Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream

Author: Jennifer Ackerman
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780547085609
Format: PDF, ePub
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Follows a typical day in the life of the human body, from the early morning wakeup to the nighttime return to sleep, revealing the rhythmic cycles that control the body and demonstrating the importance of synchronizing one's actions to these biological rhythms.

Die Genies der L fte

Author: Jennifer Ackerman
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3644000689
Format: PDF, ePub
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Sie überqueren Kontinente, ohne nach dem Weg zu fragen. Sie erinnern sich an die Vergangenheit und planen für die Zukunft. Sie beherrschen die Grundprinzipien der Physik. Vögel sind erstaunlich intelligente Wesen. Wie zahlreiche neue Studien zeigen, stehen die kognitiven Fähigkeiten vieler Arten denen von Primaten in nichts nach. Und nicht nur ihre technische Kompetenz ist größer als lange angenommen, sie verfügen auch über eine beeindruckende soziale Intelligenz. Sie täuschen und manipulieren, sie machen Geschenke und trösten einander. Und das alles mit einem Gehirn, kleiner als eine Walnuss. Jennifer Ackerman ist begeisterte Vogelbeobachterin und begibt sich auf Entdeckungsreise zu den Genies der Lüfte. Während sie von ihren Besuchen bei Ornithologen auf der ganzen Welt berichtet, versetzt sie den Leser immer wieder in Staunen: Etwa über die Neukaledonienkrähe auf einer Inselgruppe im Pazifik, die sich Werkzeug bastelt, um an ihr Futter zu gelangen. Oder den Kiefernhäher in den Rocky Mountains, der bis zu 30.000 Samen über Dutzende Quadratkilometer verteilt und an ihren Ort einige Monate später noch sich erinnert. Ihr Fazit: Das einzigartige Talent der Vögel macht vor allem ihre Fähigkeit aus, sich an stetig verändernde Lebensumstände und Herausforderungen anzupassen und dafür innovative Lösungen zu finden. Jennifer Ackerman verbindet auf elegante Weise persönliche Anekdoten und Reisereportage mit neusten wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen – nach der Lektüre sieht man die Wunder der Vogelwelt mit neuen Augen.

Das Seelenleben der Tiere

Author: Peter Wohlleben
Publisher: Ludwig
ISBN: 3641189802
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Das neue Buch des SPIEGEL-Bestsellerautors Fürsorgliche Eichhörnchen, treu liebende Kolkraben, mitfühlende Waldmäuse und trauernde Hirschkühe – sind das nicht Gefühle, die allein dem Menschen vorbehalten sind? Der passionierte Förster und Bestsellerautor Peter Wohlleben lehrt uns das Staunen über die ungeahnte Gefühlswelt der Tiere. Anhand neuester wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse und anschaulicher Geschichten nimmt er uns mit in eine kaum ergründete Welt: die komplexen Verhaltensweisen der Tiere im Wald und auf dem Hof, ihr emotionales und bewusstes Leben. Und wir begreifen: Tiere sind uns näher, als wir je gedacht hätten. Faszinierend, erhellend, bisweilen unglaublich!


Author: Michael McGirr
Publisher: Text Publishing
ISBN: 192541082X
Format: PDF
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From bestselling author Michael McGirr comes Snooze, a revised edition of the entertaining and enlightening The Lost Art of Sleep (2009). Michael always had trouble sleeping, but the arrival of twins made him realise he’d never known true exhaustion. While he celebrated these small children who brought him so much joy, he also found himself desperately searching for a few extra winks a night. In Snooze, McGirr delves into the mysterious world of sleep: its many benefits, its stubborn elusiveness and what our brains get up to while we’re in bed. He takes readers on a tour through the odd sleep patterns of some of history’s greatest figures, including Plato and Homer, Shakespeare and Dickens, Florence Nightingale (who slept a great deal) and Thomas Edison (who hardly slept at all). He looks at the demise of sleep in our ever more fragmented world, and what that means for everyone from average sleepers to those with serious sleep disorders. And he describes his own family’s quest to master the ancient art of getting a decent kip. A profound and humorous exploration of the precious resource of sleep—and the causes and consequences of getting too little of it—Snooze is the perfect book for sleepless nights. In the history of human civilisation, sleep is the unrivalled hero. It is the wellspring of creativity. It is the space in which so much happens, mainly because, while we are asleep, we can’t squeeze any extra appointments or make any extra phone calls or look at one more thing on the internet. In sleep we are most ourselves because we have to surrender our egos. Michael McGirr is the bestselling author of Things You Get for Free and Bypass: The Story of a Road, a popular Year 12 English text in Victoria. He has reviewed more than nine hundred books for the Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Canberra Times; his short fiction has appeared in numerous publications in Australia and overseas; and he has been the publisher of Eureka Street and fiction editor of Meanjin. He currently teaches literature and philosophy at St Kevin’s College in Melbourne. Michael’s expertise in the area of sleep derives not only from having several sleep disorders but also from having three children. ‘Although this book is about insomnia and sleep, it will not send the reader off to sleep... It is a happy book. It is a compendium of anecdotes about living with small, sleepless children and of moving house.’ ArtsHub ‘A former priest examines the way shut-eye—or lack there of it—affects us on and off the pillow. If you’re among the flock who count sheep most nights, these pages reassure.’ O, The Oprah Magazine ‘McGirr is a good writer who is able to share information in an entertaining way...His anecdotes will make you out laugh out loud. If you haven’t read any books by him before, seek them out.’ Good Reading 'McGirr is an inspired synthesiser, serious in intent even while riotous in execution. You could call The Lost Art of Sleep volume three of a complex autobiography (with Things You Get for Free and Bypass). But if the central character embodies the quandaries, the delight of the writing lies in the world around him.’ Morag Fraser, Eureka Street ‘Amid the stories of famous sleepers and famous insomniacs, McGirr has interspersed personal tales, where he captures a young household very much in need of sleep...A lovely readable tone, highly recommended!’ Louise Swinn, Triple R ‘An eyes-wide-open look at the penumbral world of sleep, where we spend so much of our time without quite knowing why...Lively...A good book to curl up with while pondering the mysteries of Morpheus.’Kirkus Reviews ‘With Snooze, Michael McGirr has, pardon the pun, produced a wake-up call about the fascinating yet little known history and science of sleep. A delightful read, Snooze takes on the one activity we spend the most time doing, yet still manages to surprise. It’s one bedtime read that won’t put you to sleep.’ Edward Humes, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Door to Door and Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash ‘A delightful eye-opener. [McGirr's] loving account of life with his family gives Snooze: The Lost Art of Sleep its big heart...Its blend of memoir, science history, mythological lore and cultural commentary is a constant delight.’ Seattle Times ‘Readers have McGirr’s tossing and turning to thank for a dynamic, multifaceted book that serves as an entertaining, philosophical lullaby for the deprived.’ Shelf Awareness ‘This revised and expanded edition offers a broader base of experience to share with readers...It reads like chapters of a one-sided conversation with an amiable, liberal-minded man-of-the-world, who thinks fondly of the almost unattainable—the undisturbed night of blissful sleep.’ Otago Daily Times ‘A exploration of and reassurance for our overloaded century. McGirr’s journey through this “profound form of absence” is spirited, sympathetic and commendably non-soporific.’ NZ Listener

Ah Choo

Author: Jennifer Ackerman
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0446574015
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Some colds are like mice, timid and annoying; others like dragons, accompanied by body aches and deep misery. In AH-CHOO!, Jennifer Ackerman explains what, exactly, a cold is, how it works, and whether it's really possible to "fight one off." Scientists call this the Golden Age of the Common Cold because Americans suffer up to a billion colds each year, resulting in 40 million days of missed work and school and 100 million doctor visits. They've also learned over the past decade much more about what cold viruses are, what they do to the human body, and how symptoms can be addressed. In this ode to the odious cold, Ackerman sifts through the chatter about treatments-what works, what doesn't, and what can't hurt. She dispels myths, such as susceptibility to colds reflects a weakened immune system. And she tracks current research, including work at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, a world-renowned center of cold research studies, where the search for a cure continues.

Ethical Models and Applications of Globalization Cultural Socio Political and Economic Perspectives

Author: Wankel, Charles
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1613503334
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Continued growth of the global market necessitates research that establishes norms and practices and ensures the appropriate level of ethical concern for those who contribute to the process of globalization and are being affected by globalization. Ethical Models and Applications of Globalization: Cultural, Socio-Political and Economic Perspectives presents the work of researchers who seek to advance the understanding of both the ethical impact of globalization and the influence of globalization on ethical practices from various cultural, socio-political, economic, and religious perspectives. The aim of this reference work is to put forward empirically grounded methods for understanding both the effect that the process of globalization has on ethical practices in organizations and how this research can shape the course of economic globalization.


Author: Alex Westcombe
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 9780857002570
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book brings together an unprecedented number and range of contributions from different disciplines relating to sleep in one comprehensive volume. The contributors explore the science of sleep - what it is, what makes it happen and why we do it - as well as the measurement of sleep, its importance for daytime performance and its sociological and cultural aspects. Sleep disorders, sleep quality and the importance of sleep for daytime performance are also explored, as are the ways in which sleep can be affected by medication and medical and psychiatric conditions. This groundbreaking and insightful book will be of great interest to students, academics and professionals in a wide range of disciplines, and anyone else who wishes to discover more about this fascinating topic.

The Way We re Working Isn t Working

Author: Tony Schwartz
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0857200496
Format: PDF
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This is the paperback edition of 'The Way We're Working Isn't Working'. Through his years of intensive work consulting to companies including Procter & Gamble, Sony, Toyota, Microsoft, Ford and Ernst & Young, with his firm The Energy Project, Schwartz has developed a powerful program for changing the way we are working that greatly boosts our engagement and our satisfication with our work and increases our performance. In this book he marshalls a wide range of powerful evidence from business research and psychology that shows that the current model of work is not only not optimal, it is specfically counter-productive because it saps us of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. In order for us to perform at our best, we must make a set of key changes in our work lives -- and in order to develop the full potential of their work force, our managers and companies must institute changes that will provide us with the regular physical renewal, emotional reward, mental focus and stimulation; and sense of purpose and significance that we need.

Herzrasen kann man nicht m hen

Author: Johannes Hinrich von Borstel
Publisher: Ullstein eBooks
ISBN: 3843711852
Format: PDF, ePub
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Johannes Hinrich von Borstel studiert Medizin und hat sich auf das Herz spezialisiert. Nebenbei ist er aber auch einer der besten Science-Slammer Deutschlands. Er kann Herzerkrankungen tanzen und uns im Rhythmus von »Highway to Hell« die perfekte Reanimation präsentieren. Parallel zu seiner Dissertation arbeitet er als Rettungssanitäter – ein Großteil seiner Einsätze sind wahre Herzensangelegenheiten. Anhand vieler Geschichten aus der Praxis vermittelt er uns in diesem Buch seine Begeisterung für das Wunderwerk des Herz-Kreislauf-Systems. Er beschreibt, wie wir unserem Herzen etwas Gutes tun und uns damit fit und gesund halten können, erzählt vom „Broken-Heart-Syndrom“ – von Menschen, die tatsächlich an einem gebrochenen Herzen sterben – und erklärt, wie Sex uns vor Arteriosklerose schützen kann.