Quotes Quirks and Quips

Author: Betty Owen Whitehouse
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1426965745
Format: PDF, ePub
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The keeper of family history, the teller of tales, the collector of treasures, Betty Owen Whitehouse has woven the tapestry of her life with the threads of love, friendship, and the mentorship received from her large family and a multitude of friends, old and new. In Quotes, Quips, and Quirks she shares some of her favorite snippets gathered from a lifelong interest in literary and writing endeavors. Gathered from the women who played a role in the author's life, Quotes, Quips, and Quirks contains an array of uplifting messages: * Thought-provoking mottos * Sage advice passed down through generations * Quirky sayings that have become part of family lore * Humorous quips * Special poems * Oft-repeated proverbs * Favorite scriptures and remarks by well-known women With a blend of humor and inspiration, this collection provides food for thought in an easy-to-read format that can become a treasured keepsake.

Quips Quotes Queries

Author: Sylvia Barrett
Publisher: Teacher Created Resources
ISBN: 074393508X
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"The open-ended activities ... stretch the thinking skills of students and help them learn to think 'outside the box'."--Cover back.

The Designer Says

Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1616892943
Format: PDF, Docs
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Whether musing about the creative process, the merits of failure and criticism, or the challenges of keeping the studio lights on, designers make good, and opinionated, copy. The Designer Says, the follow-up to our best-selling The Architect Says, is a compendium of quotations from more than one hundred of history's leading practitioners. Quotes are paired on page spreads like guests at a dinner party. A designer from the nineteenth century might sit next to one working today or two contemporary designers may strike up a conversation. Listen in as they compliment, provoke, and one-up each other in this lively volume of insights.

Quotes Quips

Author: David K. Hatch
ISBN: 9781883219666
Format: PDF
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A collection of quotes from famous literary works and statements that support the principles set forth in Stephen Covey's The seven habits of highly effective people, which is also quoted.

Abraham Lincoln

Author: Gordon Leidner
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402269137
Format: PDF, Docs
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Nearly 150 years after his death, the enduring legacy of a great president, an American success story, and the celebrated leader of the Civil War continues. Abraham Lincoln: Quotes, Quips, and Speeches is an illuminating and inspirational collection that captures the essence of the sixteenth president-a man revered for his integrity, faith, generosity, eloquence, humor, and determination. A sample of Lincoln's wit and wisdom: On honesty: "You must remember that some things legally right are not morally right." On common sense: "Common-looking people are the best in the world; that is the reason the Lord makes so many of them.:" On character: "A man's character is like a tree and his reputation like its shadow; the shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing." Each of the twelve chapters also include shrewd observations of Lincoln from those who knew him best, including his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, and his greatest political opponent, Stephen A. Douglas. Featuring excerpts from his most famous speeches as well as numerous photos, this timely tribute is the perfect gift for students, scholars, and history buffs everywhere.

Quips Quotes and Savvy Sayings

Author: Phyllis Martin
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595388590
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Fun to read, Quips, Quotes and Savvy Sayings offers a fresh resource for lovers of the language. Phyllis Martin extends the advice about word usage found in Word Watcher's Handbook. Word buffs will find a wealth of techniques and source material for brightening writing, speaking, and even ordinary conversation. The book provides pithy comments and quotations about words, work, and the ways of the world. A special section discusses words derived from the names of people, animals as figures of speech, and clever sayings of children. Last words and epitaphs provide both wit and wisdom. Phyllis Martin's unique personal writing style enlivens the work. Readers will find the particular words, phrases, or illustrations they wish to use by means of the thorough index and then linger to read for entertainment.

1 001 Golf Quips and Quotes

Author: Glenn Liebman
Publisher: Gramercy
ISBN: 9780517220900
Format: PDF, Docs
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An entertaining collection of quips and quotes from famous golfers--past and present--and celebrities, politicians, and sports figures who reveal both their passion and disdain for their favorite pastime. Includes a full index, and is presented by categories from " Advice Column" to " Fuzzy Zoeller."

Humor for a Friend s Heart

Author: Shari MacDonald
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416533761
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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If a cheerful heart can cure like medicine, this collection is an industrial-strength dose of delight. Nudged from the funny bones of such well-known authors as Patsy Clairmont, Barbara Johnson, Brennan Manning, Luci Swindoll, G. Ron Darbee, Martha Bolton, and Phil Callaway, the forty-plus essays in this hilarious collection provide reasons to smile in practically every situation -- from the delivery room to the last laugh. Virtually no target is beyond the pointed pen of these quick-witted observers who celebrate friendship as they discuss dentures, bear suits, male bonding, Jell-O, and fishing. Accompanied by quick-read quips, it's a relaxing and affirming book that men and women of all ages would find laughable -- in the best sense of the word.