Salaam Bollywood

Author: Vikrant Kishore
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317232860
Format: PDF
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This book traces the journey of popular Hindi cinema from 1913 to contemporary times when Bollywood has evolved as a part of India’s cultural diplomacy. Avoiding a linear, developmental narrative, the book re-examines the developments through the ruptures in the course of cinematic history. The essays in the volume critically consider transformations of the Hindi film industry from its early days to its present self-referential mode, issues of gender, dance and choreography, Bombay cinema’s negotiations with the changing cityscape and urbanisms, and concentrate on its multifarious regional, national and transnational implications in the 21st century. One of the most comprehensive volumes on Bollywood, this work presents an analytical overview of the multiple histories of popular cinema in India and will be useful to scholars and researchers interested in film and media studies, South Asian popular culture and modern India, as well as to cinephiles and general readers alike.

Singing Across Divides

Author: Anna Marie Stirr
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190632003
Format: PDF
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An ethnographic study of music, performance, migration, and circulation, Singing Across Divides examines how forms of love and intimacy are linked to changing conceptions of political solidarity and forms of belonging, through the lens of Nepali dohori song. The book describes dohori: improvised, dialogic singing, in which a witty repartee of exchanges is based on poetic couplets with a fixed rhyme scheme, often backed by instrumental music and accompanying dance, performed between men and women, with a primary focus on romantic love. The book tells the story of dohori's relationship with changing ideas of Nepal as a nation-state, and how different nationalist concepts of unity have incorporated marginality, in the intersectional arenas of caste, indigeneity, class, gender, and regional identity. Dohori gets at the heart of tensions around ethnic, caste, and gender difference, as it promotes potentially destabilizing musical and poetic interactions, love, sex, and marriage across these social divides. In the aftermath of Nepal's ten-year civil war, changing political realities, increased migration, and circulation of people, media and practices are redefining concepts of appropriate intimate relationships and their associated systems of exchange. Through multi-sited ethnography of performances, media production, circulation, reception, and the daily lives of performers and fans in Nepal and the UK, Singing Across Divides examines how people use dohori to challenge (and uphold) social categories, while also creating affective solidarities.

Islam Sufism and Everyday Politics of Belonging in South Asia

Author: Deepra Dandekar
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317435966
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book looks at the study of ideas, practices and institutions in South Asian Islam, commonly identified as ‘Sufism’, and how they relate to politics in South Asia. While the importance of Sufism for the lives of South Asian Muslims has been repeatedly asserted, the specific role played by Sufism in contestations over social and political belonging in South Asia has not yet been fully analysed. Looking at examples from five countries in South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan), the book begins with a detailed introduction to political concerns over ‘belonging’ in relation to questions concerning Sufism and Islam in South Asia. This is followed with sections on Producing and Identifying Sufism; Everyday and Public Forms of Belonging; Sufi Belonging, Local and National; and Intellectual History and Narratives of Belonging. Bringing together scholars from diverse disciplines, the book explores the connection of Islam, Sufism and the Politics of Belonging in South Asia. It is an important contribution to South Asian Studies, Islamic Studies and South Asian Religion.

Once Upon a Time in Bollywood

Author: Gurbir Singh Jolly
Publisher: Tsar Publications
Format: PDF
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Cultural Writing. Film Studies. Asian Studies. Edited by Gurbir Jolly, Zenia Wadhwani, and Deborah Barretto. ONCE UPON A TIME IN BOLLYWOOD presents an extravaganza of essays on globalization and contemporary Hindi cinema ("Bollywood"). The wide-ranging analytic strategies in the collection--including ethnographic self-reflection, literary comparison, economic contextualization, and biographic study--bear witness to Hindi cinema's aesthetically elaborate and politically entangled treatment of postcolonial concerns. Together, these essays invite fresh, critically informed engagements with many of the key issues and creative tensions that continue to shape the world's most prolific film industry. For connoisseurs and critics of Hindi cinema alike, ONCE UPON A TIME IN BOLLYWOOD presents stirring insights into popular culture.

Constructing Identities

Author: Antonio Medina-Rivera
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443850926
Format: PDF
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The basic concern of border studies is to examine and analyze interactions that occur when two groups come into contact with one another. Acculturation and globalization are at the heart of border studies, and cultural studies scholars try to describe the possible interactions in terms of conflicts and resolutions that become the result of those possible encounters. The present book is a peer-reviewed selection of papers presented during the IV Crossing Over Symposium at Cleveland State University held in October, 2011, and it is a follow-up to our discussion on border studies. The main focus of this volume is historical, [inter]national, gender and racial borders, and the implications that all of them have in the construction of an identity.

South Asian Diaspora Narratives

Author: Amit Sarwal
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9811036292
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This book analyses the metaphysical and poetical notions and the processes of ‘rooting into a culture’ and ‘routing out of a culture’ in the context of South Asian diaspora in Australia. These diasporic narratives are often characterised by bifurcated and dislocated identities that exist in a liminal space, in-between two identities, two cultures, and two histories. Yet, ‘home’ remains, through acts of imagination, remembering and re-creation, an important reference point. The author argues that a clearer notion of politics of location is required to distinguish between the different kinds of ‘dislocation’ the immigrants suffer, both psychologically and sociologically. The diaspora is Australia is an under-studied topic, and this book fills a lacuna in South Asian diaspora studies by analysing and calling upon a wide range of works in this field from historical, anthropological, sociological, cultural, and literary studies.

Rupien Rupien

Author: Vikas Swarup
Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch
ISBN: 3462304968
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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»Charmant und rasant erzählt« (FAZ) – Vikas Swarups Roman aus dem modernen Indien Warum sitzt ein armer indischer Kellner im Gefängnis? Er hat a) zu viel Whisky getrunken b) Geld aus der Kasse geklaut c) sich mit einem Kunden geprügelt d) in einer Quizshow gewonnen Mohammed Thomas wurde verhaftet. Und das, weil er zwölf Fragen in der Quizshow WER WIRD MILLIARDÄR? richtig beantworten konnte. Keiner kann sich vorstellen, dass ein Waisenjunge, der nie in seinem Leben eine Schule besucht oder eine Zeitung gelesen hat, weiß, wie der kleinste Planet unseres Sonnensystems heißt oder welche Stücke aus der Feder Shakespeares stammen. Er muss also ein Betrüger sein. Gemeinsam mit einer Anwältin, die wie die gute Fee aus dem Märchen im Gefängnis erscheint und Ram helfen will, schaut er sich die Videoaufzeichnung der Quizshow an, und erzählt ihr und dem Leser aus seinem unglaublichen Leben. Nach und nach wird klar, warum er die richtigen Antworten wusste. Kinostart: 19. März 2009

Karma Girl

Author: Tanuja Desai Hidier
ISBN: 9783570301906
Format: PDF, Docs
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Dimple Lala ist zu amerikanisch, um Inderin zu sein, und zu indisch für ein All-American-Girl. Da verliebt sich ihre Freundin Gwyn ausgerechnet in den smarten Karsh Kapoor und will plötzlich einen auf Indira Gandhi machen. Dimple zeigt ihr, wie man Bindis