International Conflict and Cyberspace Superiority

Author: William D. Bryant
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317420373
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book examines cyberspace superiority in nation-state conflict from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. This volume analyses superiority concepts from the domains of land, maritime, and air to build a model that can be applied to cyberspace. Eight different cyberspace conflicts between nation states are examined and the resulting analysis is combined with theoretical concepts to present the reader with a conclusion. Case studies include the conflict between Russia and Estonia (2007), North Korea and the US and South Korea (2009) and Saudi Arabia and Iran in the Aramco attack (2012). The book uses these case studies to examine cyberspace superiority as an analytical framework to understand conflict in this domain between nation-states. Furthermore, the book makes the important distinction between local and universal domain superiority, and presents a unique model to relate this superiority in all domains, as well as a more detailed model of local superiority in cyberspace. Through examining the eight case studies, the book develops a rigorous system to measure the amount of cyberspace superiority achieved by a combatant in a conflict, and seeks to reveal if cyberspace superiority proves to be a significant advantage for military operations at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. This book will be of much interest to students of cyber-conflict, strategic studies, national security, foreign policy and IR in general.

Practical Airport Operations Safety and Emergency Management

Author: Jeffrey Price
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 0128006013
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Practical Airport Operations, Safety, and Emergency Management: Protocols for Today and the Future focuses on the airport itself, not the aircraft, manufacturers, designers, or even the pilots. The book explores the safety of what's been called ‘the most expensive piece of pavement in any city’— the facility that operates, maintains, and ensures the safety of millions of air passengers every year. The book is organized into three helpful sections, each focusing on one of the sectors described in the title. Section One: Airport Safety, explores the airport environment, then delves into safety management systems. Section Two: Airport Operations, continues the conversation on safety management systems before outlining airside and landside operations in depth, while Section Three: Airport Emergency Management, is a careful, detailed exploration of the topic, ending with a chapter on the operational challenges airport operations managers can expect to face in the future. Written by trusted experts in the field, users will find this book to be a vital resource that provides airport operations managers and students with the information, protocols, and strategies they need to meet the unique challenges associated with running an airport. Addresses the four areas of airport management: safety, operations, emergency management, and future challenges together in one book Written by leading professionals in the field with extensive training, teaching, and practical experience in airport operations Includes section on future challenges, including spaceport, unmanned aerial vehicles, and integrated incident command Ancillary materials for readers to reinforce concepts and instructors teaching operations courses Focuses on the topics of safety, operations, emergency management, and what personnel and students studying the topic can expect to face in the future

Managing Nothing

Author: Sudhir Varadarajan
Publisher: Authorsupfront Publishing Services P L
ISBN: 9384439495
Format: PDF
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The Indian IT industry, which has grown at a phenomenal rate since 1991, today finds itself on the brink of a potentially painful transition to deliver more value and innovation. Managing Nothing throws new light on the challenge of innovation that has dogged the industry for over two decades. Drawing upon two decades of action research experience in two leading Indian IT firms, the author, through a narrative-reflexive inquiry, argues that the current crisis is not because leaders lacked foresight or business acumen. Instead, it is the limitation of mainstream managerial thought in dealing with the complexity of human interaction in global IT service networks that has reduced the pursuit of higher level capabilities such as consulting, service design and innovation to nothing. To help correct the situation, the book makes a startlingly obvious yet counter-intuitive suggestion: it exhorts managers and employees to pay attention to the small differences that emerge in ordinary day-to-day workplace interactions among people, i.e., the micro-politics of everyday work.

Practical Military Ordnance Identification

Author: Thomas Gersbeck
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439850585
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The threat variables associated with military ordnance are enormous, requiring the application of a structured process to identify unknown munitions. The focus of Practical Military Ordnance Identification is the application of a practical deductive process to identify unknown ordnance items that are commonly recovered outside military control. The author supplies a seven-step procedure to identify unknown munitions by their category, group, and type. Detailed logic trees help users narrow down the possibilities in order to accurately identify ordnance. The book covers the safety precautions associated with each category and group of ordnance. It describes many ordnance construction characteristics and explains the fundamentals of military ordnance fuzing. Appendices define terms and supply abbreviations and acronyms used to describe military ordnances. For any queries please contact the author at [email protected]

Fabricating the Frank Gehry Legacy

Author: Rick Smith
ISBN: 9780998609829
Format: PDF, Docs
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COLOR and KINDLE EDITIONS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE Much has been written about the Architect Frank Gehry and his artistic experimental architecture, but not much has been written about the implementation of the process, software and computers in his office that made it all happen. The latter has been vague because there is an inside story that has never been told. This book is that untold story, written in great detail by the person who brought technology from the Aerospace Industry to Frank's office, and which disrupted the Architectural world. Frank Gehry and his office became famous for the technology that enabled him to design and construct his buildings. His office has been recognized as the first architectural firm in the world to successfully innovate and implement 3D computer modeling as the building's legal documentation and establishing a new collaborative process for design through construction. Frank Gehry's architecture and fame would not have been realized without it, and his office would eventually become recognized as a leader for it. An interesting aspect to this story is that all of this transpired within Frank's office even though no one had ever used a computer before and he and his staff were aggressively and openly against the implementation of computer technology for a number of years. In the beginning, the technology that disrupted and revolutionized the office of Frank O. Gehry & Associates was actually coerced upon Frank and his staff by one of his clients, the Walt Disney Concert Hall Corporation. Frank and his architects were highly trained at prestigious universities in the traditional methods of drafting with pencils on paper. Rick Smith was introduced into Frank's office by the Walt Disney Concert Hall Corporation's management to implement technology from the Aerospace Industry, to assure the success of the concert hall's design and construction process. Frank's office fought against its introduction. Frank was afraid he would lose control of his design process, and his staff was afraid it would make them and their drafting skills become obsolete. Because of this mindset, Frank's office struggled to understand it and they worked to obstruct its progress, while Rick worked towards trying to prove the technology's capabilities, project by project. In the end, when the office finally embraced the technology as their future, there was an internal office storm that brought chaos and a tempest that was damaging and led to to almost 20% in cost overruns on the concert hall, and great financial loss for Frank Gehry. This book is the story that has never been told which is completely different from the stories that have been portrayed and published in the press over the years. It's the story of Fabricating the Frank Gehry Legacy.

The Insurance Law Journal

Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Issues for 1939-Sept. 30, 1943 contain advance digest for full-text decisions currently reported in the CCH Insurance law reporting service.

Tracking Ancient Legends

Author: Alan Dale Daniel
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1483682307
Format: PDF
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Can we logically combine recent research on human origins with ancient legends of floods, paradise lost, and cloud clad gods destroying civilizations? Yes, says author Alan Daniel, who has thoughtfully joined key primordial legends with mitochondrial DNA research, archeological and anthropological finds, and geological evidence in Tracking Ancient Legends. DNA evidence shows a small band of humans crossed out of Africa into Eurasia about 100,000 BC; however, why is lost to the primordial mists. But the why may be answered by primeval legends overlooked until now. The author theorizes that prehistoric legends may explain the flight from Africa. The model set forth is fascinating, as well as epic in scope. Competing theories are examined, including the ancient astronaut concepts, and the foundations of theory itself. Are aliens from other worlds the source of our legends, or is something much more earthly and surprising the groundwork of our legendary past?