Las Vegas Babylon

Author: Jeff Burbank
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1590771362
Format: PDF, Docs
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What happens in Vegas doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas and the proof is in this lively and entertaining compilation of stories chronicling decades of decadence, celebrity shenanigans, and political corruption, as well as the glitz and glamour of the casinos that pass for everyday life in Las Vegas. With fast-paced and entertaining prose, Jeff Burbank captures the true stories from Las Vegas' seedy underbelly that have led to America's 100-year fascination with the aptly named Sin City.

Identity Theft Handbook

Author: Martin T. Biegelman
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470444818
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Not a week goes by when identity theft isn t mentioned in the media or that a Congressional outcry isn t heard about this unrelenting crime. The first authoritative book on identity theft, Identity Theft Handbook is written by a career professional who has spent over 25 years investigating and preventing identity theft in both the public and private sectors. Its rich real-world content includes interviews with government and private sector thought leaders. As well, the costs of identity theft, future trends, and prevention guidance is discussed. For investigators, auditors, and managers.

The Curious Savage

Author: John Patrick
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
ISBN: 9780822202608
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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THE STORY: Mrs. Savage has been left ten million dollars by her husband and wants to make the best use of it, in spite of the efforts of her grown-up stepchildren to get their hands on it. These latter, knowing that the widow's wealth is now in neg

Halo Effect

Author: Glenn Yeffeth
Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1935251597
Format: PDF
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Halo Effect


Author: Steve Carp
Publisher: Stephens Press, LLC
ISBN: 1932173129
Format: PDF, ePub
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From such humble beginnings as a one-building school in the desert, UNLV has blossomed into a large urban campus. Much like the school, the basketball team has evolved into a nationally-recognised program. Runnin' captures the complete legacy of UNLV basketball, from the start when Chub Drakulich formed the team, to the hiring of Jerry Tarkanian in the early 1970s, then the four trips to the Final Four, including the 1990 national championship, and the great individual players such as Larry Johnson, Stacey Augmon, Greg Anthony, Reggie Theus, Ricky Sobers, Sidney Green, Armon Gilliam and Marcus Banks. Few programs have been able to achieve the success so quickly as UNLV has. Few programs enjoy the rabid fan support the Rebels have garnered over the years. It's all chronicled by UNLV basketball veteran beat writer Steve Carp, who has covered the team since 1988. This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date look at one of the nation's most successful college basketball programs. It's a compelling, fascinating story, one that is sure to capture the imagination of any basketball fan.

The Psychology of War

Author: Lawrence L. LeShan
Publisher: Allworth Communications, Inc.
ISBN: 9781581152388
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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First published in 1992, this timely book is now brought back into print with a brand-new introduction.

Dark Ophelia

Author: Sean Wooley
Publisher: Booksurge Publishing
ISBN: 9781439245200
Format: PDF
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To survive after an apocalypse, a prostitute, a street musician, and five other unlikely heroes, will follow a mysterious stranger on an arduous trek over desolate terrain to battle an unknown evil.

Genomic Diversity

Author: Surinder Singh Papiha
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461542634
Format: PDF, Kindle
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One of the major themes of human population genetics is assaying genetic variation in human populations. The ultimate goal of this objective is to understand the extent of genetic diversity and the use of this knowledge to reconstruct our evolutionary history. The discipline had undergone a revolutionary transition with the advent of molecular techniques in the 1980s. With this shift, statistical methods have also been developed to perceive the biological and molecular basis of human genetic variation. Using the new perspectives gained during the above transition, this volume describes the applications of molecular markers spanning the autosomal, Y-chromosomal and mitochondrial genome in the analysis of human diversity in contemporary populations. This is the first reference book of its kind to bring together data from these diverse sets of markers for understanding evolutionary histories and relationships of modern humans in a single volume.

Guide to Psychological Assessment with Hispanics

Author: Lorraine T. Benuto
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461444128
Format: PDF
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This book focuses on diversity, culture, and ethnicity as they relate to psychological assessment of Hispanics. It is a how-to guide for clinicians, researchers, and instructors working with Hispanic clients. Each chapter contains an overview of cultural considerations needed for assessing the Hispanic client followed by a specific exploration of the assessment measures available and the research that has been conducted on these measures with Hispanic participants. An exploration of the strengths and limitations of each assessment measure is included. Considering that ethnocultural minority individuals who are of Hispanic/Latino origin make up the largest ethnocultural minority group in the United States, guidelines for working with this population are a must. Given that a large subset of this percentage is composed of immigrants many of whom do not speak English or who have learned English as a second language, special considerations for effective psychological assessment are neccessary.This book fills a gap in the scientific literature by consolidating the research on psychological assessment with Hispanic samples into one comprehensive volume and providing simple recommendations for the psychological assessment of Hispanic clients. An exploration of the general psychological assessment domains (e.g., personality, intelligence) is included with references to research on the major assessment measures used in the field. A more specific exploration of psychodiagnostic assessment measures follows, including the assessment of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, sexual dysfunction, psychosis, etc. Several chapters are dedicated to specialized assessment, including neuropsychological assessment, forensic assessment, and school-based assessment, overall creating the most comprehensive, up-to-date, research-based compendium of psychological assessment measures for use with Hispanic clients.

Pigskin Pulpit

Author: Ty Cashion
Publisher: Texas State Historical Assn
ISBN: 9780876111680
Format: PDF, Mobi
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High school football is one of the identifying institutions of twentieth-century Texas. Many consider high school football to be cast in the state's rough-hewn image. In fact, it is shaped in the image of its coaches. Pigskin Pulpit examines the men who shaped the game -- and generations of players -- in their own image. It traces the development of football and the coaching profession and explains how a schoolboy avocation became a vital part of Texas culture.