Predictive Health

Author: Kenneth L. Brigham
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0465032990
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Our health care system is crippled by desperate efforts to prevent the inevitable. A third of the national Medicare budget—nearly 175 billion—is spent on the final year of life, and a third of that amount on the final month, often on expensive (and futile) treatments. Such efforts betray a fundamental flaw in how we think about healthcare: we squander resources on hopeless situations, instead of using them to actually improve health. In Predictive Health, distinguished doctors Kenneth Brigham and Michael M.E. Johns propose a solution: invest earlier—and use science and technology to make healthcare more available and affordable. Every child would begin life with a post-natal genetic screen, when potential risk—say for type II diabetes or heart disease—would be found. More data on biology, behavior, and environment would be captured throughout her life. Using this information, health-care workers and the people they care for could forge personal strategies for healthier living long before a small glitch blows up into major disease. This real health care wouldn’t just replace much of modern disease care—it would make it obsolete. The result, according to Brigham and Johns, will be a life defined by a long stay at top physical and mental form, rather than an early peak and long decline. Accomplishing this goal will require new tools, new clinics, fewer doctors and more mentors, smarter companies, and engaged patients. In short, it will require a revolution. Thanks to a decade-long collaboration between Brigham, Johns and others, it is already underway. An optimistic plan for reducing or eliminating many chronic diseases as well as reforming our faltering medical system, Predictive Health is a deeply knowledgeable, deeply humane proposal for how we can reallocate expenses and resources to prolong the best years of life, rather than extending the worst.

Systems Analysis of Human Multigene Disorders

Author: Natalia Maltsev
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461487781
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Understanding the genetic architecture underlying complex multigene disorders is one of the major goals of human genetics in the upcoming decades. Advances in whole genome sequencing and the success of high throughput functional genomics allow supplementing conventional reductionist biology with systems-level approaches to human heredity and health as systems of interacting genetic, epigenetic, and environmental factors. This integrative approach holds the promise of unveiling yet unexplored levels of molecular organization and biological complexity. It may also hold the key to deciphering the multigene patterns of disease inheritance.

FDA in the Twenty First Century

Author: Holly Fernandez Lynch
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231540078
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In its decades-long effort to assure the safety, efficacy, and security of medicines and other products, the Food and Drug Administration has struggled with issues of funding, proper associations with industry, and the balance between consumer choice and consumer protection. Today, these challenges are compounded by the pressures of globalization, the introduction of novel technologies, and fast-evolving threats to public health. With essays by leading scholars and government and private-industry experts, FDA in the Twenty-First Century addresses perennial and new problems and the improvements the agency can make to better serve the public good. The collection features essays on effective regulation in an era of globalization, consumer empowerment, and comparative effectiveness, as well as questions of data transparency, conflicts of interest, industry responsibility, and innovation policy, all with an emphasis on pharmaceuticals. The book also intervenes in the debate over off-label drug marketing and the proper role of the FDA before and after a drug goes on the market. Dealing honestly and thoroughly with the FDA's successes and failures, these essays rethink the structure, function, and future of the agency and the effect policy innovations may have on regulatory institutions abroad.


Author: Ken Brigham; Neil Shulman
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1491844787
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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There was no obvious explanation for the Prime Minister of Israel and a high level Hamas official to be sitting together like old friends in a small medieval hill town north of Venice, Italy. The head epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control suspected that their brains were infected by a virus. The abnormal brain scans of four unconnected people suggested that a new disease was causing unexpected fits of empathy. The CIA feared that it might be germ warfare. How did it happen: serendipity, coincidence, biological mutation...or divine intervention? A group of unlikely witnesses gathered on that fateful day in Asolo, Italy. Among them was a New York psychiatrist obsessed with the study of Israeli-Palestinian relationships, whose life was in danger, and his wife who was finding her sins exposed with intolerable clarity. Present also was an Atlanta rabbi leading a fledgling international news network that broadcast only “the good news” about Israeli-Palestinian relationships. And there was A Luce, the messenger who had pulled the strings to make the meeting happen. They were all there at the magical moment of the signing of The Asolo Accords. There was no obvious explanation for how this unique situation came about. God only knows.....

Practical Predictive Analytics and Decisioning Systems for Medicine

Author: Linda Miner
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 012411640X
Format: PDF, Docs
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With the advent of electronic medical records years ago and the increasing capabilities of computers, our healthcare systems are sitting on growing mountains of data. Not only does the data grow from patient volume but the type of data we store is also growing exponentially. Practical Predictive Analytics and Decisioning Systems for Medicine provides research tools to analyze these large amounts of data and addresses some of the most pressing issues and challenges where data integrity is compromised: patient safety, patient communication, and patient information. Through the use of predictive analytic models and applications, this book is an invaluable resource to predict more accurate outcomes to help improve quality care in the healthcare and medical industries in the most cost–efficient manner. Practical Predictive Analytics and Decisioning Systems for Medicine provides the basics of predictive analytics for those new to the area and focuses on general philosophy and activities in the healthcare and medical system. It explains why predictive models are important, and how they can be applied to the predictive analysis process in order to solve real industry problems. Researchers need this valuable resource to improve data analysis skills and make more accurate and cost-effective decisions. Includes models and applications of predictive analytics why they are important and how they can be used in healthcare and medical research Provides real world step-by-step tutorials to help beginners understand how the predictive analytic processes works and to successfully do the computations Demonstrates methods to help sort through data to make better observations and allow you to make better predictions