Frontier Zone Darkwar Chronicles Book Two And Thus Began the Darkwar

Author: Stuart Lynn Sexton
ISBN: 1304872629
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Thus began the Darkwar; one tiny freighter carrying a small group of Naval Officers on a covert mission. No, not a mission, really. As Jacob had pointed out, more of a quest. And these were not merely Naval Officers. They truly were friends, who had been through thick and thin together, and would each die, one for the other, if needs be.

Rend Washington Dead City Book 2

Author: Brian Parker
Publisher: Permuted Press
ISBN: 1682610861
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Six years ago, the president made the difficult decision to abandon Washington to the undead—and The Wall was built to keep them trapped inside. Now, a new presidential election revives the hopes of the nation as one candidate promises to retrieve the Declaration of Independence and Constitution from behind The Wall. Retired CIA operative Asher Hawke, AKA the Kestrel, agrees to lead a team to recover the national treasures. But when they insert behind The Wall, they discover that organized crime families have been stealing priceless artwork and cash as well as disposing of bodies behind The Wall.

Safe Space

Author: Christina B. Hanhardt
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822378868
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Winner, 2014 Lambda Literary Award in LGBT Studies Since the 1970s, a key goal of lesbian and gay activists has been protection against street violence, especially in gay neighborhoods. During the same time, policymakers and private developers declared the containment of urban violence to be a top priority. In this important book, Christina B. Hanhardt examines how LGBT calls for "safe space" have been shaped by broader public safety initiatives that have sought solutions in policing and privatization and have had devastating effects along race and class lines. Drawing on extensive archival and ethnographic research in New York City and San Francisco, Hanhardt traces the entwined histories of LGBT activism, urban development, and U.S. policy in relation to poverty and crime over the past fifty years. She highlights the formation of a mainstream LGBT movement, as well as the very different trajectories followed by radical LGBT and queer grassroots organizations. Placing LGBT activism in the context of shifting liberal and neoliberal policies, Safe Space is a groundbreaking exploration of the contradictory legacies of the LGBT struggle for safety in the city.

Skeletal Trauma E Book

Author: Bruce D. Browner
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1437721702
Format: PDF
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Obtain the best outcomes from the latest techniques with help from a "who's who" of orthopaedic trauma experts! In print and online, you'll find the in-depth knowledge you need to manage any type of traumatic injury in adults. Major updates keep you up to speed on current trends such as the management of osteoporotic and fragility fractures, locked plating technology, post-traumatic reconstruction, biology of fracture repair, biomechanics of fractures and fixation, disaster management, occupational hazards of radiation and blood-borne infection, effective use of orthotics, and more. A DVD of operative video clips shows you how to perform 25 key procedures step by step. A new, full-color page layout makes it easier to locate the answers you need quickly. And now, for the first time, you can access the complete contents online, for enhanced ease and speed of reference! Complete, absolutely current coverage of relevant anatomy and biomechanics, mechanisms of injury, diagnostic approaches, treatment options, and associated complications equips you to confidently approach every form of traumatic injury. Enhanced and updated coverage keeps you current on the latest knowledge, procedures, and trends - including post-traumatic reconstruction, management of osteoporotic and fragility fractures, locked plating systems, mini incision techniques, biology of fracture repair, biomechanics of fractures and fixation, disaster management, occupational hazards of radiation and blood-borne infection, effective use of orthotics, and much more. More than six hours of operative videos on DVD demonstrate 25 of the very latest and most challenging techniques in real time, including minimally invasive vertebral disc resection, vertebroplasty, and lumbar decompression and stabilization. Online access allows you to rapidly search the complete contents from any computer. New editor Christian Kretek contributes additional international expertise to further enhance the already exceptional editorial lineup. An all-new, more user-friendly full-color text design enables you to find answers more quickly, and more efficiently review the key steps of each operative technique. More than 2,400 high-quality line drawings, diagnostic images, and full-color clinical photos show you exactly what to look for and how to proceed.

Wie ein Licht in der Nacht

Author: Nicholas Sparks
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641055865
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In der dunkelsten Stunde ist Liebe die einzige Zuflucht Niemand im Küstenort Southport weiß, wer die neue Einwohnerin Katie ist und woher sie kommt. Sie lebt komplett zurückgezogen und vermeidet jeden Kontakt mit anderen. Erst dem jungen Witwer Alex, der zwei kleine Kinder hat, gelingt es langsam und behutsam, ihr näherzukommen. Doch Katie hütet ein dunkles Geheimnis. Wird sie für die Liebe alles aufs Spiel setzen?

Praxis Manned Spaceflight Log 1961 2006

Author: Tim Furniss
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387739807
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This flagship work charts a complete chronological log of orbital manned spaceflight. Included are the X-15 "astroflights" of the 1960s, and the two 1961 Mercury and Redstone missions which were non-orbital. There is an image depicting each manned spaceflight, and data boxes containing brief biographies of all the space travelers. The main text is a narrative of each mission, its highlights and accomplishments, including the strange facts and humorous stories connected to every mission. The resulting book is a handy reference to all manned spaceflights, the names of astronauts and cosmonauts who flew on each mission, their roles and accomplishments.


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The naval aviation safety review.