Teach Me to Do it Myself

Author: Maja Pitamic
Publisher: Barrons Educational Series Incorporated
ISBN: 9780764127892
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Presents a collection of actitivies based on the principles of the Montessori method of education covering such skill areas as sensory perception, body coordination, language, and numbers.

Child s Play

Author: Maja Pitamic
Publisher: Barrons Educational Series Incorporated
ISBN: 9780764142413
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Contains more than 60 activities to help parents enjoy, encourage, and assist in their child's key developmental stages. The emphasis is on fun and play as your child begins to explore the surrounding world. Divided into six chapters, the book exploresthe development of the senses, coordination, art, movement, language, and nature. The activities are simple to set up and follow, and they require no specialized knowledge or materials. Templates that relate to the activities can be found at the back ofthe book. --P. 2 of cover.


ISBN: 9783831018970
Format: PDF, Docs
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Pflanzen sind der Schlüssel zum Leben. Ohne sie würden die meisten Lebewesen bald verschwinden. Weshalb brauchen wir Pflanzen? Warum brauchen Pflanzen Licht zum Leben? Wie fängt eine Venusfalle Insekten? Diese und viele weitere Fragen beantwortet Band 48 der Wissensreihe memo. Spektakuläre Bilder von prächtigen Blüten, bizarren Blättern oder dem pflanzlichen Lebenszyklus vom Samen bis zur Frucht kombiniert mit gut gegliederten, kurzen Texten machen die Thematik für Kinder leicht verständlich. Auch schwierigere Sachverhalte werden so begreifbar. Rubriken wie "Erstaunliche Fakten", "Fragen und Antworten" oder "Rekordverdächtig" vertiefen das vermittelte Wissen. Ein Glossar am Ende des Buches gibt noch einmal einen Überblick über das ganze Thema. Ideal auch für Referate und Schulprojekte. (Quelle: Homepage des Verlags).


Author: Jennifer Cook O'Toole
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 9780857006479
Format: PDF, ePub
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As a parent, a teacher and an Aspie herself, Jennifer O'Toole provides the definitive insider's view of Asperger syndrome. She shows how to help children on the spectrum by understanding how they think and by exploiting their special interests to promote learning. Her strategies work because she thinks like the children that she teaches. This exciting book is full of effective and fun ways of engaging with children with Asperger syndrome. Jennifer explains how theory of mind difficulties create the need for concrete forms of communication, and provides original methods to inspire imagination through sensorial experiences. In particular she reveals the untapped power of special interests, showing how to harness these interests to encourage academic, social and emotional growth. Affirming that different doesn't mean defective, this book offers the insight and guidance that parents, educators, and other professionals need to connect with the Asperkids in their life and get them excited about learning.