Der agile Festpreis

Author: Andreas Opelt
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
ISBN: 3446454462
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Verhandlungsstrategie und Verhandlungstaktik Agile Methoden der Softwareentwicklung werden von der Ausnahme zur Regel. Traditionelle Vertragsformen wie Festpreis oder Time & Material stoßen dabei an ihre Grenzen, je komplexer Projekte werden. Sehr oft ist das Scheitern vorprogrammiert, weil diese Verträge echte Zusammenarbeit verhindern. Das fehlende Teil im Puzzle – Der Agile Festpreisvertrag - Warum brauchen agil entwickelte IT-Projekte einen anderen Vertragsrahmen als Projekte nach der Wasserfallmethode? - Wie ein partnerschaftliches Miteinander zu größeren Projekterfolgen führt - Erfahren Sie Schritt für Schritt, wie Sie einen agilen Festpreisvertrag ausarbeiten, verhandeln und umsetzen - Vertragsvorlage als Anregung für Ihre eigenen agilen Festpreisverträge - Umfassende Praxisbeispiele illustrieren den Weg zum passenden Vertrag Agilität – was ist das? Agile IT-Projekte brauchen Verträge, die den Spagat zwischen festem Kosten-rahmen und agiler Entwicklung – etwa mit Scrum – schaffen. Der Agile Festpreis balanciert die Interessen von Anbieter und Kunde aus und formt ein kooperatives Modell, indem er Grundsätze der Zusammenarbeit und Flexibilität in der Ausgestaltung von Anforderungen bestmöglich vereint. Was ist der Agile Festpreisvertrag? Dieses Buch ist eine Anregung zum Umdenken bei Kunden, Lieferanten und Einkäufern und bietet Best Practices, Vertragsvorlagen und Argumentarien.

Financial Cryptography and Data Security

Author: Sven Dietrich
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540773657
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data Security, FC 2007, and the co-located 1st International Workshop on Usable Security, USEC 2007, both held in Scarborough, Trinidad/Tobago, in February 2007. The book includes 17 revised full papers, 1 system presentation paper and the transcriptions of 5 panel sessions from FC 2007. The papers, which were carefully reviewed and selected from 85 submissions, are organized in topical sections on Payment Systems, Anonymity, Authentication, Anonymity and Privacy, Cryptography and Commercial Transactions, Financial Transactions and Web Services, and Cryptography. The book concludes with 5 revised full and 5 revised short papers from the USEC 2007 workshop. This workshop brought together an interdisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners to discuss usability problems and deepen the understanding of users' capabilities and motivations in performing security tasks.

Agile Contracts

Author: Andreas Opelt
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118640128
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A methodologically sophisticated, comprehensive approach toapplying the Agile fixed-price contract to IT projects whilemaximizing customer and supplier relationships "Interesting and necessary for IT managers and ITlawyers." —Walter J. Jaburek, Dipl.-Ing., Dr. iur., Dr. techn. Approximately 50 percent of software developers use Scrum, aniterative and incremental development method for managing softwareprojects and product or application development, in their work. Thebenefit of Scrum and other Agile methods is that they can addressshifts in a large project that traditional managerial methodscannot. Written by pioneers and leaders in the field of Agile and Scrum,Agile Contracts is the only book dedicated exclusively tothe legal, procurement, and project management considerations ofAgile contracts. Providing templates, a toolbox, and examples ofAgile fixed-price contracts, the book presents an alternativeoption to fixed-price, time-based, and supply-basedcontracts—reducing the risk for both the supplier and thecustomer with a contract that offers the possibility of flux andflexible scenarios as a project progresses. Agile Contracts features in-depth chapter coverageof: The Agile Manifesto of 2001 Agility from the perspective of procurement and the softwareprovider The problems with traditional fixed-price contracts and timematerial contracts What the Agile fixed-price contract is and how it is setup Tendering based on the Agile fixed-price contract How to negotiate an Agile fixed-price contract Special guidelines for the legal framework of an Agilefixed-price contract Adaptable Scope System The Black Swan scenario Contracts and procedures for the featured methodologies Especially applicable within highly structured businessorganizations, Agile Contracts is a must-read for projectmanagers, agile practitioners, procurement representatives, and ITlawyers.

Labor and Employment Law Settlements and Negotiations

Author: Aspatore Books Staff
Format: PDF
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Labor and Employment Settlements and Negotiations is an authoritative, insider's perspective on key strategies for representing and advising both individuals and organizations involved in legal issues surrounding the workplace. Featuring partners from some of the nation's leading firms, these experts guide the reader through the gamut of legal issues that can arise in this vast area, such as: structuring employment contracts and termination terms; dealing with discrimination, harassment, and sensitive office relationships; and understanding the legal aspects of employee benefits. These top lawyers give solid advice for everything from non-compete contracts to workers? unions, covering proper hiring procedures, privacy rights, and compensation issues. The laws profiled in this volume include the Sarbanes-Oxley Act as well as legislation affecting proper workplace conduct and employees? rights.

The law and economics of financial markets

Author: Frederick L. Feldkamp
Publisher: Aspatore Books
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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?To make the equilibrium that U.S. financial markets achieved in 2004 permanent, its benefits cannot be hidden in a vault. They must be applied to rebuild the productive sector of the U.S. economy and not abused so as to dismantle it. Otherwise, the long-sought financial sector goal of equilibrium will recycle in failure, as the productive sector spirals downward and drags down our financial sector.? (From: ?POSTSCRIPT: IT?S STILL THE PRODUCTIVE SECTOR?)?Since the creation of money, national wealth has periodically been dragged down by the failures of financial markets. Today, an abundance of new information, an explosion of computative capacity and the financial market revolutions which we have watched are, we believe, creating a solution to instability in financial markets that can avoid or resolve crises, if only we will heed the lessons of history. If the U.S. succeeds in creating markets that are immune to crises, the worldwide benefits are truly astonishing. If markets respond in a rational manner, we will demonstrate how crises become profit opportunities, not precursors to recession or depression.? (From: ?PREFACE?)

Contract and Commercial Management The Operational Guide

Author: International Association for Contract and Commercial Management(IACCM)
Publisher: Van Haren
ISBN: 908753972X
Format: PDF, ePub
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Almost 80% of CEOs say that their organization must get better at managing external relationships. According to The Economist, one of the major reasons why so many relationships end in disappointment is that most organizations 'are not very good at contracting'. This ground-breaking title from leading authority IACCM (International Association for Contract and Commercial Management) represents the collective wisdom and experience of Contract, Legal and Commercial experts from some of the world s leading companies to define how to partner for performance. This practical guidance is designed to support practitioners through the contract lifecycle and to give both supply and buy perspectives, leading to a more consistent approach and language that supports greater efficiency and effectiveness. Within the five phases described in this book (Initiate, Bid, Development, Negotiate and Manage), readers will find invaluable guidance on the whole lifecycle with insights to finance, law and negotiation, together with dispute resolution, change control and risk management. This title is the official IACCM operational guidance and fully supports and aligns with the course modules for Certification.

Agile Prozesse Von XP ber Scrum bis MAP

Author: Eckhart Hanser
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783642123139
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Das Buch beschäftigt sich mit aktuellen agilen Prozessmodellen der Software-Entwicklung. Der Autor stellt prominente Vertreter wie Extreme Programming, Crystal, Crystal Clear und Scrum vor. Dabei stehen Ablauf, Produktrollen und Artefakte im Vordergrund. Ausgehend von Erfahrungen mit agilen Techniken im studentischen Entwicklungslabor wird der Teamprozess beleuchtet, insbesondere die Bildung von Mini-Teams. Die für den Erfolg eines Projekts unerlässlichen Teamrollen werden identifiziert und eine Methode zur optimalen Teambildung vorgeschlagen.