Author: Fergus Mason
Publisher: BookCaps Study Guides
ISBN: 1629172928
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Just for a moment try to put every shopping trip you’ve ever made out of your head. Imagine a different world. Imagine that all the goods for sale are locked away in cabinets and to handle them, or even to examine them closely, you need to ask a shop assistant to open it up for you. Imagine that within seconds of entering a store a floorwalker approaches you and asks if you’re planning to buy something – then, when you say “I’m just looking,” rudely tells you to leave. Imagine any attempt to return faulty or unsuitable goods being met with ridicule, obstruction or a flat refusal to help you. Until the late 19th century people didn’t have to imagine that; it was reality. For anyone alive today a visit to the average store back then would convince you that they didn’t really want to sell you anything. The idea of customer service was an alien one. Stores sold things. If you wanted to buy them, fine. If you didn’t they weren’t really interested. Browsing was strongly discouraged and impulse buys were almost unheard of. Shopping was something you did when you had to. It certainly wasn’t something anyone enjoyed. Then, in the late 1880s, one man came along and changed all that. His name was Harry Gordon Selfridge and this is the story of his life.

Shopping Seduction Mr Selfridge

Author: Lindy Woodhead
Publisher: Profile Books
ISBN: 1847659640
Format: PDF, ePub
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The basis for the hit TV show Mr Selfridge In 1909, the largest department store in London's West End, designed and built from scratch, opened in Oxford Street in a glorious burst of publicity. The mastermind behind the faade was American retail genius Harry Gordon Selfridge: maverick businessman, risk-taker, dandy and one of the greatest showmen the retail world has ever known. His talents were to create the seduction of shopping, and as his success and fame grew, so did his glittering lifestyle: mansions, yachts, gambling, racehorses - and mistresses. From the glamour of Edwardian England, through the turmoil of the Great War and the heady excesses of the 1920s and beyond, Selfridges Department Store was 'a theatre with the curtain going up at 9 o'clock each morning'. Mr Selfridge reveals the captivating story of the rise and fall of the man who revolutionised the way we shop. 'Lively and entertaining' Sunday Telegraph 'Will change your view of shopping forever' Vogue 'Harry Selfridge revolutionised the way we shop ... fascinating' Daily Mail

Social Class and Television Drama in Contemporary Britain

Author: David Forrest
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137555068
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This collection is a wide-ranging exploration of contemporary British television drama and its representations of social class. Through early studio-set plays, soap operas and period drama, the volume demonstrates how class provides a bridge across multiple genres and traditions of television drama. The authors trace this thematic emphasis into the present day, offering fascinating new insights into the national conversation around class and identity in Britain today. The chapters engage with a range of topics including authorial explorations of Stephen Poliakoff and Jimmy McGovern, case studies of television performers Maxine Peake and Jimmy Nail, and discussions of the sitcom genre and animation form. This book offers new perspectives on popular British television shows such as Goodnight Sweetheart and Footballers’ Wives, and analysis of more recent series such as Peaky Blinders and This is England.

The Representation of the Protagonist Harry Gordon Selfridge in the TV Series Mr Selfridge

Author: Kim Frintrop
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3656940711
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Seminar paper from the year 2015 in the subject English - Literature, Works, grade: 1,3, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, course: Graduate Seminar British Studies, language: English, abstract: Macy’s, KaDeWe, Au Bon Marché, Harrods, Whiteley’s, les Galeries LaFayette – all these stores represent only a few of the many well-known department stores situated in different modern metropolises. What all these famous large-scale stores have in common is that they are mass marketplaces which are often referred to as “halls of temptation” (Rappaport 16) or “cathedrals of consumption” (Fiske 10). In this sense, shopping is no longer considered a pure economic act. Rather, it is regarded as an act being strongly associated with illusion, desires, self-fulfillment, seduction and dreams. With their innovative interior and exterior architecture, their overwhelming range of goods coming from all over the world, and their leisure time facilities, they manage to fascinate us. These great stores offer customers an enjoyable shopping experience or rather enable them to spend a unique day out by providing much more than the latest fashion and household goods or nice cafés and restaurants in comfortable settings. Many of this type of store include cinemas, theater shows, fitness center or sometimes even miniature golf courses or bowling centers. March 15, 1909 marks the birth of one of these great department stores, still sustaining its position in British society today: Selfridges. It was the American self-made retail entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge who founded this department store in London’s Oxford Street in 1909 and fascinated his customers by creating a unique experience of shopping (Woodhead 1). To this day, Harry Selfridge is highly praised as a unique marketing innovator. As his personal story inspired ITV drama, there even has been a TV series adapted in which the life of Selfridge and his family members is portrayed as well as the rise and the success of his lifework. Given that this American visionary presents the protagonist of the TV series Mr Selfridge, the aim of this paper is to consider the central question how his character is represented in the series.

The World of Mr Selfridge

Author: Alison Maloney
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471138852
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With love affairs, class issues, glamour, great story-telling and social history, Mr Selfridgeis the biggest budget ITV-produced drama of all time. Beginning in 1909, Mr Selfridge follows a colourful cast of characters whose lives and fortunes are entangled with the founder of the magnificent department store. An American retail visionary, Harry Selfridge moved to London in 1906 with his family to build and open the most ambitious department store the world had ever seen. The drama is set at a time when women were revelling in a new sense of freedom and modernity. Harry wanted to indulge, empower and celebrate these women and so opened the doors of his opulent department store on London's famous Oxford Street, changing the way the British shopped forever. This lavishly illustrated book is the official companion to the series. Written with a foreword by series producer Andrew Davies, the book takes fans on a journey through the world of Harry Gordon Selfridge. Rich with historical detail it explores the man himself, his relationship with his family as well as the store, its departments and changing fashions in the early twentieth century. Complete with hundreds of high quality photographs it takes a closer look at the cast and their characters before looking ahead to series three which will pick up in 1919, the point at which Harry's life really begins to unravel.

Das Paradies der Damen

Author: Emile Zola
Publisher: Booklassic
ISBN: 9635266456
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Anhand der Geschichte der Protagonistin Denise, einer Verkäuferin, die aus der Provinz nach Paris kommt und im Paradies der Damen eine Anstellung findet, wird das Wachstum und die Struktur dieses Kaufhauses und gleichzeitig der Niedergang des kleingewerblichen Einzelhandels eines kompletten Pariser Stadtviertels beschrieben. Die im Roman auftauchenden Figuren sind aktiv oder passiv mit dem expandierendem Kaufhaus verbunden. Als Mitarbeiter, Käufer oder anliegender Einzelhändler. Besonderes Augenmerk findet neben der Verkäuferin Denise der Inhaber des Kaufhauses, Octave Mouret, und dessen Leben in der feinen Pariser Gesellschaft sowie seine Geschäftspraktiken. Vorbild für diese Romanfigur waren der Unternehmer Auguste Hériot, der das Pariser Kaufhaus Grands Magasins du Louvre begründete sowie Aristide Boucicaut, der Gründer des Le Bon Marché. Um den Kampf des kleinen Einzelhändlers gegen das aufkommende Großwarenhaus darzustellen, betrieb Zola gewohntermaßen umfangreiche betriebswirtschaftliche und soziologische Studien, er interviewte Geschäftsführer, Abteilungsleiter und Verkäuferinnen der genannten Warenhäuser. Sein fiktives Riesenwarenhaus sollte ein ideales Beispiel darstellen, deshalb nahm er sich bei dessen Beschreibung die Verwaltung des Unternehmens Le Bon Marché zum Vorbild, während ihm das Kaufhaus Grands Magasins du Louvre zwar schlechter organisiert, in der Warenpräsentation aber überlegen erschien.

Zehn Wahrheiten

Author: Miranda July
Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch
ISBN: 3462315617
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Vorsicht, diese Autorin könnte Ihr Leben verändern! Zugegeben: Die Menschen in Miranda Julys Geschichten sind sonderbar. Sie haben merkwürdige Obsessionen, verlieben sich möglichst hoffnungslos, wohnen gerne in Luftschlössern, sind einsam und stoßen das Glück von sich, wenn es einmal anklopft. Und doch bringen diese flüchtigen und zugleich sehr diesseitigen Geschichten etwas in uns zum Klingen, das wir zuvor vielleicht geahnt, aber noch nie so deutlich vernommen haben. Kein Wunder also, dass diese Sammlung von sechzehn Storys bei ihrem Erscheinen 2007 in den USA und ein Jahr später in Deutschland als literarische Sensation gefeiert wurde und ihre Autorin auf einen Schlag berühmt machte. Sie wurde dafür mit dem Frank-O’Connor-Preis ausgezeichnet. Seither hat sie ihr Publikum immer wieder überrascht, als Aktionskünstlerin, als Filmemacherin (»Ich und du und alle, die wir kennen«, »The Future«) und zuletzt als Autorin des großartigen Romans »Der erste fiese Typ«. Miranda July ist ein künstlerisches Multitalent, das mit abgründiger Fantasie die verschiedensten medialen Klaviaturen bespielt und dabei immer überzeugt.

Mr Selfridge s Romance of Commerce

Author: Harry Gordon Selfridge
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 144056910X
Format: PDF
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A captivating look inside the heart and mind of Harry Selfridge! Founder of one of the greatest department stores in the world, Harry Gordon Selfridge reopens his doors--and extravagant life--in this updated edition of his classic work. From his striking window displays during the holidays to his glittering love affairs with the most beautiful women in Europe, this book reveals the secrets behind his success as a tycoon. Filled with revolutionary thoughts about business, leadership, and society, Selfridge will inspire you with powerful aphorisms like: People will sit up and take notice of you if you will sit up and take notice of what makes them sit up and take notice. The boss drives his men; the leader coaches them. The customer is always right. With Mr. Selfridge's Romance of Commerce, you will uncover the innovative ideas that helped launch London's most iconic department store and that changed the lives of women and businessmen everywhere.

When Harry Met Rose

Author: Maria Malone
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781508571971
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Harry Selfridge is not in the market for love. Until he meets Rose Buckingham …Smart and successful, a society beauty, Rose knocks the charismatic Harry sideways. For the first time in his life he is head over heels – and Rose, it seems, feels the same. Theirs is a love story with all the makings of a fairy tale, yet snobbish elements of Chicago's well-to-do set are sneering, asking how a self-made man from a poor background can expect to win the heart of a debutante from one of the city's wealthiest families. Harry, accustomed to getting what he wants no matter what, is undeterred. Then, on the eve of Rose's birthday, at a Fourth of July ball attended by all of Chicago society, and with everything going their way, disaster strikes.It seems the couple may not be on course for their happy ending, after all. WHEN HARRY MET ROSE: MR SELFRIDGE AND THE SEARCH FOR LOVE is the tender and touching story of one couple's pursuit of love in defiance of the conventions of their time. The third series ofMr Selfridge airs on ITV from January 2015.

Pan Selfridge

Author: Lindy Woodhead
Publisher: MOTTO, Albatros Media a.s.
ISBN: 8026707834
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Kniha, která se stala inspirací úspěšného televizního seriálu Pan Selfridge Život zakladatele známého obchodního domu Selfridges, který revolučním způsobem ovlivnil i naše nakupování, byl plný přepychu, krásných žen a hazardu. Harry Gordon Selfridge byl však také vizionář, který se podílel na zrodu moderní reklamy a koncepce dnešních obchodních domů. Rozpoznal potenciál konfekce a prosadil prodej dámské kosmetiky. Nezajímal se ale jen o módu a obchod, dokázal vždy vyhmátnout a podpořit všechno nové a progresivní, co doba přinášela. Především ale dovedl odhadnout, po čem ženy touží, a nabídnout jim to. Nechejte se svést! Lindy Woodhead věnovala dvacet pět roků svého života práci v módním průmyslu jako odbornice pro styk s veřejností, spolu s manželem Colinem založili PR agenturu. Koncem osmdesátých let minulého století se dostala jako první žena vůbec do představenstva Harvey Nichols’. S příchodem nového tisíciletí se ve věku padesáti let rozhodla od základů změnit svou profesní dráhu a stát se spisovatelkou. Její první kniha, War Paint: Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden – Their Lives, Their Times, Their Rivalry vyšla v roce 2003. Svůj zájem o svět módy a obchodu využila i při psaní knihy Pan Selfridge (Shopping, Seduction & Mr Selfridge), kterou vydala v roce 2007. Jejím nejnovějším dílem je Midnight Mother: Mrs Meyrick – The Most Notorious Nightclub Owner in 1920s London z roku 2014. Pravidelně přispívá do časopisů věnujících se životnímu stylu. S manželem mají dva syny a žijí střídavě v Londýně a v jihozápadní Francii.