Precedent in the United States Supreme Court

Author: Christopher J. Peters
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400779518
Format: PDF
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This volume presents a variety of both normative and descriptive perspectives on the use of precedent by the United States Supreme Court. It brings together a diverse group of American legal scholars, some of whom have been influenced by the Segal/Spaeth "attitudinal" model and some of whom have not. The group of contributors includes legal theorists and empiricists, constitutional lawyers and legal generalists, leading authorities and up-and-coming scholars. The book addresses questions such as how the Court establishes durable precedent, how the Court decides to overrule precedent, the effects of precedent on case selection, the scope of constitutional precedent, the influence of concurrences and dissents, and the normative foundations of constitutional precedent. Most of these questions have been addressed by the Court itself only obliquely, if at all. The volume will be valuable to readers both in the United States and abroad, particularly in light of ongoing debates over the role of precedent in civil-law nations and emerging legal systems.

Affirmative Action Policies and Judicial Review Worldwide

Author: George Gerapetritis
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 331922395X
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book discusses affirmative action or positive discrimination, defined as measures awarding privileges to certain groups that have historically suffered discrimination or have been underrepresented in specific social sectors. The book’s underlying rationale is that one cannot place at the same starting point people who have been treated differently in the past because in this way one merely perpetuates a state of difference and, in turn, social gaps are exaggerated and social cohesion is endangered. Starting out with an introduction on the meaning and typology of affirmative action policies, the book goes on to emphasise the interaction of affirmative action with traditional values of liberal state, such as equality, meritocracy, democracy, justice, liberalism and socialism. It reveals the affirmative action goals from a legal and sociological point of view, examining the remedial, cultural, societal, pedagogical and economy purposes of such action. After applying an institutional narrative of the implementation of affirmative action worldwide, the book explains the jurisprudence on the issue through syntheses and antitheses of structural and material variables, such as the institutional recognition of the policies, the domains of their implementation and their beneficiaries. The book eventually makes an analytical impact assessment following the implementation of affirmative action plans and the judicial response, especially in relation to the conventional human rights doctrine, by establishing a liaison between affirmative action and social and group rights.. The book applies a multi-disciplinary and comparative methodology in order to assess the ethical standing of affirmative action policies, the public interests involved and their effectiveness towards actual equality. In the light of the above analysis, the monograph explains the arguments considering affirmative action as a theology for substantive equality and the arguments treating this policy as anathema for liberalism. A universal discussion currently at its peak.

Comparative Law for Spanish English Speaking Lawyers

Author: S.I. Strong
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1849807876
Format: PDF, Docs
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Comparative Law for Spanish–English Speaking Lawyers provides practitioners and students of law, in a variety of English- and Spanish- speaking countries, with the information and skills needed to successfully undertake competent comparative legal research and communicate with local counsel and clients in a second language. Written with the purpose of helping lawyers develop the practical skills essential for success in today’s increasingly international legal market, this book aims to arm its readers with the tools needed to translate unfamiliar legal terms and contextualize the legal concepts and practices used in foreign legal systems. Comparative Law for Spanish–English Speaking Lawyers / Derecho comparado para abogados anglo- e hispanoparlantes, escrita en inglés y español, persigue potenciar las habilidades lingüísticas y los conocimientos de derecho comparado de sus lectores. Con este propósito, términos y conceptos jurídicos esenciales son explicados al hilo del análisis riguroso y transversal de selectas jurisdicciones hispano- y angloparlantes. El libro pretende con ello que abogados, estudiantes de derecho y traductores puedan trabajar en una segunda lengua con solvencia y consciencia de las diferencias jurídicas y culturales que afectan a las relaciones con abogados y clientes extranjeros. La obra se complementa con ejercicios individuales y en grupo que permiten a los lectores reflexionar sobre estas divergencias.

Grundrechtsentfaltung im Gesetz

Author: Matthias Jestaedt
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 9783161472824
Format: PDF
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English summary: Due to the implementation of fundamental rights based on the decisions of the German Federal Constitutional Court and the dogmatics of fundamental rights which accompanies this, the issue of fundamental rights has gained enormous importance. However the drawback to this development is that in this process statutory laws are losing their importance. All present attempts to preserve the law's independence or to safeguard the role of the lawmaker in relation to the Federal Constitutional Court have suffered from the fact that their approach was solely dogmatic, or at best theoretical. However the enormous 'growth of fundamental rights' is in almost all elements not only and not alone the result of the dogmatics of fundamental rights, it is also caused in the main by the choice of the theoretical and the methodological framework as it pertains to fundamental rights. German description: Durch die Handhabung der Grundrechte in der Judikatur des Bundesverfassungsgerichts und die sie begleitende Grundrechtsdogmatik haben Grundrechte betrachtlich an Bedeutung gewonnen. Kehrseite dieser Entwicklung ist jedoch ein Bedeutungsverlust des Gesetzesrechts. Die derzeitigen Versuche, dem Gesetz seine Selbstandigkeit zu erhalten und damit die Rolle des Gesetzgebers gegenuber dem Bundesverfassungsgericht zu sichern, setzen auf Kurskorrektur mit den Mitteln der Grundrechtsdogmatik oder Grundrechtstheorie. Dies betrifft sowohl die Deutung der Grundrechte als Rahmenrecht oder als Wertordnung als auch die Sicht der Grundrechte als 'Regeln' und 'Prinzipien'. Das immense 'Grundrechtswachstum' ist indes nicht erst und schon gar nicht allein Folge grundrechtsdogmatischer Konstruktion, sondern ganz wesentlich bedingt durch die Wahl des rechtstheoretischen sowie methodologischen Rahmens.Hier hat somit auch die Remedur anzusetzen: Die Bedingung der Durchsetzungsmachtigkeit der Grundrechte ist deren Vorrang vor allem sonstigen, unterverfassungsgesetzlichen Recht. Der Vorrang aber setzt voraus, dass die Rechtsebenen - namentlich Verfassungsnorm und Gesetzesnorm - strikt auseinandergehalten werden. Genau dies aber gelingt auf der Grundlage heutiger Grundrechtsauslegung nur unzureichend. Denn zum einen wird die Stufung sowie die Arbeitsteilung im Rechtserzeugungsprozess nicht reflektiert. Zum anderen werden die Rechts erkenntnis anteile von den Recht setzungs anteilen bei der Anwendung von (Grund-)Rechtsnormen nicht geschieden.

US Rechtspraxis

Author: Kirk W. Junker
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3899498100
Format: PDF, ePub
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Das Handbuch Amerikanische Rechtspraxis wendet sich in erster Linie an deutsche Anwälte, die mit dem amerikanischen oder englischen Recht in der Praxis in Berührung kommen, kann aber auch von international tätigen Unternehmen mit Gewinn genutzt werden. Thematisch umfaßt die Darstellung vor allem die Bereiche Zivilprozessrecht, Strafprozessrecht, Vertragsrecht, enthält zusätzlich Formulierungsmuster und Musterverträge sowie zahlreiche Praxistipps.