Re reading Foucault

Author: Ben Golder
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415673534
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Re-reading Foucault: On Law, Power and Rights is the first collection in English fully to address the relevance of Michel Foucault's thought for law. Foucault is the best known and most cited of the late twentieth-century's 'theory' academics. His work continues to animate a range of different critical work across intellectual disciplines in the arts, humanities and social sciences. There has, however, been relatively little examination of the legal implications and applications of Foucault's work. This book fills that gap, providing an in-depth analysis of Foucault's thought as it pertains to a range of different legal themes, such as: the opposition between 'law' and 'the juridical'; the problem of moral and legal judgment; the historical basis of rights; and the political dimensions (and limitations) of contemporary human rights discourse. Including contributions from acknowledged experts on Foucault's work, as well as pieces by younger scholars, Re-reading Foucault: On Law, Power and Rights will be of considerable interest across a range of disciplines, including law, philosophy, political theory, sociology, social theory and criminology.

Freiheit als Kritik

Author: Karsten Schubert
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 3839443172
Format: PDF, ePub
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Wie können Freiheit und Widerstand innerhalb von Foucaults Theorie der Macht und Subjektivierung konzipiert werden? Karsten Schubert liefert die erste systematische Rekonstruktion der sozialphilosophischen Debatte um Freiheit bei Foucault und eine neue Lösung für das Freiheitsproblem: Freiheit als die Fähigkeit zur reflexiven Kritik der eigenen Subjektivierung - kurz: Freiheit als Kritik - ist das Resultat von freiheitlicher Subjektivierung in politischen Institutionen. Der Band zeigt so die Konsequenzen von Foucaults Freiheitsdenken für die Demokratietheorie und die allgemeine sozialphilosophische Freiheitsdiskussion auf.

Governmentality in EU External Trade and Environment Policy

Author: Jessica Lawrence
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351602632
Format: PDF
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Governmentality and EU External Trade and Environment Policy applies theories drawn from Foucauldian governmentality studies to investigate the ideological and political roots of the European Union (EU)’s external trade and environmental policy and their effects on the transnational legal landscape. The EU’s desire to spread environmental norms abroad is viewed in the book as a significant feature of contemporary EU trade policy. The EU’s activities in this area have not been uncontroversial for other transnational legal actors. States, individuals, and organizations have challenged the EU’s various trade and environment policies, arguing that they are coercive, unfair, over-reaching, or inefficient. Meanwhile, these policies have also raised a number of questions from the perspective of legality and political theory. This book considers what the practice of EU external trade and environment policy, and international resistance to it, tells us about the way the EU perceives the role and limits of transnational government, the means and ends of politics, and the drivers of human and institutional behavior. Jessica Lawrence examines the legal and political discourse of the EU and those affected by its policies. By studying legal cases, statements by officials, legislative texts, press releases, and other representative documents the book identifies the rationalities, technologies, and subjectivities that underlie contemporary EU activity in this area. The overall effect paints a more complicated and nuanced picture of the EU’s vision of itself and its goals; one that ultimately seeks to provide a better understanding of the functioning of power in this area.

The Power of Human Rights The Human Rights of Power

Author: Louiza Odysseos
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 135187019X
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The contributions to this volume eschew the long-held approach of either dismissing human rights as politically compromised or glorifying them as a priori progressive in enabling resistance. Drawing on plural social theoretic and philosophical literatures – and a multiplicity of empirical domains – they illuminate the multi-layered and intricate relationship of human rights and power. They highlight human rights’ incitement of new subjects and modes of political action, marked by an often unnoticed duality and indeterminacy. Epistemologically distancing themselves from purely deductive, theory-driven approaches, the contributors explore these linkages through historically specific rights struggles. This, in turn, substantiates the commitment to avoid reifying the ‘Third World’ as merely the terrain of ‘fieldwork’, proposing it, instead, as a legitimate and necessary site of theorising. This book was originally published as a special issue of Third World Quarterly.

Rereading Heterosexuality

Author: Rachel Carroll
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 074864928X
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Presents new perspectives on representations of female heterosexuality in selected contemporary British and American novels

International Law and Drone Strikes in Pakistan

Author: Sikander Ahmed Shah
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134074344
Format: PDF, ePub
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While conventional warfare has an established body of legal precedence, the legality of drone strikes by the United States in Pakistan and elsewhere remains ambiguous. This book explores the legal and political issues surrounding the use of drones in Pakistan. Drawing from international treaty law, customary international law, and statistical data on the impact of the strikes, Sikander Ahmed Shah asks whether drone strikes by the United States in Pakistan are in compliance with international humanitarian law. The book questions how international law views the giving of consent between States for military action, and explores what this means for the interaction between sovereignty and consent. The book goes on to look at the socio-political realities of drone strikes in Pakistan, scrutinizing the impact of drone strikes on both Pakistani politics and US-Pakistan relationships. Topics include the Pakistan army-government relationship, the evolution of international institutions as a result of drone strikes, and the geopolitical dynamics affecting the region. As a detailed and critical examination of the legal and political challenges presented by drone strikes, this book will be essential to scholars and students of the law of armed conflict, security studies, political science and international relations.

Radical Criminology 5

Author: Critical Working Group
ISBN: 9780692512364
Format: PDF, Docs
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Radical Criminology, edited by Jeff Shantz [Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Vancouver, British Columbia], is dedicated to bridging the gap between the academy and the global activist community, especially with regard to state violence, state-corporate crime, the growth of surveillance regimes, and the prison-industrial complex. More pointedly, the journal aims to be not simply a project of critique, but is also geared toward a praxis of struggle, insurgence, and practical resistance. Issue 5 (Autumn 2015) is a special issue on "Public Criminology II" guest-edited by Carrie Sanders and Lauren Eisler.TABLE OF CONTENTS: EDITORIAL / Jeff Shantz, "Time for Criminology: The Established is not Enough" -- FEATURED ARTICLES: PUBLIC CRIMINOLOGY II / Carrie B. Sanders & Lauren Eisler, "Critical Reflections on 'Public Criminology': An Introduction" -- Christopher J. Schneider, "Public Criminology and the 2011 Vancouver Riot: Public Perceptions of Crime and Justice in the 21st Century" -- Pauline K. Brennan, Meda Chesney-Lind, Abby L. Vandenberg, and Timbre Wulf-Ludden, "THE SAVED and the DAMNED: Racialized Media Constructions of Female Drug Offenders" -- Bernard Schissel, "The Plight of Children and Youth: A Human Rights Study" -- COMMENTARIES: PUBLIC CRIMINOLOGY II / Jeff Ferrell, "Drift: A Criminology of the Contemporary Crisis" -- Andrew D. Hathaway, "Public Criminology in an Age of Austerity: Reflections from the Margins of Drug Policy Research" -- Patricia G. Erickson, "Social Regulation of Drugs: The New "Normal"? -- ARTS & CULTURE / Marc James Léger, "What Is a Rebel? A Conversation with Guillermo Trejo" -- BOOK REVIEWS / Re-reading Foucault: On Law, Power and Rights [Ben Golder, Editor], reviewed by Irina Ceric -- "Too Asian?" Racism, Privilege, and Post-Secondary Education [RJ Gilmour, Davina Bhandar, Jeet Heer, and Michael C.K. MA., Editors], reviewed by Jakub Burkowicz -- Youth in revolt: Reclaiming a democratic future [Henry A. Giroux], reviewed by Jamie Thomas

Women s Rights in Native North America

Author: Judith H. Aks
Publisher: New York : LFB Scholarly Pub.
ISBN: 9781593320126
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Drawing on case briefs, government documents, interviews, and other sources, a Seattle-based freelance political scientist studies the provocative issue of whether North American Indian women are better or worse off after their legal mobilization. In framing the combined effects of racism and sexism within tribal and federal government power contex