The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Spanish Films

Author: Salvador Jimenez Murguía
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442271337
Format: PDF, Docs
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Under the Franco regime (1939-1976), films produced in Spain were of poor quality, promoted the regime’s agenda, or were heavily censored. After the dictator’s death, the Spanish film industry transitioned into a new era, one in which artists were able to more freely express themselves and tackle subjects that had been previously stifled. Today, films produced in Spain are among the most highly regarded in world cinema. The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Spanish Films features nearly 300 entries on the written by a host of international scholars and film critics. Beginning with movies released after Franco’s death, this volume documents four decades of films, directors, actresses and actors of Spanish cinema. Offering a comprehensive survey of films, the entries address such topics as art, culture, society and politics. Each includes comprehensive production details and provides brief suggestions for further reading. Through its examination of the films of the post-Franco period, this volume offers readers valuable insights into Spanish history, politics, and culture. An indispensable guide to one of the great world cinemas, The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Spanish Films will be of interest to students, academics, and the general public alike.

A Companion to Spanish Cinema

Author: Jo Labanyi
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119170133
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A Companion to Spanish Cinema is a bold collection of newly commissioned essays written by top international scholars that thoroughly interrogates Spanish cinema from a variety of thematic, theoretical and historic perspectives. Presents an insightful and provocative collection of newly commissioned essays and original research by top international scholars from a variety of theoretical, disciplinary and geographical perspectives Offers a systematic historical, thematic, and theoretical approach to Spanish cinema, unique in the field Combines a thorough and insightful study of a wide spectrum of topics and issues with in–depth textual analysis of specific films Explores Spanish cinema s cultural, artistic, industrial, theoretical and commercial contexts pre– and post–1975 and the notion of a national cinema Canonical directors and stars are examined alongside understudied directors, screenwriters, editors, and secondary actors Presents original research on image and sound; genre; non–fiction film; institutions, audiences and industry; and relations to other media, as well as a theoretically–driven section designed to stimulate innovative research

Demasiado Hetero Para Ser de la Movida Demasiado Queer Para Ser de la Pre Movida Qu Hace Una Chica Como T en Un Sitio Como Este Colomo 1978 Y Pepi Luci Bom Y Otras Chicas Del Mont n Almod var 1980

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Abstract : Las películas que voy a analizar en este artículo, ¿Qué hace una chica como tú en un sitio como este? (Fernando Colomo, 1978) y Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón (Pedro Almodóvar, 1980), presentan varias similitudes, aunque fueron contextualizadas por la crítica de manera diferente. Estrenadas en el mismo período, por su artificialidad ambas tienen una estética reconocible como 'camp' y tienen como tema central el descubrimiento de 'La Movida' por parte de mujeres de cuarenta años víctimas de la sociedad patriarcal franquista, de la mano de jóvenes participantes del nuevo movimiento. ¿Por qué y qué es lo que hace que dos performances excesivas, que parecen sospechosamente tan familiares, sean contextualizadas de manera tan diferente? Argumentaré que la diferencia en la percepción temporal se basa en las estrategias estéticas que usa cada director al colocar a La Movida en el espacio temporal y ficcional. Los directores difieren en las emociones a las que apelan (el miedo y la alegría), en la estética (el trash, el esperpento, las fantasías que emergen en el género pornográfico y el de horror) y por último en las representaciones de género entre el camp y la identidad queer . The two films I analyse in this article, ¿Qué hace una chica como tú en un sitio como este? (Fernando Colomo, 1978) and Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón (Pedro Almodóvar, 1980) present a number of similarities but have been contextualized by critics in a very different manner. They were both released around the same time, and as a result of their artificiality both share an aesthetic recognizable as 'camp' and have as central theme the discovery of the Spanish Movida by women in their forties, victims of the Francoist patriarchal society, through young men who participate in the Movement. What makes these two excessive performances, which look so suspiciously similar, to be contextualized so differently? I will argue that the difference in the temporal contextualization resides in the aesthetic strategies that each director uses when localizing the Movida in a temporal and fictional space. The directors differ in the emotions to which they appeal (fear and joy), their aesthetic (trash, grotesque, the fantasies that emerge from horror and pornographic genres) and in the representations of gender, between camp and queer identity. This produces dissociation between the films, despite their similarities.

El club social de las chicas temerarias

Author: Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 9781429909761
Format: PDF, ePub
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Spanish Language Edition of The Dirty Girls Social Club A vibrant, can't-put-it-down novel of six friends--each one an unforgettable Latina woman in her late '20s--and the complications and triumphs in their lives Inseparable since their days at Boston University almost ten years before, six friends form the Dirty Girls Social Club, a mutual support and (mostly) admiration society that no matter what happens to each of them (and a lot does), meets regularly to dish, dine and compare notes on the bumpy course of life and love. Las sucias are: --Lauren, the resident "caliente" columnist for the local paper, which advertises her work with the line "her casa is su casa, Boston," but whose own home life has recently involved hiding in her boyfriend's closet to catch him in the act --Sara, the perfect wife and mother who always knew exactly the life she wanted and got it, right down to the McMansion in the suburbs and two boisterious boys, but who is paying a hefty price --Amber, the most idealistic and artistic member of the club, who was raised a valley girl without a word of Spanish and whose increasing attachment to her Mexica roots coincides with a major record label's interest in her rock 'n' roll --Elizabeth, the stunning black Latina whose high profile job as a morning television anchor conflicts with her intensely private personal life, which would explain why the dates the other dirty girls set her up on never work out --Rebecca, intense and highly controlled, who flawlessly runs Ella, the magazine she created for Latinas, but who can't explain why she didn't understand the man she married and now doesn't even share a room with; and --Usnavys, irrepressible and larger than life, whose agenda to land the kind of man who can keep her in Manolo Blahniks and platanos almost prevents her seeing true love when it lands in her lap. There's a lot of catching up to do.

El misterio de Mike Spanish Edition

Author: Gertrude Chandler Warner
Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company
ISBN: 0807576123
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A children's classic now available in Spanish. The Aldens are visiting Aunt Jane when a nearby house burns down. Their friend Mike is blamed for starting the fire! Can the Aldens help find the real criminal?SPANISH DESCRIPTIONLos Aldens están visitando a Tía Jane cuando una casa cerca, se quema. El amigo de ellos Mike lo están culpando por el encendio. ¿Puedén los Aldens encontrar al verdadero criminal? Esté juego incluye la versión de la historia en español y inglés.

Spanish Grammar Drills Third Edition

Author: Rogelio Alonso Vallecillos
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 1260116247
Format: PDF
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Get on the Fast Track to Mastering the Spanish Grammar System! Confident use of grammar is an essential foundation for learning Spanish. Spanish Grammar Drills will help you lay this foundation through clear explanations and rigorous practice. Your language skills will be strengthened as you become more fluent in your use of the correct tenses and verb forms. Inside you will find: •More than 200 exercises, covering all aspects of the Spanish grammar system•Numerous examples that demonstrate correct grammar usage •Review exercises to reinforce your understanding •An answer key to give you clear explanations of every concept Spanish Grammar Drills is the bestselling source of practical advance that you can use either in conjunction with a course or as a self-learning tool. You’ll become less intimidated by all aspects of grammar and, instead, more confident in your Spanish writing and speaking skills. Topics include: Reflexive verbs • Infinitives and gerunds • Possessive pronouns • Adverbs of frequency • Imperfecto versus indefinitido • Comparatives and superlatives • and more