Taken by the Russian BDSM Dark First Time Forced Humiliation Rough Virgin

Author: Cindel Sabante
Publisher: Cindel Sabante
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Arkady Yurlov isn't a man to cross. Quick to anger and even quicker to injure, the Russian mobster is evil through and through. So when Henry Mitchell is caught trying to steal from the mob, Arkady's wrath is is quick and bloody. Now the mobster has one final surprise in store for poor Henry. Arkady found Ashley, the person Henry was closest to. And the mobster isn't above using her against the man who stole from him. But when Ashley offers to do anything to save Henry from a painful death, it's a deal that Arkady can't pass up. Now he has his sights set on the girl. He wants to make her kneel. He wants to claim her for himself. And by the time the angry Russian is done with her, Ashley's innocence will be a thing of the past...

The Central Powers on the Russian Front

Author: David Bilton
Publisher: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1473836298
Format: PDF
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Arranged in five sections, one for each year of the War, this superbly illustrated book covers the fluid fighting that took place on the Russian Front from August 1914. The author describes how each year saw dramatic developments, notably actions in Poland, Tannenberg, the Carpathian passes in 1914, the 1915 operations in Galicia and the Baltic and the 1916 Brinsilov offensive. 1917 saw the collapse of the German army leading to the 1918 Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and continued fighting along the Baltic and in the Ukraine. The informative text is complemented by over 200 mainly previously unpublished photographs. The Central Powers on the Russian Front 1914 _ 1918 with its emphasis on the German Army's actions against Russia but covering operations on many fronts makes it especially valuable to those who seek greater insight into the wider conduct of The Great War away from the Western Front.

The Civil Code of the Russian Federation

Author: Russia (Federation)
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
ISBN: 9780765601759
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This is the definitive English translation of the new Russian Civil Code (Parts 1 and 2), often referred to as "the second Russian Constitution". The Civil Code of the Russian Federation is the result of a collaborative effort of a leading United States expert on Russian law and of the staff of the Private Law Research Center attached to the Office of the President of the Russian Federation -- the Center that had primary responsibility for drafting the new Civil Code. The authoritative introduction, complete table of contents. and comprehensive index combine to set this work far beyond the utility of any existing translations of the Civil Code. It will be a must-have resource for government, law and international business collections.

The Russian Century

Author: Pahomov
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 9780761841753
Format: PDF
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The Russian Century is the most comprehensive and accessible collection of readings devoted to Russian culture and civilization. The fascinating first-person accounts paint a vivid picture of the Russian people through the turbulent years of the collapse of the Soviet Union. This book allows readers to see Russia through the private lives of people who come from diverse backgrounds, various educational and socio-economic experiences, and a broad geographic spectrum. Diary entries, personal sketches,memoirs, and letters tell these stories in an intimate and authentic voice of immediate experience rather than the distant, general flow of history. Translated into English for the first time, personal matters as well as the larger social and political context are revealed in a manner that provides significant insight into a powerful, distinctive, and influential culture. All too often the Russian experience has been presented as either horrific or heroic. This volume goes beyond that approach and deals with areas which have received little or no attention to existing studies of Russian history and culture--love, sexuality, courtship, marriage, family life, work, education, and religion.

The Unsung Hero of the Russian Avant Garde

Author: Natalia Murray
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 900420475X
Format: PDF, Docs
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The first biography of Nikolay Punin, this book offers a comprehensive analisys of his life in the context of Russian political, social and cultural history in the first half of the XX century.

The Routledge Atlas of Russian History

Author: Martin Gilbert
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 041539483X
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The complex and often turbulent history of Russia over the course of 2,000 years is brought to life in a series of 176 maps by one of the most prolific and successful historian authors today. This fourth edition of The Routledge Atlas of Russian History covers not only the wars and expansion of Russia but also a wealth of less conspicuous details of its history, from famine and anarchism to the growth of naval strength and the strengths of the river systems. From 800 BC to the fall of the Soviet Union, this indispensable guide to Russian history covers: war and conflict: from the triumph of the Goths between 200 and 400 BC to the defeat of Germany at the end of the Second World War and the end of the Cold War politics: from the rise of Moscow in the Middle Ages to revolution, the fall of the monarchy and the collapse of communism industry, economics and transport: from the Trans-Siberian Railway between 1891 and 1917 to the Virgin Lands Campaign and the growth of heavy industry society, trade and culture: from the growth of monasticism to peasant discontent, Labour Camps and the geographical distribution of ethnic Russians. Now bringing new material to view, and including seven new maps, this popular atlas will more than readily gain a place on the bookshelves of anyone interested in the history of Russia.

Religious Schism in the Russian Aristocracy 1860 1900 Radstockism and Pashkovism

Author: E. Heier
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401032289
Format: PDF, Docs
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My research in the intellectual and spiritual sphere of nineteenth century Russia revealed that ever since the penetration of the fashion able anti-ecclesiastical views of the Encyclopedists into Russia, the aristocrats had grown indifferent to religion. The spiritual vacuum created as a result of such conditions could not last, however, for a prolonged period of time; least of all during the decades following the r860's when Russia's moral, socio-political, and religious problems were most acute. The subsequent quest for salvation and the general religious inquiry among Russia's elite, as they were known in the West, manifested itself chiefly in the writings of such profound religious and philosophical thinkers as V. Solov'ev, K. Leont'ev, N. Fedorov, Dos toevskij, and Tolstoj. They constitute, however, only a fraction of those tormented by the longing for religious truth and guidance in an age of transition and uncertainty. There existed among Russia's aristocracy in the second half of the nineteenth century a widespread socio-religious movement known as Radstockism or Pashkovism, which aimed for a religious renovation and with it a transformation of Russia on an ethical and moral basis. These aristocrats were men and women who in their youth were in different to all faith, but who had never abandoned the search for a solution to their own and to Russia's problems. The solution to these problems they believed to be based on moral and religious principles found in Evangelical Christianity.