Sister Psychopath

Author: Maggie James
ISBN: 9781912175642
Format: PDF, ePub
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When they were children, Megan adored her younger sister Chloe. Now she can't bear to be in the same room as her. Megan believes Chloe is a psychopath and her sister does appear to be a textbook case: cold, cruel and lacking in empathy. Why does Chloe want to taunt Megan at every opportunity? And why does she persist in manipulating their mentally ill mother, Tilly? When Tilly, under Chloe's malignant influence, becomes dangerously unstable, the consequences are ugly. Megan's world falls apart. Her sister's out of control and there's little she can do about it. Until Chloe's actions threaten the safety of Megan's former lover. A man from whom she has kept an important secret... A study of sibling rivalry and dysfunctional relationships, Sister, Psychopath tells the story of one woman's struggle to survive the damage inflicted by her own flesh and blood.

The Psychopathy of Everyday Life

Author: Martin Kantor
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275987985
Format: PDF, Docs
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An absorbing and groundbreaking exploration of mild psychopaths, those people found everyday in all professions and in all walks of life who lie, swindle, manipulate and schmooze their way into often very successful positions, at a cost to victims usually so unaware that they can not protect themselves.

Psycho Path

Author: J.C. Tolliver
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1481727907
Format: PDF
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The human mind can be a strange, scary, and an unpredictable place. It becomes a balancing act for Henry, a psychopath, who’s mind rest heavily on the brink of madness. He lives with his stepbrother Caleb, and both have been raised by an overbearing selfish, and abusive Mother. The small 4'x6', dark room in the back of the basement brought back nothing but bad memories for Caleb. It was a secret room hidden behind some shelves that held canned fruit and vegtables. When Caleb's mother locked him in this room for any small discretion, he would try not to scream or yell, so that he could get something to eat. Mother told him if he was quiet, she would let Henry bring him some food. Henry would bring him two slices of bread and a mason jar of water once a day. His mother had kept him in here as long as three days before. Caleb remembered how he sat in the middle of the room, on the dirt floow in the darkness and sang every song he knew until his mouth was so dry he could hardly swallow. He had to ration his water. He would count as far as he could until he couldn't count anymore or lost track of what number he was on. He would recite bible verses that he knew from reding them every night. He would get sleepy but he was afraid to go to sleep because he was afraid something would crawl on him. He got used to the blackness. In the blackness, he could let go of feelings he had. He could cry as much as he wanted without someone telling him to shut up. He creid over the punishments his mother gave him, he cried over the death of his father, he cried because no one loved him, he cried because he hated the darkness. The kids at school made fun of him and called him fat. Sometimes he would pray and ask God to take him to heaven because he hated his life. Life at school was hard, then life at home was even harder. Why couldn't his mother just love him like she loved Henry? Henry’s obsession with Bryson, a local 18 year old girl, is the catalyst for a series of events no one could predict. In his mind, she was the most beautiful girl in the world and she was his. He owned her, and no one else could ever have her. He vowed to kill anyone who stood in his way. He kidnapped Bryson and her twin sister Bria; the chain of events that follow will leave you glued to the story and wanting more.

A True Story How I Survived My Life with a Psychopath

Author: Jacquelyn White
Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.
ISBN: 1622876911
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This is an Autobiography written by an average person, living an extraordinary life. Jacquelyn tells this story in a very unique and compelling style of writing which leaves the reader unable to put the book down as they wonder, "Then what happens?" It is an amazing tale of survival as Jacquelyn moves heaven and earth in an unbelievable battle for her freedom. To actually become, "free" she almost loses her life and must sacrifice all she has. This is a story of a mother's unconditional love for her children. The children she is willing to die to protect, as she overcomes the chains that bind her. It is a tale of hope and leaves the reader with a deep appreciation for their own journey and a new found inspiration for living. The story is made all the more powerful by the legal evidence she has provided in the book to support her claims. This evidence has been fully admitted to in court and is now a matter of public record. The recorded evidence is chilling as it gives a rare insight into the mind of a monster, as it is written in his very own hand writing on his business letter head. Jacquelyn also offers a detailed insight into the systems that she and many others have had to navigate through. This book may help to change some of the laws surrounding these issues. Powerfully moving, deeply engaging and written with raw honesty, this book is well worth the read. This book will be marketed to the millions of people screaming for change, awareness and insight to bring safety and justice to our world. Keywords: Psychopath, Sociopath, Australia, Freedom, Abuse, Legal, Psychology, Forensic, Mental Illness


Author: Tish O'Dowd Ezekiel
Publisher: Scribner
Format: PDF
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An old woman recounts the disturbing experiences of her childhood, maturity, and marriages

Carniepunk The Inside Man

Author: Nicole Peeler
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 147679362X
Format: PDF, ePub
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Award-winning author Nicole Peeler brings the supernatural adventure from Tempest Rising and Tempest Reborn to this urban fantasy short story in the spellbinding Carniepunk anthology. The ladies of Triptych—Capitola, Shar, and Moo—are hardly impressed when a scared halfling approaches them with tales of his tiny Illinois hamlet having gone “ultra boring” after a visit from a traveling circus. But when more stories begin circulating of towns gone “walking dead” they decide to investigate. What they discover is a ringmaster bent on entertaining you…for the price of your soul.

Die Sisters Brothers

Author: Patrick deWitt
Publisher: Manhattan
ISBN: 3641073642
Format: PDF, Docs
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Ein tragikomischer Roman über zwei Auftragsmörder und ihre blutige, bizarre Reise durch Amerikas Westen im Jahre 1851 Hermann Kermit Warm wird sterben. Sein Tod wurde von dem geheimnisvollen und mächtigen »Kommodore« befohlen, und die Brüder Charlie und Eli Sisters werden den Auftrag ausführen. Die beiden machen sich auf den Weg von Oregon nach Kalifornien, wo sie Warm aufspüren sollen. Ihre Reise durch den vom Goldrausch geprägten amerikanischen Westen wird allerdings immer wieder von bizarren und blutigen Begegnungen unterbrochen. Zugleich zeigt sich, wie verschieden die beiden Brüder sind: Charlie ein eiskalter, skrupelloser Killer – Eli ein Grübler, der sich mit geradezu existenziellen Fragen beschäftigt. Er beginnt an seinem Beruf zu zweifeln – und an seinem Partner. Doch als die beiden schließlich in Kalifornien eintreffen, nehmen die Ereignisse eine höchst unerwartete Wendung ...

Morality Without God

Author: Walter Sinnott-Armstrong
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199910464
Format: PDF, Docs
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Some argue that atheism must be false, since without God, no values are possible, and thus "everything is permitted." Walter Sinnott-Armstrong argues that God is not only not essential to morality, but that our moral behavior should be utterly independent of religion. He attacks several core ideas: that atheists are inherently immoral people; that any society will sink into chaos if it is becomes too secular; that without religion, we have no reason to be moral; that absolute moral standards require the existence of God; and that without religion, we simply couldn't know what is wrong and what is right. Sinnott-Armstrong brings to bear convincing examples and data, as well as a lucid, elegant, and easy to understand writing style. This book should fit well with the debates raging over issues like evolution and intelligent design, atheism, and religion and public life as an example of a pithy, tightly-constructed argument on an issue of great social importance. "In his call for sincere dialogue with theists, Sinnott-Armstrong provides a welcome relief from the apoplectic excesses of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, while also addressing objections to homosexuality and evolution frequently raised by evangelical Christians." --Publishers Weekly "[I]t is accessible and lively, my hope is that it will be widely read, especially by theists."--Peter Lamal, The Humanist "... the clarity of this text successfully defuses many erroneous claims about religion and morality, both popular and academic; this volume certainly deserves a wide audience in this increasingly secular and skeptical world." -Choice "Morality Without God? is an engaging, pithy book arguing against the necessity of God and religion for a robust morality. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong has distinguished himself as a leading philosopher in his work on metaethics and moral psychology, as well as books on moral and epistemological skepticism, and in Morality Without God? he commendably succeeds in writing a philosophically respectable introduction to the problems facing religious morality suitable for virtually any audience." --Philosophia Christi