Sanctity of Life and Human Dignity

Author: K. Bayertz
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 940091590X
Format: PDF
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`Sanctity of life' and `human dignity' are two bioethical concepts that play an important role in bioethical discussions. Despite their separate history and content, they have similar functions in these discussions. In many cases they are used to bring a difficult or controversial debate to an end. They serve as unquestionable cornerstones of morality, as rocks able to weather the storms of moral pluralism. This book provides the reader with analyses of these two concepts from different philosophical, professional and cultural points of view. Sanctity of Life and Human Dignity presents a comparative analysis of both concepts.

Genetisches Enhancement

Author: Lioba Ilona Luisa Welling
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3642539920
Format: PDF, ePub
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Die dynamische Entwicklung der Lebenswissenschaften unterwirft die menschliche Natur in zunehmendem Maß der Möglichkeit technischer Intervention. Dieser Prozess erreicht mit der Option verbessernder Eingriffe in die genetische Ausstattung des Menschen eine neue Dimension, die ethische, politische und zunehmend auch rechtliche Debatten ausgelöst hat, in denen tiefgreifende normative Dissense sichtbar werden. Die Autorin erörtert zunächst die Zulässigkeit von Maßnahmen des genetischen Enhancements anhand des geltenden deutschen Rechts und analysiert künftige gesetzliche Regelungsoptionen. Sodann wirft sie die Frage auf, ob die Begründung einer Unverfügbarkeit der Natürlichkeit des menschlichen Genoms mit Argumenten, die sich im Rahmen einer säkularen, religiös neutralen Rechtsordnung als rechtliche formulieren lassen, möglich ist oder ob die Vorstellung eines schlechthin unverfügbaren natürlichen Substrats des Menschen nur von einem Staat um- und durchgesetzt werden kann, der, wider dem von der Theorie des politischen Liberalismus (John Rawls) postulierten Erfordernis der public justification, nicht auf jede religiös-transzendente Verankerung des Rechts verzichtet.

Human Dignity in Contemporary Ethics

Author: David G. Kirchhoffer
Publisher: Teneo Press
ISBN: 1934844969
Format: PDF, ePub
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Human Dignity in Contemporary Ethics develops a holistic and relevant understanding of human dignity for ethics today. Whilst critics of the concept of human dignity call for its dismissal, and many of its defenders rehearse the same old arguments, this book offers an alternative set of methodological assumptions on which to base a revitalized and practical understanding of human dignity, which at the same time overcomes the challenges that the concept currently faces. The Component Dimensions of Human Dignity model enables human dignity to serve both as a descriptive category that explains moral choices, and as a normative criterion that helps to evaluate moral behaviour. A consideration of two cases violent crime and physician-assisted suicide demonstrates how the model offers a way to avoid the pitfalls of both moralism and moral relativism, while still leaving space for relativity in ethics. By using an approach that should be acceptable to both religious and secular perspectives alike, this book offers a unique way out of the dignity talk that currently plagues ethics."

Refuting Peter Singer s Ethical Theory

Author: Susan F. Krantz
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275970833
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Krantz examines Peter Singer's "principle of the equal consideration of the interests of all animals" with a view to showing that its current popularity and possible wholesale adoption for the future threaten human values in a variety of ways. Topics include abortion and infanticide, euthanasia, and assisted suicide.

Religion Medicine and the Law

Author: Clayton Ó Néill
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351120603
Format: PDF, Docs
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Is the legal protection that is given to the expression of Abrahamic religious belief adequate or appropriate in the context of English medical law? This is the central question that is explored in this book, which develops a framework to support judges in the resolution of contentious cases that involve dissension between religious belief and medical law, developed from Alan Gewirth’s Principle of Generic Consistency (PGC). This framework is applied to a number of medical law case studies: the principle of double effect, ritual male circumcision, female genital mutilation, Jehovah’s Witnesses (adults and children) who refuse blood transfusions, and conscientious objection of healthcare professionals to abortion. The book also examines the legal and religious contexts in which these contentious cases are arbitrated. It demonstrates how human rights law and the proposed framework can provide a gauge to measure competing rights and apply legitimate limits to the expression of religious belief, where appropriate. The book concludes with a stance of principled pragmatism, which finds that some aspects of current legal protections in English medical law require amendment.

ber die W rde und Erhabenheit des Menschen

Author: Giannozo Manetti
Publisher: Meiner, F
ISBN: 9783787309580
Format: PDF
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Das Menschenbild der Renaissance findet einen bedeutenden Niederschlag in dem Traktat De dignitate et excellentia hominis (1452) des Florentiners Gianozzo Manetti (1396-1459). Aufgrund einer Analyse der Merkmale seiner Wesenswürde wird der Standort des Menschen neu bestimmt. Als Schöpfer der Kultur herrscht er nahezu wie ein Gott auf Erden über die ihm dienstbare Welt. Thematisch eng verwandt ist die ungleich berühmtere Abhandlung von Pico della Mirandola mit dem Titel Über die Würde des Menschen (PhB 427, siehe Seite 100).

Can Death Be a Harm to the Person Who Dies

Author: J. Li
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401598681
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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lt is with great pleasure that I write this preface for Or Li's book, wh ich addresses the venerable and vexing issues surrounding the problem of whether death can be a harm to the person who dies. This problem is an ancient one which was raised long ago by the early Greek philosopher Epicurus, who notoriously argued that death is at no time a harm to its 'victim' because before death there is no harrn and after death there is no victim. Epicurus's conclusion is conspicuously at odds with our prereflective and in most cases our post-reflective-intuitions, and numerous strategies have therefore been proposed to refute or avoid the Epicurean conclusion that death cannot be an evil after all. How then are we to account for our intuition that death is not just an evil, but perhaps the worst evil: that may befall us? This is the key issue that Or Li addresses. Or Li's book explores various alternative approaches to the complex and difficult issues surrounding Epicurus's notorious argument and provides a defence ofthe intuitively plausible conclusion that death can indeed be a harm to the person who dies. This challenge to Epicurus's claim that death is never a harm to the person who dies is developed by way of a detailed exploration of the issues raised not only by Epicurus, but also by his many successors, who have responded variously to the challenging issues which Epicurus raised.

Der Wert des Lebens

Author: John Harris
ISBN: 9783050026664
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Value of Life offers all the major questions and answers concerning some of the most prominent and difficult problems of medical ethics. Harris gives a clear analysis of the arguments for and against euthanasia and abortion.

The Ethics of Managed Care Professional Integrity and Patient Rights

Author: W.B. Bondeson
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401704139
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This collection provides a philosophical and historical analysis of the development and current situation of managed care. It discusses the relationship between physician professionalism and patient rights to affordable, high quality care. Its special feature is its depth of analysis as the philosophical, social, and economic issues of managed care are developed. It will be of interest to educated readers in their role as patients and to all levels of medical and health care professionals.