Exploring Desert Stone

Author: Steven K. Madsen
Publisher: University Press of Colorado
ISBN: 1457181010
Format: PDF, ePub
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Exploring Desert Stone is the first detailed investigation of the 1859 Macomb Expedition into western Colorado and the canyon country of Utah. The confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers, now in Canyonlands National Park, near popular tourist destination Moab, still cannot be reached or viewed easily. Much of the surrounding region remained remote and rarely visited for decades after settlement of other parts of the West. The first U.S. government expedition to explore the canyon country and the Four Corners area was led by John Macomb of the army's topographical engineers. The soldiers and scientists followed in part the Old Spanish Trail, whose location they documented and verified. Seeking to find the confluence of the Colorado and the Green and looking for alternative routes into Utah, which was of particular interest in the wake of the Utah War, they produced a substantial documentary record, most of which is published for the first time in this volume. Theirs is also the first detailed map of the region, and it is published in Exploring Desert Stone, as well.

The Secret of The Desert Stone

Author: Frank E. Peretti
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1418565857
Format: PDF
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Biblical archeologist Dr. Jacob Cooper arrives in Togwana with his children Jay and Lila and one goal-to discover the secret behind the two-mile-high Stone that has mysteriously appeared overnight. Who could have excavated, carved, and transported the colossal Stone? The Coopers' uneasiness soon turns into dread as they are watched and threatened by the country's new government and brutal dictator Id Nkromo. Follow the Coopers as they race to solve the mystery of the desert stone!

The Forty Martyrs of the Sinai Desert Eulogios the Stone Cutter And Anastasia

Author: Christa Mü ller-Kessler
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789056930035
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Christian Palestinian Aramaic version of The Forty Martyrs of the Sinai Desert, Eulogius the Stone-Cutter and Anastasia is the third volume in the series A Corpus of Palestinian Aramaic of the Early period (5th-8th cents. AD). The edition replaces A.S. Lewis' 1912 version of the text. All available palimpsest fragments have been rechecked and their reading has been improved. Some small fragments formerly missing in the editio princeps have been identified and added. The text is accompanied by an English translation, a glossary, and a short philological commentary.

Stone Desert

Author: Craig Leland Childs
Publisher: Westcliffe Pub
ISBN: 9781565791220
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Desert Geomorphology

Author: Ronald U. Cooke
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780203020593
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Including recent research findings from terrestrial satellite imagery, the study of planetary landscapes, and advances in laboratory work, this also covers the environmental processes involved in desertification and the solution of planning and

Desert Dust in the Global System

Author: Andrew S. Goudie
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540323554
Format: PDF, ePub
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Dust storms are a vital component of the environment. This book explores and summarises recent research on where dust storms originate, why dust storms are generated, where dust is transported and deposited, the nature of dust deposits and the changing frequency of dust storms over a range of time-scales. It is the first global study of causes and effects of dust storms, which are one of the increasing nature catastrophes.

The Red Land

Author: Steven E. Sidebotham
Publisher: American Univ in Cairo Press
ISBN: 9789774160943
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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For thousands of years Egypt has crowded the Nile Valley and Delta. The Eastern Desert, however, has also played a crucial-though until now little understood-role in Egyptian history. Ancient inhabitants of the Nile Valley feared the desert, which they referred to as the Red Land, and were reluctant to venture there, yet they exploited the extensive mineral wealth of this region. They also profited from the valuable wares conveyed across the desert between the Nile and the Red Sea ports, which originated from Arabia, Africa, India, and elsewhere in the east. Based on twenty years of archaeological fieldwork conducted in the Eastern Desert, The Red Land reveals the cultural and historical richness of this little known and seldom visited area of Egypt. A range of important archaeological sites dating from Prehistoric to Byzantine times is explored here in text and illustrations. Among these ancient treasures are petroglyphs, cemeteries, fortified wells, gold and emerald mines, hard stone quarries, roads, forts, ports, and temples. With 250 photographs and fascinating artistic reconstructions based on the evidence on the ground, along with the latest research and accounts from ancient sources and modern travelers, the authors lead the reader into the remotest corners of the hauntingly beautiful Eastern Desert to discover the full story of the area's human history.

Traces in the Desert

Author: Christoph Baumer
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 0857718320
Format: PDF
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For five millennia, the peoples and cultures of East and West have met and mingled in Central Asia. Its history is epic and compelling, its future rests on a fault-line of change and upheaval. For explorers and travellers it is a promised land, a region of white spaces on the map, forgotten cities, archaeological treasures, hidden oases and harsh deserts. Christoph Baumer has spent a lifetime travelling through the countries of Central Asia, hunting for traces of its shrouded past and making extraordinary discoveries along the way. Traces in the Desert follows in Baumer’s intrepid footsteps as he finds evidence of Indo-Europeans in the steppes of Western Mongolia, discovers lost oasis cities in the Taklamakan - ‘the desert of no return’ - and unearths art treasures in Tibet. He investigates the remains of the pre-Buddhist Tibetan religion of Bön and the remarkable heritage of the Christian Nestorian Church, which stretches from Eastern Turkey into Tibet and Mongolia. He embarks on a quest to find Genghis Khan’s long-lost tomb and has numerous, occasionally hair-raising, encounters with shamans, corrupt policemen and bandits. Enlightening and full of adventure, Traces in the Desert uniquely illuminates the hidden parts of Central Asia that have not just disappeared beneath the shifting sands, but also from the horizon of our memory.

The Negev

Author: Michael Evenari
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674606722
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Negev, first published over a decade ago, told the story of some twenty years of study of southern Israel's desert. It synthesized the findings of botanists, geologists, soil scientists, agronomists, archaeologists, historians, and engineers and told how the applications of their work produced an agricultural surplus in this forbiddingly dry, hot region. Now Michael Evenari has amplified the book with data from another decade of work. He describes the efforts at a new farm at Wadi Mashash, extends the weather data another ten years, presents further work on the adaptations of plants and animals to desert conditions, and takes a much deeper look at the historical precedents for the method of runoff agriculture, which has made the desert bloom.