Sterling MCAT Biology Practice Questions

Author: Sterling Test Prep
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781496187130
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MCAT prep best seller! Guaranteed higher MCAT score or your money back! We've helped thousands of students improve their MCAT scores This MCAT prep book contains 1200 MCAT Biology practice questions with detailed explanations that will help you to: - master important scientific topics and concepts - assess your knowledge of different Biology topics - improve your test-taking skills - prepare for the biology portion of MCAT comprehensively and cost effectively MCAT Biology 1,200 Practice Questions by Sterling Test Prep is comprised of all Biology topics tested on the MCAT. Scoring well on the MCAT is important for admission into medical school. To achieve a high MCAT score, you need to develop skills to properly apply the knowledge you have and quickly choose the correct answer. You must solve numerous practice questions that represent the style and content of the MCAT. Understanding key science concepts is more valuable than memorizing formulas and terms. The explanations discuss why the answer is correct and – more importantly – why another answer that may have seemed correct is the wrong choice. These explanations include the foundations and details of important science topics needed to answer related questions on the MCAT. By reading these explanations carefully and understanding how they apply to solving the question, you will learn important biology concepts and the relationships between them. This will prepare you for the bilogy part of the MCAT and will significantly improve your score. All the questions are prepared by our science editors that possess extensive credentials, are educated in top colleges and universities and have been admitted to medical school with stellar MCAT scores. Our editors are experts on teaching sciences, preparing students for the MCAT and have coached thousands of premeds on admission strategies. Biology questions: molecular biology: enzymes and metabolism, molecular biology:dna and protein synthesis, molecular biology:eukaryotes, microbiology, generalized eukaryotic cell, specialized eukaryotic cells and tissues, nervous and endocrine systems, circulatory, lymphatic, and immune systems, digestive and excretory systems, muscle and skeletal systems, respiratory system, skin system, reproductive system and development, genetics, evolution (all topics tested on MCAT).


ISBN: 9781947556232
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Organic chemistry and biochemistry are challenging disciplines and are heavily tested on the MCAT as part of "Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems" section and (to a much smaller percentage) "Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems" section of the MCAT. This book provides 720 high yield practice questions that test your knowledge of all organic chemistry and biochemistry topics on the MCAT.

Key to Greek Prose Composition

Author: M. A. North
Publisher: Focus Pub R Pullins & Company
ISBN: 9780941051903
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This is the instructor's manual to accompany Greek Prose Composition.