Texas Real Estate License Exam Prep

Author: Stephen Mettling
Publisher: Performance Programs Company
ISBN: 0915777215
Format: PDF, ePub
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Features of Texas Real Estate License Exam Prep (TX-RELEP): - National Principles & Law Key Point Review (45 pages) - Real Estate Math Key Formula Review & Practice (17 pages) - Texas-Specific Laws and Practices (43 pages) - National Practice Tests (500 questions) - Texas Practice Tests (125 questions) - Texas Sample Exam (100 questions) We know the real estate licensing exam can be tough, and very nerve-wracking to prepare for. That’s why we created the Texas Real Estate License Exam Prep (TX-RELEP) the way we did. Since we have been managing real estate schools and developing curriculum for forty years, we know how all this works – or fails to work. TX-RELEP is comprehensive in that it contains both key content review and testing practice. And the text review is Texas-specific – not just simplistic national content, but terse, relevant and accurate Texas laws and regulations presented as a well-organized set of state ‘key point reviews’ ideal for pre-test memorization. But let’s not dismiss the importance of the national content either. TX-RELEP’s national key point reviews are a succinct compression of tested national principles and practices that comprise the national portion of state license exams from coast to coast. Our content is drawn from our own national textbook, Principles of Real Estate Practice – one of the most widely used principles textbooks in the country. Finally, our national content, as well as our question selection, is further tailored to the state testing outline promulgated by Pearson Vue for Texas. Thus the breadth and depth of the law reviews and test questions reflect the topic emphasis of your state’s testing service and your Texas license exam. A word about the test questions… TX-RELEP’s testing practice section consists of ten national practice tests, six state practice tests, and one state exam sample test. The practice tests are roughly 50 questions in length and the sample test is 100 questions. The test questions are designed to cover the content covered by the law reviews – which reinforces your learning of the total body of information tested by your Texas exam. The questions are direct, to the point, and designed to test your understanding. When you have completed a given test, you can check your answers against the answer key in the appendix. You may also note that each question’s answer is accompanied by a brief explanation, or “rationale” to further reinforce your understanding. In the end, as you know, it’s all up to you. Unlike other publications, we are not going to tell you that using this book will guarantee that you pass your state exam. It still takes hard work and study to pass. But we have done our best here to get you ready. Following that, the most we can do is wish you the best of success in taking and passing your Texas real estate exam. So good luck!! For Texas students looking for a Principles I & II prelicense textbook, Principles of Real Estate Practice in Texas is now available

Texas Real Estate Exam Prep

Author: Janice Cullen
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781985042711
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If you are concerned about passing the Texas Real Estate Licensing Exam, then this book is for you. Texas Real Estate Exam Prep has been developed using concepts found in the actual Pearson Vue Texas Real Estate Exam and covers areas such as product knowledge, terms, and concepts. The four practice tests coincide with the current, general test outline. This book explains the key concepts that you need to know in a straightforward and easy-to-use manner. Inside you'll find:* Test Taking Tips & Strategies* A Real Estate Review * A Math Review* Flashcards * Four Practice Tests* And Much More...

Pfade der Sehnsucht

Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641139341
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Als Iona nach Irland kam, wurde sie vom magischen Zirkel um den O’Dwyer-Clan herzlich aufgenommen und fand in Boyle ihre große Liebe. Ihr Cousin Connor O’Dwyer hat die Frau fürs Leben noch nicht gefunden, doch auf wundersame Weise fühlt er sich plötzlich zur leidenschaftlichen Meara hingezogen. Das Glück wird getrübt, als Cabhan, der blutrünstige Feind des Clans, Meara benutzt um sie alle zu vernichten. Hält der Kreis der Freunde dieser Herausforderung stand?

Schattend mmerung

Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641224837
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Fallon trägt eine schwere Verantwortung: Sie wurde mit den Kräften geboren, die notwendig sind, um die postapokalyptische Welt vom Bösen zu befreien. Doch dafür muss sie ihrer geliebten Familie den Rücken kehren und von der kleinen Farmerstochter zur mutigen Kriegerin werden. Gleichzeitig tritt immer wieder Duncan in ihr Leben, mit dem sie etwas Tieferes verbindet, als sie sich eingestehen will. Um den dunklen Mächten und dem Mörder ihres leiblichen Vaters Einhalt zu gebieten, muss das junge Mädchen magische und nichtmagische Wesen zusammenbringen und Hinterhalt und Intrigen enttarnen, die die Gesellschaft noch vor der ersten Schlacht zu unterwandern drohen.

Working Mother

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The magazine that helps career moms balance their personal and professional lives.