Returning to Nothing

Author: Peter Read
Publisher: CUP Archive
ISBN: 9780521571548
Format: PDF, ePub
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Feelings about lost or destroyed places rouse our deepest emotions. Losing a home or a suburb or leaving a homeland can be like losing a loved one. This book examines what it means to lose a place forever and why we return, and keep on returning, to these places so large in our memories. It considers many lost towns, suburbs, and homes: Darwin after Cyclone Tracy, the flooding of the town of Adaminaby in New South Wales, the inundation of Lake Pedder in Tasmania, bushfire at Macedon in Victoria, migration from other countries, the clearing of neighbourhoods for freeways and the everyday circumstances which force people from their land. Peter Read establishes how important the places we live in are, and how much we grieve when we lose them. It tells a human story, which is disturbing, poetic, and often inspiring. Everyone who has lost a place of importance to them will find it unforgettable.

Landscapes of Clearance

Author: Angele Smith
Publisher: Left Coast Press
ISBN: 1598742663
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This volume examines ancient landscapes that have been cleared of inhabitants and the social impacts of clearance on their populations.

Spectral Spaces and Hauntings

Author: Christina Lee
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1317515021
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This anthology explores the spatial dimension and politics of haunting. It considers how the ‘appearance’ of absence, emptiness and the imperceptible can indicate an overwhelming presence of something that once was, and still is, (t)here. At its core, the book asks: how and why do certain places haunt us? Drawing from a diversity of mediums, forms and disciplinary approaches, the contributors to Spectral Spaces and Hauntings illustrate the complicated ways absent presences can manifest and be registered. The case studies range from the memory sites of a terrorist attack, the lost home, a vanished mining town and abandoned airports, to the post-apocalyptic wastelands in literary fiction, the photographic and filmic surfaces where spectres materialise, and the body as a site for re-corporealising the disappeared and dead. In ruminating on the afteraffects of spectral spaces on human experience, the anthology importantly foregrounds the ethical and political imperative of engaging with ghosts and following their traces.

Oral History and Public Memories

Author: Paula Hamilton
Format: PDF
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Oral history is inherently about memory, and when oral history interviews are used "in public," they invariably both reflect and shape public memories of the past. Oral History and Public Memories is the only book that explores this relationship, in fourteen case studies of oral history's use in a variety of venues and media around the world. Readers will learn, for example, of oral history based efforts to reclaim community memory in post-apartheid Cape Town, South Africa; of the role of personal testimony in changing public understanding of Japanese American history in the American West; of oral history's value in mapping heritage sites important to Australia's Aboriginal population; and of the way an oral history project with homeless people in Cleveland, Ohio became a tool for popular education. Taken together, these original essays link the well established practice of oral history to the burgeoning field of memory studies.

De Rusia a Espa a Movimientos Migratorios Transfronterizos en la Eurasia Del Siglo Xxi

Author: Silvia MARCU MARCU
Publisher: Editorial UNED
ISBN: 8436265122
Format: PDF, Mobi
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La obra presenta la realidad del proceso migratorio existente en la Eurasia Occidental, deseando contribuir al conocimiento de los movimientos migratorios en España en el marco de la nueva reconfiguración del mapa geopolítico y de movilidad migratoria en Europa. A través de un análisis comparado se estudian las corrientes migratorias de los países eurasiáticos en cuanto a su dimensión, al origen y a las características de los flujos. Por una parte, se centra en Rusia, imán migratorio para los países del sureste y de los antiguos países de la URSS; por otra, aborda a España como país de destino, territorio de la UE, clave para la inmigración procedente de los países de la Europa del Este.

Lost Cities of China Central Asia and India

Author: David Hatcher Childress
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
ISBN: 9780932813077
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Real life "Indiana Jones," maverick archaeologist David Childress takes the reader on an incredible adventure across some of the world's oldest and most remote countries in search of lost cities and ancient mysteries. Discover ancient cities in the Gobi Desert; hear fantastic tales of lost continents, vanished civilizations and secret societies bent on ruling the world; visit forgotten monasteries in forbidding snow-capped mountains with strange tunnels to mysterious subterranean cities! A unique combination of far-out exploration and practical travel advice, it will astound and delight the experienced traveler or the armchair voyager. Plenty of material on the Rama Empire of ancient India, ancient aircraft called Vimanas, Shambala and hidden lands in Tibet, China and Mongolia, and plenty more! Chapters include: Tales From the Seventh Gate; The Bowl of Buddha; Hidden Valley & the Lost Kingdom of Mustang; Call of the Yeti; Krishna & the Taj Mahal; Smugglers of the Kyber Pass; Thus Spoke Zarathustra; A Jihad Sweeps Iran; Mount Ararat & the Cult of the Assassins; Gurus & Lost Cities; Fierwalkers of t he Great Indian Desert; Shiva Dancing to the Juggernaut; The Seven Rishi Cities of the Rama Empire; Caravans Through the Karakoram to Hunza; At the Lost Tomb of Jesus; In Search of the Great White Brotherhood; Silk Road Across the Gobi Desert; Sojourn to the Tomb of Ghengis Khan; Tales From the Forbidden City; Taoist Pilgrim in the Jaws of the Dragon; more.