Reaching Out

Author: Diane W. Kyle
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 9780761945079
Format: PDF
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Reaching Out is an invaluable resource for compassionate educators interested in building strong relationships with their students’ families.

Preparing Educators to Communicate and Connect with Families and Communities

Author: Patricia Ruggiano Schmidt
Publisher: IAP
ISBN: 1607524716
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This unique and visionary text is a compilation of fascinating case studies by New York State teachers, parents and professors. These downtoearth case studies highlight effective specific approaches to provide bridges between home and school and a look to the future for preparing teachers to communicate and connect with families and communities. This book promises to make a significant contribution to preparing teachers to engage all families and communities in the education of our children. It is filled with activities coming out of an incredible body of educational research done by the contributors. This book has given us the answers to the questions that Schmidt raised and it will move family involvement from high rhetoric to high practice. This book will change the way we prepare teachers and it is a must read for those in teacher education programs.

Bridging School Home through Family Nights

Author: Diane W. Kyle
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1629148911
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Improve student achievement through academically focused family nights! Research confirms the link between family involvement and academic success. Yet, as student populations become increasingly diverse, educators face a daunting challenge in establishing close connections with families. Bridging School and Home Through Family Nights: Ready-to-Use Plans for Grades K-8 offers all the information, materials, and resources for planning and implementing events that build effective relationships. Drawing on their own experiences and extensive research, the authors include information on adapting events for special populations, issues around providing food and incentives, cost-saving ideas, and additional resources. Each of the book’s thirteen family night chapters is a self-contained unit that provides event procedures, needed materials, connections with national standards, and numerous reproducibles, including: • Invitations • Agendas • Sign-in sheets • Evaluation forms • Activity worksheets • Handouts • Overheads Productive family night experiences offer an enjoyable and meaningful way for schools to reach out to families and get them involved. This book is appropriate for K-8 teachers and principals or anyone in the school or district responsible for family events.

Promising practices for teachers to engage families of English language learners

Author: Diana B. Hiatt-Michael
Publisher: Information Age Publishing
Format: PDF, ePub
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The monograph Promising Practices for Teachers to Engage Families of English Language Learners provides practical activities, communication skills, events, resources, and policies to work with families who are English language learners. This book is primarily targeted toward preservice and novice teachers who are searching for ways to connect with families from diverse cultures and varying proficiency levels in English. However, the contents contain an array of practices that are useful for teachers at all levels, parents, other educator groups, and administrators.

Children s Literacy Development

Author: Patricia Ann Edwards
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Format: PDF
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Written in an eloquent and practical style, renown author and recognized national authority on family literacy, Patricia Edwards has carefully selected skills, strategies, and examples of family involvement that will empower educators to successfully implement family involvement initiatives. A timely publication on today's political climate with federal monies going into family literacy, Edwards has deliberately and painstakingly chosen research-based, school-tested ideas as the focus of this book.

Families Schools and Communities

Author: Chandler Barbour
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780131128002
Format: PDF, Kindle
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With a new co-author, this introductory book again explores the interconnectedness of children's "circles"-home, school, and community. The authors'unique vision of school improvement advocates teaching strategies and curricula that are not only developmentally and culturally appropriate, but which also enfold each child's family and community into his or her education as equal partners with the school, its teachers, and its administration. Extensive and current demographic information, along with numerous engaging real-life stories, support the authors'position regarding partnerships, by presenting a child's life as a rich panoply of experiences in which learning is constantly taking place, both within and outside of school.Thoroughly up-to-date coverage includes globalization issues, the explosion of media materials, new findings from brain research, and examination of the latest federal and state legislation, includingNo Child Left Behind.For teachers-especially at the elementary school grade levels, and for anyone who in any way educates and contributes to the educational experience and well-being of children.

Bibliographic Guide to Education

Author: GK Hall
Publisher: G K Hall
ISBN: 9780783805016
Format: PDF
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The "Bibliographic Guide to Education" lists recent publications cataloged during the past year by Teachers College, Columbia University, supplemented by publications in the field of education cataloged by The Research Libraries of The New York Public Library, selected on the basis of subject headings. Non-book materials, including theses, are included in this "Guide," with the exception of serials. All aspects and levels of education are represented in this "Guide," including such areas as: American elementary and secondary education, higher and adult education, early childhood education, history and philosophy of education, applied pedagogy, international and comparative education, educational administration, education of the culturally disadvantaged and physically handicapped, nursing education and education of minorities and women. Also well covered are the administrative reports of departments of education for various countries and for U.S. states and large cities. The Teachers College collection covers over 200 distinct educational systems. Works in all languages are included. The" Bibliographic Guide to Education" serves in part as an annual supplement to the "Dictionary Catalog of the Teachers College Library, Columbia University" (G.K. Hall & Co., 1970) and Supplements ("First Supplement," 1971; "Second Supplement," 1973; "Third Supplement," 1977).