Sea Change at Annapolis

Author: H. Michael Gelfand
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 9780807877470
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Since 1845, the United States Naval Academy has prepared professional military leaders at its Annapolis, Maryland, campus. Although it remains steeped in a culture of tradition and discipline, the Academy is not impervious to change. Dispelling the myth that the Academy is a bastion of tradition unmarked by progress, H. Michael Gelfand examines challenges to the Naval Academy's culture from both inside and outside the Academy's walls between 1949 and 2000, an era of dramatic social change in American history. Drawing on more than two hundred oral histories, extensive archival research, and his own participatory observation at the Academy, Gelfand demonstrates that events at Annapolis reflect the transformation of American culture and society at large in the Cold War and post-Cold War periods. In eight chapters, he discusses recruiting and minority midshipmen, the end of mandatory attendance at religious services, women's experiences as they sought and achieved admission and later served as midshipmen, and the responses of multiple generations of midshipmen to societal changes, particularly during the Vietnam War era. This cultural history not only sheds light on events at the Naval Academy but also offers a novel perspective on democratic ideals in the United States.

Blue Gold and Black

Author: Robert J. Schneller
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press
ISBN: 1603444173
Format: PDF
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During the twentieth century, the U.S. Naval Academy evolved from a racist institution to one that ranked equal opportunity among its fundamental tenets. This transformation was not without its social cost, however, and black midshipmen bore the brunt of it. Blue & Gold and Black is the history of integration of African Americans into the Naval Academy. The book examines how civil rights advocates’ demands for equal opportunity shaped the Naval Academy’s evolution. Author Robert J. Schneller Jr. analyzes how changes in the Academy’s policies and culture affected the lives of black midshipmen, as well as how black midshipmen effected change in the Academy’s policies and culture. Most institutional history is written from the top down, while most social history is written from the bottom up. Based on the documentary record as well as on the memories of hundreds of midshipmen and naval officers, Blue & Gold and Black includes both perspectives. By examining both the institution and the individual, a much more accurate picture emerges of how racial integration occurred at the Naval Academy. Schneller takes a biographical approach to social history. Through written correspondence, responses to questionnaires, memoirs, and oral histories, African American midshipmen recount their experiences in their own words. Rather than setting adrift their humanity and individuality in oceans of statistics, Schneller uses their first-hand recollections to provide insights into the Academy’s culture that cannot be gained from official records. Covering the Jim Crow era, the civil rights movement, and the empowerment of African Americans from the late 1960s through the end of the twentieth century, Blue & Gold and Black traces the transformation of an institution that produces men and women who lead not only the Navy, but also the nation.

Woodstock Scholarship

Author: Jeffrey N. Gatten
Publisher: Open Book Publishers
ISBN: 1783742917
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Since August 1969, the Woodstock Music and Art Fair looms large when recounting the history and impact of the baby boom generation and the societal upheavals of the Sixties. Scholars study the sociological, political, musical, and artistic impact of the event and use it as a cultural touchstone when exploring alternative perspectives or seeking clarity. This interdisciplinary annotated bibliography records the details of over 400 English-language resources on the Festival, including books, chapters, articles, websites, transcriptions and videos. Divided into six main subsections―Culture & Society, History, Biography, Music, Film, Arts & Literature―for ease of consultation Woodstock Scholarship sheds light on all facets of a key happening in our collective history. Throughout the 1960s, popular music became increasingly reflective and suggestive of the rising political and social consciousness of the youth culture. Examples can be seen in the development of the protest song genre within the folk music boom of the early Sixties and the marriage of lifestyle to music first reflected by The Beatles with fashion, followed by psychedelic music with the emerging drug culture. Woodstock was where these themes coalesced, thus becoming the defining and last great moment of the 1960s. However, Woodstock also represented an abundant amount of experiences and ideas and moments. Thus, when exploring the complicated accounts and numerous facets of America during the turbulent Sixties one discovers scholarship on the key subjects, such as the Vietnam War or the Civil Rights Movement, often considering and debating the importance, relevance, and epic nature of Woodstock. Multiple narratives emerge: a radical engagement of the hippie movement, an overt commercial exploitation of youth culture, a political statement. Woodstock scholarship does not stand alone as field of study, but it is at the cross-road of a number of disciplines―music history, cultural studies, sociology, arts and literature, media studies, politics and economics. Providing full bibliographical details and concise, informative annotation for each entry, Woodstock Scholarship is an essential tool for students, scholars, teachers, and librarians in all these areas, as well as for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of both the Woodstock Music and Art Fair phenomenon and of the confluence of music, commerce and politics.

Attitudes Aren t Free

Author: James E. Parco
Publisher: Enso Books
ISBN: 1585662046
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"Attitudes Aren't Free offers a framework for improving policy in the areas of religious expression, open homosexuality, race, gender, ethics, and other current issues affecting military members. Parco and Levy provide us with a unique and robust discussion of divisive topics that everyone thinks about serving our nation - in and out of uniform - becoeme intimately familiar with this book."--P. [4] of cover.

Crossed Currents

Author: Jean Ebbert
Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.
ISBN: 9781574881936
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This new, revised edition of the path-breaking first history of the female members of the U.S. Navy has been updated to include the recent integration of Navy women into the crews of combaant shops and tactical aviation squadrons, and the contributions of Navy women to the space program. It is a comprehensive chronicle of inspirational service spanning nearly the entire century.

Sailing on the Silver Screen

Author: Lawrence H. Suid
Publisher: Naval Inst Press
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The author provides a fully documented history of the making of the Navy's image on film from the movie industry's earliest days. He goes behind the scenes for deliberations about the potential impact of certain movies on both the military and civilians, and examines the ripple effect of such watershed films as Top Gun, a movie that initially gave the Navy a needed post-Vietnam boost. However, when the Tailhook scandal erupted and the conduct of some aviators was attributed to the "flyboy" image projected in the movie, Top Gun became a liability. Lawrence Suid's inside revelations about the Navy's cinematic input range from pre-World War I to post-Cold War. More than 100 films, as varied as Annapolis and Hunt for Red October, are analyzed for their portrayal of the Navy. The book's focus is on feature films, but relevant documentaries and made-for-television movies are also discussed. Suid draws on original documents from the Department of Defense, National Archives, and private collections, and from interviews with more than 100 filmmakers, naval officers, and government officials.

Mike Mansfield Majority Leader

Author: Francis R. Valeo
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
ISBN: 9780765604514
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Frank Valeo was an eyewitness to and a participant in many of the events he describes. This firsthand account, told in the third person, is based entirely on his recollections and personal diaries and constitutes a unique and vital narrative of a crucial time in our nation's history as well as a personal record of the achievements of one of the most influential politicians of this century and his successful efforts to fashion a different kind of Senate."--Jacket.