Publisher: Motorbooks
ISBN: 1627889671
Format: PDF, Docs
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Born in the Bohemian town of Maffersdorf on September 3, 1875, Ferdinand Porsche displayed unparalleled automotive engineering genius from his earliest years. Following stellar work at Austro-Daimler, as well as with his own engineering firm, he formed his own automobile company after World War II, developing a line of sports cars which culminated in the fabled 911, the ultimate expression of Porsche’s original vision for the perfect sports car. The Complete Book of Porsche 911 provides a model-by-model overview for each year of the 911’s production, from the original 901 prototype to the current models. In addition to production cars, the book includes all of the factory's racing, prototype, and special-production cars illustrated with both current and archival photography. This book is the ultimate single-volume resource for the 911 aficionado.

Urban Outlaw

Author: Magnus Walker
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1473542006
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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**THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER** Magnus Walker is one of life’s originals. Serial entrepreneur, fashion designer, TV presenter, motivational speaker and one of the world’s most prolific Porsche collectors, the dreadlocked, tattooed hoarder of individual creativity is a very modern incarnation of success. Raised in the urban decay of Thatcher’s Britain, Sheffield-born Magnus Walker left school with just two O levels and drifted for several years before buying a one-way ticket to America. Now, 30 years and three successful businesses later, by following his instincts, rejecting convention and pursuing his passions Magnus has succeeded against all the odds. Here, for the first time, is the full story of his journey from a Northern steel town to the bright lights of Hollywood, from a boy with little hope to an anti-establishment hero. Along the way we’ll witness his potent combination of inspiration and graft, discover his motivations and his ambitions, and come to understand his philosophy and the keys to his success. Inspiring and exhilarating, URBAN OUTLAW is a compelling tale of succeeding through pure instinct and determination by a man who was brave enough to follow his own path.

Essential Drum Fills

Author: Peter Erskine
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
ISBN: 9780739052808
Format: PDF, Docs
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Essential Drum Fills is a collection of fills that Peter Erskine has enjoyed hearing and /or playing over the years. The book includes over 500 drum fills in a variety of styles and ensembles, as well as multiple examples, transcriptions and drum charts. A CD with demonstrations, play-alongs and music pdf files is also included.

Sound and Safe

Author: Karin Bijsterveld
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199925690
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book traces the full history of noise in and around cars, shows how we created auditory privacy in our cars. It is about the sounds of car engines, tires, wipers, blinkers, warning signals, in-car audio systems and, ultimately, about how we became used to listen while driving.

Pat the Bunny

Author: Dorothy Kunhardt
Publisher: Golden Books
ISBN: 0307120007
Format: PDF, Docs
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Gives children opportunities to touch a rabbit, smell flowers, look in a mirror, and participate in other activities enjoyed by Paul and Judy.

914 Porsche

Author: Dr B Johnson
Publisher: TPR Incorporated
ISBN: 9780929758213
Format: PDF
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Recognized by Porsche enthusiasts, concours judges, even the Porsche factory as a definitive guide to Porsche 914 authenticity. Get a detailed look at the year-to-year changes in body, chassis, exterior trim, luggage compartments and interior components of your 1970-76 Porsche 914. Virtually every part is described and photographed allowing owner and restorer to determine 100% originality. Rev. ed.

Steve Jobs

Author: Walter Isaacson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451648537
Format: PDF, Docs
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Draws on more than forty interviews with Steve Jobs, as well as interviews with family members, friends, competitors, and colleagues to offer a look at the co-founder and leading creative force behind the Apple computer company.


Author: Dennis Adler
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 0760351902
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Porsche: The Classic Era offers something for all Stuttgart enthusiasts and those interested in automotive history. There are few automobiles in the world as iconic as Porsche's air-cooled sports cars. For more than 50 years Porsche's rear-engine wonders set the benchmark for production sports cars and dominated the world's race courses. From the first Gmund coupe, to the 356 to the timeless 911, this richly illustrated volume tells the full story of Germany's fabled sports cars. Automotive writer and photographer Dennis Adler begins the books with the early career of Ferdiand Porsche, detailing the influences and events that set him on the path of automotive-engineering greatness including key stints with Mercedes-Benz, Auto Union, and Volkswagen. From there he details Porsche's WWII work before moving into the postwar era and the establishment of Porsche as a unique automotive brand. Adler's engaging text is accompanied throughout by rare images from Porsche's historic archive as well as stunning contemporary photos of all the great cars including 356 Carerra, 550 Speedster, 911S, 912, 930 Turbo, 914/6 as well as key racers like the 906, 908, and 935.