Telemetry Communications Systems Simplified

Author: Hal Altan
ISBN: 9781976975998
Format: PDF
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Telemetry Communications is unique and can be complicated. This book simplifies the topics on Telemetry Communications Systems and provides reader with easy steps to design the telemetry communications system from the transmit side to the receiver site, and calculate system parameters. Engineering methods from the author's notebook and applicable reminder math sections are also included.

Advances in Communication Systems

Author: A. V. Balakrishnan
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 1483264920
Format: PDF, ePub
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Advances in Communication Systems: Theory and Applications, Volume 1 focuses on the innovations in the methodologies, technologies, processes, and applications in communication systems. The selection first offers information on signal selection theory for space communication channels, theories of pattern recognition, and digilock orthogonal modulation system. Discussions focus on digilock mechanization of an orthogonal modulation system, restrictions placed on practical system waveforms, minimum of distance recognition, synthesis of threshold function, and regular simplex coding. The text then ponders on telemetry and command techniques for planetary spacecraft and communication from weather satellite, including planetary missions, telemetry and command system philosophy, Tiros operation and performance, and the Nimbus spacecraft system. The book examines the information theory of quantum-mechanical channels, as well as the capacity of an ideal quantum-mechanical channel, amplifiers in spatial representation, quantum theory of parametric amplifiers, photon correlation, and moment formula for phase-locking amplifiers. The selection is a dependable reference for researchers in communications interested in the advancements in communication systems.

Satellite Communication Systems 3rd Edition

Author: B.G. Evans
Publisher: IET
ISBN: 9780852968994
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A thoroughly up-to-date revision of this successful book this text aims to give the professional engineer or graduate student a fully comprehensive yet practical understanding of the principles and technological issues of this major subject. The book contains a strong tutorial element and real-world orientation.

Personal Satellite Services Next Generation Satellite Networking and Communication Systems

Author: Igor Bisio
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319470817
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book constitutes the refereed post-conference proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Personal Satellite Services, PSATS 2014, held in Genova, Italy, in July 2014. The 10 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and present the latest advances in the next generation satellite networking and communication systems.

Introduction to Broadband Communication Systems

Author: Cajetan M. Akujuobi
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 142006150X
Format: PDF, Docs
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Broadband networks, such as asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), frame relay, and leased lines, allow us to easily access multimedia services (data, voice, and video) in one package. Exploring why broadband networks are important in modern-day telecommunications, Introduction to Broadband Communication Systems covers the concepts and components of both standard and emerging broadband communication network systems. After introducing the fundamental concepts of broadband communication systems, the book discusses Internet-based networks, such as intranets and extranets. It then addresses the networking technologies of X.25 and frame relay, fiber channels, a synchronous optical network (SONET), a virtual private network (VPN), an integrated service digital network (ISDN), broadband ISDN (B-ISDN), and ATM. The authors also cover access networks, including digital subscriber lines (DSL), cable modems, and passive optical networks, as well as explore wireless networks, such as wireless data services, personal communications services (PCS), and satellite communications. The book concludes with chapters on network management, network security, and network testing, fault tolerance, and analysis. With up-to-date, detailed information on the state-of-the-art technology in broadband communication systems, this resource illustrates how some networks have the potential of eventually replacing traditional dial-up Internet. Requiring only a general knowledge of communication systems theory, the text is suitable for a one- or two-semester course for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in engineering as well as for short seminars on broadband communication systems.

Introduction to Satellite Communication

Author: Bruce R. Elbert
Publisher: Artech House Publishers
ISBN: 9780890062296
Format: PDF
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This comprehensive, yet highly understandable, overview of satellite communication technology explores the inner workings of today's commercial "satcom" systems and explains how the key elements function and interact in the modern satellite communication network. The author provides engineers and nontechnical professionals alike with a clear picture of how satellites, ground control systems, and Earth stations work, separately and together, and explains which elements in the network are most critical to success.