Proactive Purchasing in the Supply Chain The Key to World Class Procurement

Author: David Burt
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071770623
Format: PDF, ePub
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Transform purchasing operations from reactive to proactive supply management Written for purchasing managers, Proactive Purchasing in the Supply Chain reveals how to use the latest and best procurement practices to help your organization maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of its supply chain. The ability of purchasing to dramatically increase return on investment, reduce costs, improve quality, and shorten time to market is highlighted throughout this practical guide. Essential topics such as legal issues, green purchasing, negotiation, ethics, price-cost analysis, production-inventory control, purchasing risk management, sourcing, and demand-logistics management are addressed. Real-world case studies in each chapter demonstrate the strategies presented in the book. A detailed planning model for implementing these world-class procurement methods is also contained in this definitive resource. The authors combine extensive industry, educational, research, and consulting experience to cover topics such as: The latest "best-in-class" purchasing methods, tools, procedures, and systems Price-cost analyses and how to fight price increases How to organize the purchasing department to achieve maximum value added in the supply chain Green purchasing Purchasing risk management programs and procedures How to separate strategic from tactical buying Step-by-step checklists for major purchasing functions How to overcome obstacles Forecasting methods for demand management How to transform the purchasing department from a cost center to a value-added operation Social responsibility and ethical issues Planning steps and basic management skills Preparation for relevant certification programs

World Class Supply Management

Author: David N. Burt
ISBN: 9780071124386
Format: PDF
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Presents a practical framework for students to apply how firms actually manage the enterprise-wide functions of purchasing and supply in business environment. This edition explains purchasing and supply management in the context of the supply chain. It aims to reflect the realities of purchasing and supply management in the digital age.

Purchasing Advantage Running a World Class Purchasing Organization

Author: Omid Ghamami
ISBN: 9780557590070
Format: PDF, ePub
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If you want purchasing theory, research, or pie-in-the-sky supply chain concepts that leave you wondering what to do differently when you get back to your desk, this book isn't for you. If you want antiquated psychological leverage techniques that force suppliers to agree to your one sided demands - popularized by some of the biggest names in negotiation training - this book also isn't for you. Packed with process steps, templates, & best practices that have been painstakingly gathered over 20 years, you will know *exactly* what to do differently when you get back to your desk. Key focus areas include TCO analysis, win-win negotiations, sourcing models, complex negotiation pitfalls, key elements of purchasing contract law, and the process of preparing for & holding negotiations that crack cases. You could spend 20 years trying to gather this information yourself, or you can make these world class strategies a part of your arsenal right now by ordering a copy of this internationally acclaimed book.

The Procurement and Supply Manager s Desk Reference

Author: Fred Sollish
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118238494
Format: PDF, Docs
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Every supply manager's essential desktop tool with in-depth, authoritative coverage of each topic Leaving no stone unturned in covering all aspects of the procurement and sourcing functions, The Procurement and Supply Manager's Desk Reference, Second Edition is filled with everything every organization needs to know about the key roles and responsibilities of a procurement professional. Presented logically to match the flow of the procurement and sourcing functions, the book is filled with practical aids such as step-by-step guides to each segment of the process, as well as checklists and customizable forms. The new edition of this essential book provides an easy-to-use road map for the procurement and supply manager in the new millennium. Coverage on how to select suppliers and measure performance Reveals the easiest way to drive continuous improvement in the supply base Features tips on providing value to the organization Helps you identify those strategies that will work best for your business for years to come Written for the worldwide profession of procurement and supply management, The Procurement and Supply Manager's Desk Reference, Second Edition offers detailed coverage and tips with an eye toward incorporating proactive strategies and best practices.

Common Sense Purchasing

Author: Tom DePaoli
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781594572500
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Common Sense Purchasing reveals the real life lessons learned from a purchasing professional who has seen every purchasing job level from junior buyer to vice president. Purchasing is the art of relationships and trust building that requires deft handling. Dr. Tom DePaoli has led numerous efforts to reengineer purchasing and has successfully negotiated international supply agreements. He provides poignant insights into what really works in purchasing and separates the theory that doesn't work from the practical aspects that were very successful in his career. Dr. Tom uses many of his original sayings and hard knock lessons to help purchasing professionals get it right.

Developing Tailored Supply Strategies

Author: Nancy Y. Moore
Publisher: Rand Corporation
ISBN: 0833041207
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Purchased goods and services are an increasingly large proportion of public and private enterprise budgets. Historically, purchased goods and services have accounted for less than a third of an enterprise's budget, but today many enterprises spend more than two-thirds of their budgets on purchased goods and services. Similarly, the Air Force and the Department of Defense (DoD) spend nearly half their budgets for purchased goods and services and an additional sixth on weapon procurement (with only a third going to military and civilian personnel costs). (See pp. 1-6.) Because of the growing importance of purchasing, many enterprises have sought to develop supply strategies for their purchased goods and services. This monograph is intended as a resource for procurement personnel developing supply strategies for the Air Force or DoD. It does not analyze current military procurement practices but rather synthesizes academic, business, and professional literature on developing and applying supply strategies. Its core is a synthesis of nearly a dozen different processes found in the literature.

A Purchasing Manager s Guide to Strategic Proactive Procurement

Author: David N. Burt
Publisher: Amacom Books
ISBN: 9780814402887
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Details the latest innovations in purchasing and supply management, and the trend in purchasing departments from reactive to proactive status. Case studies show how to add value at the four key stages, how to determine what to buy, and how to integrate the purchasing function with TQM. Contains numerous appendices on methods of contract pricing and cost estimation, design of experiments, and two survey/questionnaires. For purchasing and supply professionals. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Procurement Value Proposition

Author: Gerard Chick
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 0749471204
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Businesses are going through rapid external and internal organisational changes due to an increased focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility, technological advances, geo-political and macro-economic change, and demographic shifts. If purchasing and supply chain managers are to embrace these challenges they must develop new ways of thinking about supply structures and processes as well as new skills and competencies. The Procurement Value Proposition examines these important changes that will have a profound effect on the way future procurement is carried out. It considers the implications of global economic transformation for procurement set against: changes in business contexts, purchasing strategies, organisational structure, roles and responsibilities, system development and skills required to work in the profession. In this book, Gerard Chick and Robert Handfield discuss the value proposition offered by contemporary procurement to the sustainability and development of business. They examine how organizations that position procurement as a core business function will be able to drive a more competitive lever for change, and more readily adapt to the forces driving rapid change in the current global environment. The Procurement Value Proposition features case studies of companies that are moving through procurement transformation in a continual phase of movement and adaption to the multitude of shifts that are occurring. It features input, observations and case studies from CPO's, Commercial Directors, other Procurement and business leaders. The book considers a variety of geographical contexts and highlights differences between the US, the UK and China.