Pranic Pregnant and Petrified

Author: Karen Ranney
ISBN: 1537836293
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The witches have almost gotten to the point of claiming Marcie Montgomery, at least since the Witch Test. If Janet Travis has anything to do with it, however, Marcie would be banished to the next universe before being publicly acknowledged as a Super Duper Witch. Marcie doesn’t care about Janet’s antipathy; she has other things to worry about. Mike is dying and she thinks she’s the only one who can save him. Opie reveals herself to an unlikely ally. Dan’s assistant turns out to be a redhead with a body made for fooling around, and Marcie’s things are disappearing. Plus, she’s developing odd powers. She can view things remotely, control vortexes, and “feel” Dan. A good thing, too, because he’s disappeared. Just when Marcie was ready to tell him “the” secret, he ups and vanishes. What’s a goddess to do? Well, fight the vampires, the Brethren, and anyone else who thinks they’re going to hide Dan away. That includes Dan’s mother who has kept a secret all this time. So has Dan. He isn’t quite human. In fact, he’s the one thing she never considered. Oh, dear, how will that affect the baby she’s carrying?

Man s Eternal Quest Greek

Author: Paramahansa Yogananda
Publisher: Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers
ISBN: 9780876125922
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"For all who have ever sought to understand the enigmas of life, for those who have held within their hearts an uncertain hope about the reality of God, and for seekers who have already turned toward the Supreme in their quest, this anthology of talks by the author of Autobiography of a Yogi offers illuminating insights and encouragement. In its pages, Paramahansa Yogananda explores little-known and rarely explained aspects of such subjects as meditation, life after death, health and healing, the unlimited powers of the human mind, the equality of man and woman, and the interrelatedness of all life. Topics include: * Making Religion Scientific * Will Jesus Reincarnate? * Three Paths to Cosmic Consciousness * The Dream Nature of the World"

William Shakespeare I Trikimia

Author: William Shakespeare
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781545165560
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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I "Trikim�a" theor�tai to telefta�o �rgo pou sin�grapse o meg�los dramatourg�s, metax� 1610 kai 1611, kai �na ap� ta pl�on simantik� tou. I dr�si tou topothet�tai se �na makrin� nis�, �pou o Pr�speros, n�mimos Do�kas tou Mil�nou, skhedi�zi na epanaph�ri tin k�ri tou Mir�nta sti dikaiomatik� tis th�si. Yia na to epit�khi aft�, tha k�ni khr�si tis may�as kai epid�xion khirism�n. O Pr�speros tha dimioury�si mia trikim�a (se aft�n oph�li to �rgo ton t�tlo tou), �ste na paras�ri sto nis� ton spheterist� adelph� tou Ant�nio kai ton sinerg� tou, vasili� Al�nzo tis N�polis. �tan singentrotho�n ek�, i doloplok�es tou Pr�sperou tha �khoun os apot�lesma tin apok�lipsi tis mokhthir�s ph�sis tou Ant�nio, tin epan�rthosi ek m�rous tou Vasili� kai to g�mo tis Mir�ntas me ton yio tou Al�nzo, ton Pherdin�ndo.