Reclaim Your Spiritual Power

Author: Ron Roth
Publisher: Hay House Incorporated
ISBN: 9781561707089
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In Reclaim Your Spiritual Power, Ron Roth helps you understand ways in which you can not only reclaim your spirit, but also keep your spiritual power functioning more consistently. Ron explains the components of empowerment in a way that is deeply spiritual, and also very practical and easy to comprehend. He discusses the role of vision, imagination, motivation, passion, joy, and laughter in your life -- plus much more. Often, Ron is asked where his wisdom comes from, and his answer is simple: "From the writings of Sacred Scriptures, upon which I have meditated daily for 30 years." In this inspirational book, Ron uncovers the mystical power of belief, and tells you how to utilize this secret and other principles to assist you in creating miracles in your own life.

The Price of Spiritual Power

Author: Roberts Liardon
Publisher: Embassy Pub
ISBN: 9781577781295
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Four of Roberts Liardon bestsellers in one volume: 1) Holding to the Word of the Lord will teach you how to hold on to what God has told you and to move forward in victory. 2) The Quest for Spiritual Hunger will point the way to a deeper, more intimate relationship with God and the victory that comes with it. 3) The Price of Spiritual Power will light the path to holiness and spiritual power. 4) Spiritual Timing will insure that you not only do the right thing, but that you do it at the right time, in God's timing, where victory dwells.

The Power of Spiritual Alignment

Author: Frank Damazio
Publisher: City Christian Publishing
ISBN: 9781886849877
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In a master work inspired by seven of Christ's priorities found in Matthew's gospel, Frank Damazio challenges readers who would aspire to be like Jesus and not deviate from His purpose for their lives. Discover what Jesus said we must do if we want to align our experiences with His priorities.

You Are What You Love

Author: James K. A. Smith
Publisher: Brazos Press
ISBN: 1493403664
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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You are what you love. But you might not love what you think. In this book, award-winning author James K. A. Smith shows that who and what we worship fundamentally shape our hearts. And while we desire to shape culture, we are not often aware of how culture shapes us. We might not realize the ways our hearts are being taught to love rival gods instead of the One for whom we were made. Smith helps readers recognize the formative power of culture and the transformative possibilities of Christian practices. He explains that worship is the "imagination station" that incubates our loves and longings so that our cultural endeavors are indexed toward God and his kingdom. This is why the church and worshiping in a local community of believers should be the hub and heart of Christian formation and discipleship. Following the publication of his influential work Desiring the Kingdom, Smith received numerous requests from pastors and leaders for a more accessible version of that book's content. No mere abridgment, this new book draws on years of Smith's popular presentations on the ideas in Desiring the Kingdom to offer a fresh, bottom-up rearticulation. The author creatively uses film, literature, and music illustrations to engage readers and includes new material on marriage, family, youth ministry, and faith and work. He also suggests individual and communal practices for shaping the Christian life.

The Price of Spiritual Power

Author: Roberts Liardon
Publisher: Whitaker House
ISBN: 1629112224
Format: PDF
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Four Favorites in One Volume! If you are serious about moving closer to God and doing what it takes to have a deeper walk with Jesus, here are four Roberts Liardon titles in one volume that will help you to get there! Holding to the Word of the Lord will teach you how to hold on to what God has told you and to move forward in victory. The Quest for Spiritual Hunger will point the way to a deeper, more intimate relationship with God and the victory that comes with it. The Price of Spiritual Power will light the path to holiness and spiritual power. Spiritual Timing will insure that you not only do the right thing, but that you do it at the right time, in God’s timing, where victory dwells. Blessed with a gift of unusually strong preaching, Roberts Liardon has answered a worldwide calling of God, which came to him when he was an eight-year-old boy. Having preached in more than eighty nations around the world, Roberts founded Roberts Liardon Ministries, along with the multifaceted outreaches of Embassy Christian Center, Embassy Ministerial Association, Spirit Life Bible College, and Operation 500. As a best-selling author, Roberts has expanded his ministry to the printed page. His four-dozen-plus books have been translated into over fifty languages and circulated throughout the world.

Your Spiritual Power

Author: Ernest Holmes
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101603887
Format: PDF, ePub
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Ernest Holmes, well known for founding the Church of Religious Science (now called “Centers for Spiritual Living”) and for his magnum opus The Science of Mind, published many smaller papers and treatises throughout his career as an author. Now, for the first time, seven of his best classical works are bound together in a single volume, Your Spiritual Power—including four rare works being published by Tarcher/Penguin for the first time. The works in this amazing collection of motivational writing include: —Immortality: Thoughts on what it truly means to be immortal, and ponderings on what experiences after death may be like. —What Religious Science Teaches: Offering the student of life the best that the world has so far discovered, Holmes shows how the ideas of Religious Science have been developed by Taoism, Hindu scriptures, the Koran, the Talmud, and other great spiritual teachings of the world. —Your invisible Power: Considered by Holmes to be one of his most powerful works, this short book expands on a selection of key topics presented in The Science of Mind, and is illustrated throughout. —Pray and Prosper: An essay discussing Holmes’s understanding of prayer and its relationship to the infinite. Holmes contemplates the meaning of prayer, its objectives, and prayer’s relationship to internal spiritual enlightenment. Additionally, this omnibus will include Holmes’s classic works Think Your Troubles Away, Living Without Fear, and Discover a Richer Life. This beautiful, one-of-a-kind collection—brimming with messages of hope, inspiration, and joy—will be a must-have for students of spirituality and fans of Holmes’s work the world over.

Parenting with Spiritual Power

Author: Julie K. Nelson
Publisher: Cedar Fort
ISBN: 9781462111688
Format: PDF, Kindle
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I wish children came with an instruction manual! How many times have we heard this lament? Julie Nelson examines the lives of mothers and fathers in the scriptures (the best instruction manual) and the parenting principles we can learn from them. Discover powerful parenting examples and suggestions for personal application in this essential book.

The Laws of the Spirit World

Author: Khorshed Bhavnagri
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
ISBN: 817992985X
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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WITH A BRAND NEW LOOK! ON FEBRUARY 22, 1980, KHORSHED AND RUMI BHAVNAGRI’S WORLD WAS SHATTERED. ONE MONTH LATER, A NEW ONE OPENED. Khorshed and Rumi Bhavnagri lost their sons, Vispi and Ratoo, in a tragic car crash. With both their sons gone, the couple felt they would not survive for long. They had lost all faith in God until a miraculous message from the Spirit World gave them hope and sent them on an incredible journey.

The Holy Spirit

Author: Susan Rohrer
ISBN: 9781475176629
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Are you ready to venture into the waters of the Holy Spirit?Let's be honest. Tapping into the extraordinary power of God may seem scary. It may even sound kind of kooky or off-base. Still, you may long to deepen your experience with God. You may be asking:· What happened to the power Jesus promised to believers?· Why has the Holy Spirit become such a taboo subject? · Are modern miracles of biblical proportions still happening?· How can I access the extraordinary power of God?· Does the Holy Spirit have spiritual gifts for me? If so, which ones?THE HOLY SPIRIT: Amazing Power for Everyday People is a step-by-step guide for how to grow in dynamic relationship with the Holy Spirit. It explores how even the most ordinary believer can experience the miracle-working power of God in everyday life. This scripturally-referenced "how to" book with workbook-style applications is ideal for individual or group Bible study, geared at building an accessible, scriptural foundation for the Person and supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. Tackling tough questions with straight answers, this book tracks an everyday believer's journey into what may be Christianity's best-kept secret. It dives deep into the often-marginalized mysteries of the Holy Spirit, mingling scriptural examples with numerous contemporary anecdotes of the amazing power of God in the lives of everyday believers. CHAPTER HEADINGS: 1. Father, Son, and Holy Who? 2. Why I Hadn't Heard This in a Thousand Sermons 3. The Holy Spirit for Newbies 4. Sensing the Spirit without Getting Weird 5. Getting Our Feet Wet in God's Powerful River 6. Going Deeper without Going over the Deep End 7. Passing the Spirit's Torch to You 8. Would God Really Give Power Tools to Children? 9. The Word of Wisdom 10. The Word of Knowledge 11. The Gift of Faith 12. Gifts of Healing 13. Effecting of Miracles 14. Distinguishing of Spirits 15. Various Kinds of Tongues 16. Interpretation of Tongues 17. Prophecy 18. Prophetic Visions 19. Prophetic Dreams 20. Hearing Aids for All God's Sheep FIRST SENTENCE: Ever wonder what you're not hearing about the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit? Click above to start reading 'The Holy Spirit: Amazing Power for Everyday People' on your Kindle today!ADDITIONAL PRODUCT DETAILS: Genre: Nonfiction Christian Inspirational / Bible Study / Theology of the Holy SpiritAuthor Photo: Jean-Louis Darville (used with permission)Topics Included: The Holy Spirit, Modern Miracles, Supernatural Power, Spiritual Gifts, Divine Healing, Spirit-led Teaching and Prayer, Inspirational True Stories, Hearing God's Voice, Christian Living, Lay Ministry, Charismatic Renewal, Worship & DevotionAlso by Susan Rohrer: IS GOD SAYING HE'S THE ONE? Hearing from Heaven about That Man in Your Life