Author: Richard Koch
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 0771095937
Format: PDF
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For readers of Outliers or The Wisdom of Crowds -- or internationally bestselling author Richard Koch's many followers -- this entertaining book draws on the latest in network science research to show how any of us can increase the chances of success in our personal and work lives. What's so special about the rich and famous? Unusually successful people often think they've done well because of their talent or luck -- or simple grit and hard work. But individual characteristics matter far less than the social connections we exploit. And counterintuitively, it's our weak links -- your neighbour's landscaper or that ad agency guy you happened to meet at your sister's birthday party last year -- that matter most of all. Drawing on research from the fields of sociology, math, and physics, internationally bestselling author and entrepreneur Richard Koch and his co-author Greg Lockwood show how networks impact our everyday lives. Rich with entertaining anecdotes and written in Richard Koch's trademark conversational style, Superconnect reveals the hidden patterns behind everyday events. Most importantly, it shows how any of us can increase the chances of happy outcomes in our own lives, careers, or businesses.


Author: Conceptis Puzzles
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company
ISBN: 140275521X
Format: PDF, Kindle
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These dot-to-dots are for everyone! Starting with dozens and going up to several hundreds of dots, these puzzles create beautiful detailed colour pictures and provide the same satisfaction as if you drew them yourself. The puzzles are available in single line variants, where a continuous line is drawn from beginning to end and in multi-line variants, where the line is terminated whenever you reach a star and then resumed at the next number. These super complex connect-the-dots puzzles include a cuddly teddy bear, swinging rabbit and musical frog.

Dot to Dot Fun Lovers

Author: Brianna Golding
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781511977814
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This super fun book is perfect for kids and adults too! For adults, connect the dots is directly linked to the ability to associate ideas. For children, this game is used to enhance object identification, pencil hold and number or letter familiarization.

Superconnected The Internet Digital Media and Techno Social Life

Author: Mary Chayko
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1506394833
Format: PDF
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Superconnected: The Internet, Digital Media, and Techno-Social Life, Second Edition brings together the latest research from many relevant fields to examine how contemporary social life is mediated by various digital technologies: the internet, social media, and mobile devices. The book explores such topics as how digital technology led to the modern information age, information sharing and surveillance, how digital media shape socialization and development of the self, digital divides that separate groups in society, and the impact of digital media across social institutions. The author’s clear, nontechnical discussions and interdisciplinary synthesis make Superconnected an essential text for any course that examines how social life is affected when information and communication technology enter the picture. Dr. Mary Chayko is a sociologist, Teaching Professor of Communication and Information, and Director of Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies at the School of Communication and Information (SC&I) at Rutgers University. For more on the author and for instructor resources, visit her book blog at New to the Edition Current events, the latest statistics and new research findings are reflected throughout the book, including richly-detailed sections on the rise of “fake” news and information, the human-machine relationship, and the history and implications of the “dark web” and the “deep web.” The book’s companion blog,, now includes customizable lecture slides and discussion questions for each chapter. Short podcasts, recorded by the author and posted to her blog, provide fun, unique points of access to every chapter.


Author: Jean M. Twenge
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501151983
Format: PDF, ePub
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Analyzes how the young people born in the mid-1990s and later significantly differ from those of previous generations, examining how social media and texting may be behind today's unprecedented levels of anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

Advanced Metallization Conference 2003 AMC 2003

Author: G. W. Ray
Publisher: Materials Research Society
ISBN: 9781558997578
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Advanced Metallization Conference (AMC) marked its twentieth anniversary in 2003. Technical leaders from around the world gather to discuss developments in the areas of interconnect performance, advanced metallization, low-dielectric constant materials, barrier metallization, atomic layer deposition, vertical integration, advanced packaging and optical interconnects. In particular, presentations highlight both the advances and future challenges associated with multilevel interconnect. The latest developments in the integration of copper-based metallization with low-dielectric constant materials, and advances in the understanding of copper morphology and the reliability of the component materials of interconnect systems, are featured. Additional contributions discuss the development of advanced materials and advanced process technologies. Optimization of interconnect performance and density, and alternatives to metal-based interconnect, are addressed in papers on interconnect performance issues, vertical integration and system-in-a-package versus system-on-a-chip.


Author: Scott Gerber
Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong Books
ISBN: 0738219975
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Abandon the networking-for-networking's-sake mentality in favor of a more powerful and effective approach to creating and enhancing connections. STOP NETWORKING. Seriously, stop doing it. Now. It is time to ditch the old networking-for networking's-sake mentality in favor of a more powerful and effective approach to creating and enhancing connections. In Superconnector, Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh reveal a new category of professionals born out of the social media era: highly valuable community-builders who make things happen through their keen understanding and utilization of social capital. Superconnectors understand the power of relationship-building, problem-solve by connecting the dots at high levels, and purposefully cause different worlds and communities to interact with the intention of creating mutual value. How can you become a Superconnector? Gerber and Paugh share instructive anecdotes from a who's who roster of high achievers, revealing how to systematically manage a professional community and maximize its value. Of utmost importance is practicing Habitual Generosity, acting on the knowledge that your greatest returns come when you least expect them, and that by putting others' needs first the good karma will flow back to you tenfold. Gerber and Paugh also explore winning strategies such as The Art of Selectivity, a well-honed ability to define which relationships matter most for you and decide how you will maintain them over time. Full of helpful advice on how to communicate with anyone about anything, Google-proof your reputation, and much more, Superconnector is a must-read for those seeking personal and business success.

The Greatest Dot To Dot Book in the World

Author: David Kalvitis
ISBN: 9780970043726
Format: PDF, Docs
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More of the greatest connect-the-dots... complex and unpredictable! Many have special instructions to engage older kids, teens and adults. Prepare to be challenged and surprised by the wide variety of interesting and beautifully drawn final images.