Running the Edge

Author: Adam Goucher
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Llc
ISBN: 9780985233204
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Authors Goucher and Catalano share their unique running philosophy, demonstrating how the transformative power of the distance run can inspire readers to push their limits as runners and as human beings.

Running on the Edge of the Knife

Author: Linda Ching
ISBN: 1105970019
Format: PDF
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Mui Chiu Dang was a free spirited boy growing up in a country at war. He was handcuffed, beaten, and sentenced to prison without a trial. Never completely losing hope, even when confronted with life-threatening experiences, he believed even his darkest moments were blessings in disguise. He took on each challenge as another personal adventure through life. With nothing but a simple pair of shorts in his possession, he left his entire family behind and joined the exodus from the only country he had known. This story is how one ordinary man responded to an extraordinary period of time in Vietnam and the struggles he faced as a new immigrant in San Francisco. This is his personal story, a tale of survival and of how he maintained his resiliency and sanity when all odds seemed to be against him.

Running Ultras

Author: Scott Ludwig
Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Verlag
ISBN: 1782550461
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The book chronicles the author’s journey (the training, the races and the people he met along the way) to complete his personal quest of running four major ultramarathons: The JFK 50-Mile Run, Badwater Ultramarathon, Western States Endurance Run, and the Comrades Marathon.

The Edge of Running Water

Author: William Milligan Sloane
ISBN: 9784871873031
Format: PDF
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This is a well known science fiction novel that has been reprinted many times and has been adapted and made into a movie. This story deals with the adventures of a young psychologist in a remote Maine farm house: with the death of a woman and the disappearance of Julian Blair, physicist and inventor. Against a normal enough background, events begin to take on the shape of terror, with a tinge of the unknown. There are hints of things beyond the borderland of the natural, including the strange researches into survival after death by a half-mad electrophysicist. Set against these, the tender love story of Dick and Anne adds an unexpected poignancy and charm. This novel, said The New York Times, when the original edition was first published, "has suspense, ingenuity, some excellent bits of description. More important still, it has an air of plausibility oddly at variance with that chill wind from the regions beyond man's knowledge which Dick and Anne felt blowing about them in the hall of the old house on Setauket Point the night after the inquest, when they woke to such fear as neither of them had ever known." The story was adapted from the novel The Edge of Running Water by William Sloane into a 1941 American horror film entitled "The Devil Commands."

Running to the Edge

Author: Martin Parnell
Publisher: Rocky Mountain Books Ltd
ISBN: 1771601736
Format: PDF, Docs
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An inspiring memoir that details one man's determination to help disadvantaged children through the power of sport while dealing with the dramatic realities of his body's own physical limitations. In 2010, at age 55, Martin Parnell began tackling a series of extreme sporting challenges which became known as "Quests for Kids," designed to help improve the lives of 20,000 children through sport and play programs. Martin set himself the goal of completing ten "Quests" in five years, which included "Marathon Quest 250" (250 marathons in one year); "Netball Quest 61" (playing netball for 61 hours); "Lacrosse Quest 24" (playing lacrosse for 24 hours); "Cook Island Quest 100" (running around the island of Rarotonga three times, completing a distance of 100 kilometres); "Soccer Quest 42" (playing five-a-side soccer for 42 hours); "Hockey Quest 500" (participating in the world's largest exhibition hockey game: 374 players); "Kilimanjaro Quest 95.2" (completing the 42.2 kilometre Kilimanjaro Marathon and then climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in 21 hours three days later); "TransRockies Quest 888" (completing nine TransRockies events covering 920 kilometres over six months, including road running, trail running, road biking and mountain biking races), "Rotary Coastal Quest 630" (running 1014 kilometres along the South West Coast Path of England in 25 days) and "Canada Quest for Kids" (visiting 10 universities from BC to Newfoundland and attempting 10 Guinness World Records in 25 days) with the aim of raising $1-million for the children's charity Right To Play. Despite his high level of fitness, in early 2015, Parnell was confronted with the devastating news that doctors had found a large and rare blood clot on his brain. He was immediately hospitalized and had to face the reality of close to one year of limited physical activity. His plans for a professional speaking career and further athletic endeavours were put on hold. Martin's second book highlights many of his most recent and remarkable sporting and philanthropic achievements, while also giving personal insight into what it means to slow down and focus on moving forward in the face of physical limitations.

Running with the Buffaloes

Author: Chris Lear
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762774576
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Top five Best Books About Running, Runner's World Magazine Top three Best Books About Running, readers of Runner's World Magazine (December 2009) A phenomenal portrait of courage and desire that will do for college cross-country what John Feinstein's A Season on the Brink did for college basketball.

Your Performing Edge

Author: JoAnn Dahlkoetter
ISBN: 9780970407962
Format: PDF, Docs
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Sports psychologist and athlete JoAnn Dahlkoetter has created a step-by-step training program based on 50 proven training exercises. Athletes who want to train to become more effective will find practical information on breathing, dealing with pain, overcoming performance anxiety, rebounding from defeat, and handling slumps, injuries, and burnout. Especially helpful is Dahlkoetter's advice on how athletes stay healthy by creating balance in their lives, while training hard and competing successfully.

Playing to the Edge

Author: Michael V. Hayden
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0143109987
Format: PDF
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A "high-level master narrative of America's intelligence wars, from the only person ever to helm both NSA and CIA, at a time of heinous new threats and wrenching change"--Dust jacket flap.

Running on the Edge

Author: Gene Schwarz
Publisher: Gene Schwarz
ISBN: 1439243247
Format: PDF, Docs
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Meet Ruan Martinez, a 27 year old Latina, world class runner, and NYPD cop with the 24th Precinct on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She's young, she's brash and a bundle of conflicting feelings which she desperately tries to cope with. Running is her love, obsession and escape. While running with her partner in Central Park, Ruan interrupts an assault on a young woman. This seemingly routine incident propels her into a whirlpool of emotion, conspiracy and violence. With her life on the line she tastes the deep passionate craving for intimacy that is unleashed in the love for the men and women she encounters on her run to save herself. Her quest to find peace leads to the uncovering of a haunting family secret that takes her back to her roots in Puerto Rico. Gene Schwarz is a psychoanalyst who lives, works and plays in Colorado.

The Edge

Author: Manoj Garg
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1483560643
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Most business executives know that technology is a key ingredient for business success. At the same time, they are baffled by the complexity, costs and challenges in implementing technology methods they are not skilled in. In most mid-size businesses, executives think of technology as a necessary evil and a cost to be minimized. However, with the right application, technology can increase speed of business dramatically while lowering costs. When leveraged appropriately, technology plays a strategic role in a company, driving business innovation, increasing customer satisfaction, and finding new markets and new revenue sources to drive the top line. The Edge is a business novel that educates senior business leaders how to get an edge in running their companies through the strategic use of Information Technology. It gives executives the knowledge and tools to guide their company as it transitions from a mid-level to a high-level competitor in the marketplace.