Author: Don Finto
ISBN: 9780986108808
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The future of this planet has never looked bleaker or brighter. From the rise of terrorism to crashing economies to unparalleled upheavals in nature to global wars and rumors of war, the operative word is PREPARE! In this, Don Fintos latest book, he reminds us that God always warns His people before He acts, and He is warning us now. Those who have an ear to hear will hear what He is saying: Get ready! Put your house in order. Im coming any day now! And for those who are listening, it will also be our greatest opportunity to pierce the darkness with His light. Meanwhile, in Gods great love and mercy, He allows wickedness and righteousness to grow together, buying time for unbelievers to repent and for believers to grow stronger in their faith as we face uncertain times. Here we arethe wicked and the righteousmaturing side by side until the harvest at the end of the age. The most evil as well as the most godly of all time, sharing the world stage just prior to Jesus return. This book is all about encouraging believers in Jesus to enter fully into the grandest time ever for the followers of God. Our destiny is to become the most influential, the most powerful, the strongest, the most Holy Spirit-empowered, and the most radiant world community of the righteous who have ever graced our planet in spite of advancing evil, unprecedented in world history. In PREPARE! Finto encourages the saints to take action now: Listen to the right report! Expect harvest! Remember the Passover! Rejoice in suffering! Escape Gods wrath! Watch for the signs! Dont be deceived! Welcome the King! Receive your inheritance! Read the Book! Pray the Word! Wrestle with God for the victory! Call on Jesus! Walk in the Spirit! Live in community! And, if we stay the course, we will finish well!

Prepare for the Harvest

Author: Pamela Christian
ISBN: 9781732769212
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Understanding the past, embracing the present, and expecting the future with the confidence of God's promises for us to overcome evil in this life, through faith in the complete work of Jesus on the Cross.

Embracing the End Time Harvest

Author: Olivia McClure
Publisher: Word Alive Press
ISBN: 148661597X
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Have you ever asked yourself, “What is it like to be an ambassador for Christ?” If you are hungry to discover your God-given assignment, this book is for you. In this book, you will explore: • the life-changing difference between religion and a relationship with Christ. • the vision Jesus shared concerning His church’s mission on earth. • the three levels of spiritual growth. • the difference between law and grace in an effective Christian life. • the benefits of the finished work of Christ. • your full inheritance in Christ. The scriptural truths contained in this book will change your life!

Words of Enlightenment

Author: Henry DuBose
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1387254766
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Body of Christ is experiencing many things that previously we have known only in a limited way. In the past, the Holy Spirit has enlightened our hearts to many precious truths in the Scriptures. Revelation is essential, but alone it is not enough. We must experience that which the Lord has revealed to our hearts.

The New Women s Movement

Author: Susan Gelt-Garcia
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 194650307X
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book is a prophetic message to the women of today. Since Adam and Eve, we have been deceived about who we are as women and who we are to men . Now is the time for reconciliation. God is ready to heal and restore and reconcile us to who He originally intended us to be. We were designed to be powerful and to bring our strength to men, to be the source of life on this planet, we carry the heart of God to men and to all mankind. Instead, of living from this place of power, we have lived lives far below our original design, being oppressed, depressed or undervalued. Women and men have both lived out the consequences determined at the fall of mankind, far from our original designs. These consequences, that we have all accepted, have created a culture of men and women who have lived with conflict and struggle and frustration in their relationships, living out the consequences determined at the Fall of Mankind. The truth He is revealing to us, now, is our healing. This book will help women to: -Live lives of strength, power and hope -Be free from the “need” for a man -Be empowered to function in God's original design -Bring healing, hope and freedom to the men in your life -Single women can find greater peace and purpose in their singleness -Married women can understand and live as “one flesh” with their spouse and release the power of God -Marriages can be restored. No more power struggles, just Power!

God s Purpose for the Fivefold Ministry

Author: Morris Cerullo
Publisher: Morris Cerullo
ISBN: 1932579567
Format: PDF, Docs
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Have you ever wondered about the fivefold ministry, as described in Ephesians 4, and whether or not you have been called to serve in any of those positions? If so, this book will give you detailed information about each of the positions, their purpose, and who should be serving in each position. Some of the topics are: • God's end-time plan for perfecting the saints. • Minstering as a shepherd. • The Church must put an end to sin to restore God's order.

The Funny Fight

Author: Martin Bector
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1403360928
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A Princess of Doubt. Being forced to be an Oneida princess of her father's Turtle Clan, was the worst thing that ever happened to Dancing Star. She was allowed to make no decisions of her own, and being forced to marry her most hated enemy made matters much worse. No one believed what kind of vile warrior this man was, and Dancing Star was beginning to lose all hope until A Paralyzed Existence. Russell Powell had lost everything precious to him, including his ability to walk, by a group of malicious Indian renegades. There was no determination in his heart to continue his desolate life. He loathed all Indians with a burning passion. However, as he encounters the beautiful princess, his burden of emptiness and hatred is magically replaced with a romantic paradise. Being confined to a strange object he calls a "wheelchair", Dancing Star is deeply intrigued by this handsome white man. Russell gives her much contentment and peace, and she is his encouragement. But her duties of being a loyal Oneida princess and Russell's obsession for vengeance threatens to keep them apart forever