Technicians of Human Dignity

Author: Gaymon Bennett
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0823267776
Format: PDF
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Technicians of Human Dignity traces the extraordinary rise of human dignity as a defining concern of religious, political, and bioethical institutions over the last half century and offers original insight into how human dignity has become threatened by its own success. The global expansion of dignitarian politics has left dignity without a stable set of meanings or referents, unsettling contemporary economies of life and power. Engaging anthropology, theology, and bioethics, Bennett grapples with contemporary efforts to mobilize human dignity as a counter-response to the biopolitics of the human body, and the breakdowns this has generated. To do this, he investigates how actors in pivotal institutions --the Vatican, the United Nations, U.S. Federal Bioethics--reconceived human dignity as the bearer of intrinsic worth, only to become frustrated by the Sisyphean struggle of turning its conceptions into practice.

Human Dignity and Managerial Responsibility

Author: Ana Maria Davila Gomez
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317120434
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The issue of human rights, in the context of corporate social responsibility, is normally taken to relate to concern about exploitation in the supply chain - child labour, slavery in developing countries, and similar evils; but of course, human rights are engaged in relation to the treatment of employees in any work situation. Indeed, as Human Dignity and Managerial Responsibility illustrates, the handling of employees is increasingly recognised as an important ingredient of sustainable enterprise - evidence shows that ethical and socially responsible behaviour is increasingly and successfully being engaged in many large corporations. Much has been written about the responsibilities of managers. Since employees are claimed by all organisations to be among their most important stakeholders it is ironic that research finds that the behaviour of many managers towards employees is often inappropriate. The editors and contributors of Human Dignity and Managerial Responsibility argue that there is a clear connection between maintaining the dignity of the workforce and corporate performance and sustainability. Their multiple perspectives on the workplace examine the position of the employee as a stakeholder, together with issues about managing employees in relation to social responsibility and sustainability. They discuss diversity in the broadest sense, filling a gap in the research-related literature essential to a more rounded understanding of CSR. Human Dignity and Managerial Responsibility will appeal to a wide audience amongst those with an academic or professional interest in CSR, sustainability, governance and stakeholder management, human rights, diversity, human resource management, and organisational development.

Intravenous Therapy For Prehospital Providers

Author: Christopher M. Andolsek
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 9780763715793
Format: PDF
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Intravenous (IV) Therapy is one of the most invasive procedures handled in the prehospital environment. Proficiency in IV therapy technique is important for most procedures required in advanced life support. Intravenous Therapy for Prehospital Providers prepares emergency medical personnel for the job of administering or assisting with the administration of IV therapy. This book is part of the EMS Continuing Education Series.

Risikoadaptierte Pr vention

Author: Friedhelm Meier
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3658208015
Format: PDF
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Die vorliegende Studie empfiehlt, Leistungsansprüche für Personen mit interventionsfordernden (Brustkrebs-)Risiken anhand einer neuen Rechtskategorie, der ‚risikoadaptieren Prävention‘, abzubilden. Spätestens seit dem bioinformatischen Innovationsschub (Big Data) kann eine risikoadaptierte Anwendung von prophylaktischen Maßnahmen umfassend gewährleistet werden. Jedoch können die gegebenen Rechtskategorien (primäre Prävention, Vorsorge, Krankenbehandlung) das medizinische Anwendungsfeld nicht adäquat steuern. Die Autoren Friedhelm Meier, Anke Harney, Kerstin Rhiem, Anja Neumann, Silke Neusser, Matthias Braun, Jürgen Wasem, Rita Schmutzler, Stefan Huster und Peter Dabrock haben zusammen im BMBF geförderten Projekt SYSKON. Re-Konfiguration von Gesundheit und Krankheit. Ethische, psychosoziale, rechtliche und gesundheitsökonomische Herausforderungen der Systemmedizin die vorliegende Governance Perspective erarbeitet. This book is published open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.

Brady Intermediate Emergency Care

Author: Bryan E. Bledsoe
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Format: PDF
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In this newly revised second edition, the pharmacology information has been updated to include virtually every drug used by the EMT-Intermediate. Written by the authors of the best-selling Paramedic Emergency Care, Third Edition, this text follows the current United States D.O.T. National Standard Curriculum for Emergency Medical Technician - Intermediate. It offers comprehensive instruction in all EMT-I skills with a strong emphasis on safety and infectious disease precautions. The text's informative, easy-to-read prose explains both essential and optional EMT-Intermediate skills so students clearly understand what will be expected of them as providers. A wealth of richly-detailed, full-color illustrations help them visualize the emergency situations in which their skills will be so vitally important.

Personhood and Health Care

Author: David C. Thomasma
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401725721
Format: PDF, Kindle
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PERSONHOOD AND HEALTH CARE This book arose as a result of a pre-conference devoted to the topic held June 28, 1999 in Paris, France. The pre-conference preceded the Annual Congress of the International Academy ofLaw and Mental Health. Other chapters were solicited after the conference in order to more completely explore the relation of personhood to health care. The pre conference was held in honor of Yves Pelicier who led so many of our French colleagues in medicine, philosophy, and ethics as Christian Herve notes in his Tribute. As health care is aimed at healing persons, it is important to realize how difficult it is to construct a theory of personhood for health care, and thus, a theory of how healing in health care comes about or ought to occur. The book is divided into four parts, Concepts of the Person, Theories of Personhood in Relation to Health Care and Bioethics, Person and Identity, and Personhood and Hs Relations. Each section explores a critical arena in constructing the relation of personhood to health care. Although no exploration ofthis nature can be exhaustive, every effort was made to present both conflicting and complementary views of personhood from within similar and different philosophical and religious traditions. PART ONE: CONCEPTS OF THE PERSON Tracing the origins of the concept of person from antiquity through present day, Jean Delemeau provides an historical sketch of the development of a wide range of meanings.