Corporate Venturing in der Praxis

Author: Carsten W. Seeliger
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 332281890X
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Carsten W. Seeliger zeigt, welche Rolle Corporate Venturing im Rahmen des Innovationsmanagements einnehmen kann, und skizziert darüber hinaus aus Unternehmenssicht Ansätze zur Beurteilung und Steuerung der unterschiedlichen erzielbaren und erzielten Erfolgsbeiträge.

Handbook of Research on Global Corporate Citizenship

Author: Andreas Georg Scherer
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1848442920
Format: PDF, ePub
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Want to know what s buzzing with corporate citizenship? Look no further. This book shows why global corporate citizenship has been called the topic of the decade and why it matters to each of us, no matter where we live. It explains in plain English the major issues and ideas percolating in current research on the topic. Trust what you discover in the book. The list of contributors to Handbook of Research on Global Corporate Citizenship reads like a Who s Who of corporate citizenship research. Thomas Donaldson, University of Pennsylvania, US This is a unique and eclectic set of essays on a vitally important (but often neglected) topic. The editors are to be congratulated in assembling a distinguished group of scholars, who carefully and expertly guide the reader through the various facets of global corporate citizenship. This is a must read for anyone interested in the social ramifications of the globalization of business activity. John H. Dunning OBE, University of Reading, UK and Rutgers University, US Start with a fact large corporations wield enormous power in the contemporary, globalized economy. Then note the hopes and fears that this fact inspired the potential to harness the profit motive to social needs, but the fear that the profit motive can just as easily wreak havoc. And finally, bring together some leading scholars from around the world to discuss the matter and the result is a hugely impressive collection of essays on one of the burning issues of our time. This volume is definitive the necessary starting point for future debate. Paul S. Adler, University of Southern California, US This volume provides an extensive and comprehensive overview of current research and theory about why and how corporations should play a more active role in fulfilling their global citizenship obligations and responsibilities. Its contributors include many of the most important and influential scholars in the field of corporate social responsibility from both Europe and the US. An important strength of this volume is the diversity and breadth of the dimensions of corporate citizenship that it explores in depth. This volume provides an important resource to scholars, managers, and activists interested in promoting corporate citizenship. David Vogel, University of California, Berkeley, US The Handbook of Research on Global Corporate Citizenship identifies and fosters key interdisciplinary research on corporate citizenship and provides a framework for further academic debate on corporate responsibility in a global society. This exciting and important Handbook provides a unique forum to discuss the consequences of the social and political mandate of business firms and examines the implications of these consequences for the theory of the firm. Leading academics have been invited from various disciplines such as management studies, economics, sociology, legal studies and political science to evaluate the concept of corporate citizenship and to analyze the role of private business in global governance and the production of global public goods. The Handbook is structured in seven sections: theoretical perspectives on corporate citizenship contemporary issues and challenges of global business regulation actors and institutions of global business regulation disciplinary perspectives on corporate citizenship implications for management theory building critical perspectives on corporate citizenship conclusions. This Handbook will be a significant read for academics, postgraduate students and managers interested in the field of corporate citizenship, regulation and corporate responsibility across the social sciences.

Management von Unternehmungsteilungen

Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3322977943
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Der Autor entwickelt einen Managementansatz für Unternehmungsteilungen, der prozessuale, instrumentelle und institutionelle Elemente integriert, und stellt die Attraktivität der Teilungsoptionen dar.

Directory of Corporate Counsel 2011 2012

Author: Aspen Publishers
Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online
ISBN: 1454803207
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Completely updated for 2011-2012, the Directory of Corporate Counsel remains the only comprehensive source for information on the corporate law departments and practitioners of the companies of the United States and Canada. Profiling over 22,000 attorneys and more than 5,000 companies, it supplies complete, uniform listings compiled through a major research effort, including information on company organization, department structure and hierarchy, and the background and specialties of the attorneys. This newly revised 2 volume edition is easier to use than ever before and includes five quick-search indexes to simplify your search: Corporations and Organizations Index Geographic Index Attorney Index Law School Alumni Index Nonprofit Organizations Index

A Desktop Guide for Nonprofit Directors Officers and Advisors

Author: Jack B. Siegel
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471791024
Format: PDF, Docs
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How to keep any nonprofit out of trouble, running smoothly, andaccomplishing its mission "Jack Siegel--lawyer, accountant, management consultant, andcomputer whiz--takes the putative director or officer of anonprofit organization on a useful and often entertaining voyagethroughout the realm of the tax-exempt organizations universe,pointing out its quirks, foibles, and legal liabilities along theway. His handbook will make mandatory--and arresting--reading forthose who are already serving as trustees, directors, officers, andkey employees of exempt organizations, particularly charitableones. Siegel's goal, in which he succeeds, is to help directors andofficers of nonprofit organizations 'make better decisions.' Thebook is full of large policy analyses and paragraphs on thedetails, such as board size, board committees, board meetingformats, the contents of minutes, and the duties of officers. Salted with some excellent real-life examples, what also sets thisbook apart from most in its genre is the tone: the writing style,the brusqueness, the bluntness. He complains that too manydirectors 'check their good judgment at the boardroom door.' Headvises individuals who 'desire agreement and demand adulation' tostay off boards; he insists on 'commitment' and 'institutionaltension' with the executive director. He warns prospectivedirectors that some organizations want, in addition to time andjudgment, 'either your money or your ability to raise money.' To mydelight, he extols the virtues of 'some level of expenditures' forqualified lawyers and accountants. Please join me in adding this most helpful handbook to yournonprofit library." --Bruce R. Hopkins, Attorney at Law, author of The Law ofTax-Exempt Organizations, Eighth Edition and Starting and Managinga Nonprofit Organization: A Legal Guide, Fourth Edition

Siegel s Corporations

Author: Brian Siegel
Publisher: Aspen Pub
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Siegel's Series works through key topics in a Q&A format, providing and additional source for self-quizzing. A proven resource for high performance, each title in this exam-prep series contains multiple-choice questions and answers, as well as essay questions with model answers. Siegel's Features: Multiple choice questions with model answers Essay questions with model answers Available for all major subjects and electives Great for exam prep, too

The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility

Author: Andrew Crane
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780199211593
Format: PDF
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CSR encompasses broad questions about the changing relationship between business, society, and government. An authoritative review of the academic research that has both prompted, and responded to, these issues, the text provides clear thinking and perspectives on CSR and the debates around it.

Ethikmanagement in der Roten Biotechnologie

Author: Julia Hillebrandt
Publisher: Diplomica Verlag
ISBN: 3836658097
Format: PDF, Docs
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Biotechnologieunternehmen, die im Bereich der Medizin und Pharmazie agieren, sind mit aussergew hnlichen ethischen Herausforderungen konfrontiert. Die Besonderheit ihrer biotechnologischen Produkte, die nicht mit gew hnlichen Konsumg tern gleichzusetzen sind, erfordert die bernahme von sowohl bioethischer als auch unternehmensethischer Verantwortung. Welche Ethikmanagement-Massnahmen die drei umsatzst rksten amerikanischen Unternehmen der Roten Biotechnologiebranche, Genentech Inc., Amgen Inc. und Genzyme Corp. anwenden, um dieser Forderung nachzukommen, wird anhand von Fallstudien erl utert. Die unternehmensethische Frage zum Ausmass der jeweiligen unternehmerischen Moral unter den Bedingungen des Wettbewerbes steht dabei im Mittelpunkt der Ausarbeitungen. Die genannten Unternehmen wenden prim r institutionalisierte - im Gegensatz zu informellen - Ethikmanagement-Massnahmen an. Diese umschliessen Verhaltensstandards, Ethikrichtlinien, Hotlines und Helplines, Ausbildung und Training, den Einsatz von Richtlinienbeauftragten, Komitees und Ombudspersonen. Die unternehmensethischen Verpflichtungen Roter Biotechnologieunternehmen wie die Produktsicherheit, die bernahme gesellschaftlicher Verantwortung und die ethisch korrekte Unternehmensf hrung erf llen sie beispielhaft. Die analysierten Biotechnologieunternehmen, in denen ethische Grunds tze im Sinne eines Integrity-Ansatzes verankert sind, geniessen in der Gesellschaft, bei Investoren und Mitarbeitern eine hohe Reputation. Es kann jedoch abschliessend nicht mit Sicherheit best tigt werden, dass das ethische Verhalten der Unternehmen eine wahre Tugend ist, oder ob es aus Eigeninteresse get tigt wird und als Mittel zur Akzeptanzbeschaffung dienen soll.