Author: Raywenderlich Com Team
ISBN: 9781942878469
Format: PDF, ePub
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Learn reactive programming in Swift with RxSwift! The popularity of reactive programming continues to grow on an ever-increasing number of platforms and languages. Rx lets developers easily and quickly build apps with code that can be understood by other Rx developers - even over different platforms. Not only will you learn how to use the RxSwift port to create complex reactive applications on iOS, you'll also see how to easily solve common application design issues by using RxSwift. Finally, you'll discover how to exercise full control over the library and leverage the full power of reactive programming in your apps. Who This Book Is For This book is for iOS developers who already feel comfortable with iOS and Swift, and want to dive deep into development with RxSwift. Topics Covered in RxSwift Getting Started Get an introduction to the reactive programming paradigm, learn the terminology involved and see how to begin using RxSwift in your projects. Event Management Learn how to handle asynchronous event sequences via two key concepts in Rx - Observables and Observers. Being Selective See how to work with various events using concepts such as filtering, transforming, combining, and time operators. UI Development RxSwift makes it easy to work with the UI of your apps using RxCocoa, which provides an integration of both UIKit and Cocoa. Intermediate Topics Level up your RxSwift knowledge with chapters on reactive networking, multi-threading, and error handling. Advanced Topics Round out your RxSwift education by learning about MVVM app architecture, scene-based navigation, and exposing data via services. And much, much more! By the end of this book, you'll have hands-on experience solving common issues in a reactive paradigm - and you'll be well on your way to coming up with your own Rx patterns and solutions!

Beginning Reactive Programming with Swift

Author: Jesse Feiler
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1484236211
Format: PDF
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Learn the basics of reactive programming and how it makes apps more responsive. This book shows you how to incorporate reactive programming into existing development products and cycles using RXSwift and RXCocoa on iOS and Mac. As we move away from the traditional paradigm of typing or touching one step at a time to interact with programs, users expect apps to adapt and not need constant hand-holding. People today expect their devices to do much more than just follow commands. They expect devices to react and adapt. Reactive programming, a new term for asynchronous processing, requires new app architectures, and you'll learn how these are already built into iOS and macOS in many places. As part of this more complex environment, you'll move beyond Cocoa and Cocoa Touch to incorporate data from Amazon Web Services (AWS), JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), and other formats, and standards. Together with the concepts of reactive programming and RxSwift, these tools help you build more powerful and useful apps that have wide appeal and use. What You'll Learn Work with tools such as Darwin microkernel, RxSwift, and RxCocoa Use Git repositiories and other resoucrces to get into coding Create apps that adapt to gestures and UI interaction as well as what's happening in and around the environment of the app itself. Who This Book Is For This book is for Swift programmers interested in learning to create reactive apps with RxSwift.

Reactive Programming with Swift 4

Author: Navdeep Singh
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1787128784
Format: PDF, Docs
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Learn how to solve blocking user experience and build event based reactive applications with Swift. Key Features Build fast and scalable apps with RxSwift Apply reactive programming to solve complex problems and build efficient programs with reactive user interfaces Take expressiveness, scalability, and maintainability of your Swift code to the next level with this practical guide Book Description RxSwift belongs to a large family of Rx implementations in different programming languages that share almost identical syntax and semantics. Reactive approach will help you to write clean, cohesive, resilient, scalable, and maintainable code with highly configurable behavior. This book will introduce you to the world of reactive programming, primarily focusing on mobile platforms. It will tell how you can benefit from using RxSwift in your projects, existing or new. Further on, the book will demonstrate the unbelievable ease of configuring asynchronous behavior and other aspects of the app that are traditionally considered to be hard to implement and maintain. It will explain what Rx is made of, and how to switch to reactive way of thinking to get the most out of it. Also, test production code using RxTest and the red/ green approach. Finally, the book will dive into real-world recipes and show you how to build a real-world app by applying the reactive paradigm. By the end of the book, you’ll be able to build a reactive swift application by leveraging all the concepts this book takes you through. What you will learn Understand the practical benefits of Rx on a mobile platform Explore the building blocks of Rx, and Rx data flows with marble diagrams Learn how to convert an existing code base into RxSwift code base Learn how to debug and test your Rx Code Work with Playgrounds to transform sequences by filtering them using map, flatmap and other operators Learn how to combine different operators to work with Events in a more controlled manner. Discover RxCocoa and convert your simple UI elements to Reactive components Build a complete RxSwift app using MVVM as design pattern Who this book is for This book is for the developers who are familiar with Swift and iOS application development and are looking out to reduce the complexity of their apps. Prior experience of reactive programming is not necessary.

iPad Programmierung

Author: Daniel H. Steinberg
Publisher: O'Reilly Germany
ISBN: 3897215780
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Dieses Buch ist eine wertvolle Ressource fur alle iPhone-Entwickler, die die Welt der iPad-Programmierung entdecken wollen. Randvoll mit vielen Beispielen, die auch zum Download zur Verfugung stehen, macht es Sie mit zentralen Konzepten der App-Entwicklung vertraut und zeigt Ihnen konkrete Wege, Ihre iPad-Apps mit ebenso schicken wie praktischen Funktionalitaten auszustatten. Dabei ist es den Autoren ein besonderes Anliegen, die Starken des iPads zu nutzen und den Bedienkomfort des Gerats zu unterstreichen. Solide Kenntnisse in der iPhone-Programmierung werden vorausgesetzt, das Buch basiert auf iOS 4.3. Aus dem Inhalt: Von der iPhone- zur iPad-Entwicklung Mit Split-Views arbeiten Gesten einsetzen, die das iPad-Display voll ausnutzen Popover und modale Dialoge Angepasste Tastaturen entwickeln Zeichnungen implementieren Den Movie Player einrichten und anpassen Externe Anzeigegeraten nutzen Gerate verbinden

Die 6 S ulen des Selbstwertgef hls

Author: Nathaniel Branden
Publisher: Piper ebooks
ISBN: 3492959466
Format: PDF
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Kein Urteil ist wichtiger, als das über uns selbst. Für persönliches Glück und berufliche Karriere gilt ein einfaches Grundprinzip: Sich selbst zu fördern. Nathaniel Branden zeigt anhand der sechs Säulen des Selbstwertgefühls, wie sich das Leben einfach erfolgreicher gestalten lässt.

Reactive Programming with Swift

Author: Cecil Costa
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 178588204X
Format: PDF, Docs
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Leverage the power of the Functional Reactive Programming paradigm with Swift to develop robust iOS applications About This Book Build highly responsive applications with this practical introduction to Reactive programming This book uses ReactiveCocoa, the most popular solution for Reactive Programming on iOS to install, debug, and develop a framework with Swift Switch from the traditional programming style to the reactive paradigm to code your first reactive applications with ease Who This Book Is For Reactive Programming with Swift is for Swift developers who want to start making more powerful and efficient applications. You need a basic understanding of Swift to follow along. This book takes a first-principles approach to what Reactive Programming is and how you can start implementing it in your next iOS applications. What You Will Learn Switch your programming concepts from imperative to Functional reactive programming Improve your app's maintenance by developing with a different paradigm Create unit tests and automation tests using the ReactiveCocoa framework Create clear code that is very easy to read Get accustomed to migrating mobile apps to the Reactive way of programming Perform asynchronous calls and join them later In Detail Reactive programming helps you write applications that are more powerful and efficient. You can write more software, help more people, and create applications that scale. Reactive programming is a growing paradigm that we will help you set to work in Swift. Reactive Programming with Swift guides you through migrating from the traditional way of developing to the new ReactiveCocoa framework, which uses Swift as its main programming language. You will learn how to develop with this framework, debug code, create unit tests, use additional frameworks, and convert a traditional framework into a ReactiveCocoa one. Starting with a crash course on the fundamental concepts of Reactive programming, we'll set you up so you're ready to create reactive applications. We'll then move on to topics such as Graphical events, Streaming, and Core data, which will help you dive deeper with advanced programming. The concept of switching your programming concepts from imperative to functional reactive programming will also be covered. By the end of this book, you will be able to successfully create highly functional apps using Swift. Style and approach This book is a fast-paced, practical guide compiled with ample images and screenshots that explain how to create apps and demonstrate their logic.