The African American Guide to Living Well with Diabetes

Author: Constance Brown-Riggs
ISBN: 9781601631152
Format: PDF, Docs
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aConnie Brown-Riggsas...culturally appropriate messages are an extraordinary benefit to African-Americans, particularly women, who are often not fully aware of the lifestyle changes they can and should make to prevent diabetes and improve their health and that of their families.a Wendy C. Brawley, publisher and CEO, IMARA Woman magazine aThis book provides cutting-edge information on diet, exercise, and medication, synthesized with other aspects of diabetes care, including spirituality-providing a total lifestyle wellness plan. I support this book with high enthusiasm.a Wahida Karmally, DrPH, RD, CDE, associate research scientist, Director of Nutrition, Irving Institute of Clinical and Translational Research, Columbia University More than 4 million African-Americans have diabetes; thousands more have pre-diabetes or are at risk for the condition. But in 21 years as a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, Constance Brown-Riggs found few books that even vaguely addressed the unique health concerns of this population. This comprehensive guide includes: The latest medical treatments for diabetes-medications, insulin therapies, blood glucose monitors, plus the pros and cons of supplements, herbs, and alternative diets. What you canat eat-- and what you can. Dozens of mouthwatering Caribbean and soul food recipes, with a two-week menu plan.

Living Well Despite Catchin Hell

Author: Melody Theresa McCloud
Publisher: New Life Pub
ISBN: 9780964355477
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Sex, health, happiness and know you want it! And there's no better time than now for having it all and 'gettin' it good! But sometimes factors get in the way, and it can be hell. Disparaging images in the media. The subject of misogynistic lyrics and derogatory comments. Colorism. The largest demographic of women who live as head-of-household and a growing shortage of marriage-minded (and marriage-worthy) Black men. These are just some of the ways Black women proverbially 'catch hell' in today's society. As if the attack on their image and psyche isn't enough, Black women also disproportionately suffer from killer diseases such as diabetes, cancer, infant mortality, HIV/AIDS and more. Yet despite all the psycho-social attacks (the 'hell') Black women face, they have the lowest rate of suicide compared to other demographics and many live phenomenally well as cherished wives, trailblazing professionals and entrepreneurs. But these struggles are rarely validated, and these successes rarely acknowledged. Living Well, Despite Catchin Hell is a book that does just that. It provides head-to-toe medical advice on heart disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, fibroid tumors and other medical diagnoses, and it acknowledges the direct effect such social rejection and attacks (the 'hell') that Black women experience on a near-daily basis have on their psyche and physical health. How some Black women hurt their own lives and well-being will also be examined. The physician-author's groundbreaking 'Rejection Connection' flowchart clearly demonstrates how these social stressors significantly contribute to the continuing state of Black women s health. It serves as a much needed eye-opener, not only to women readers, but also to media executives, health professionals, sociologists and others who seek to understand and mitigate the causative factors adversely affecting today s Black woman. With an upbeat approach (and with health as the common thread woven through each section), Living Well, Despite Catchin' Hell is professional medical advice, sexology, sociology, psychology, dashes of pop culture and hefty doses of personal responsibility. It is the one-source, go-to health reference Black women need in order to live healthy, happy, long and strong in the 21st century.

What s Cooking

Author: Anthony Sepe
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1481757326
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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What's Cooking is a compendium of the favorite recipes from many notable dietitians & chefs. Learn from the experts as they teach you new ways to meld taste and nutrition. Each recipe includes a nutritional analysis, so you will know exactly what you are eating. "What's cooking? Hopefully YOU are after sinking your teeth into this monster of a cook book. Sepe gathers top notch recipes from leading health experts and professionals who know how to make good-for-you foods taste great. The best thing is you will be so focused on trying out any number of tasty yet healthy recipes that you probably won't notice (or mind) that your health improved along the way." -David Grotto, RDN, LDN Author of The Best Things You Can Eat While you're enjoying scrumptious meals from this cookbook, the handicapped Children's Association of Southern Tier New York, an affiliate of the Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York, will be appreciating your purchase. Anthony is generously donating ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of this book to support the Association, which will be earmarked for counseling services. Having cerebral palsy himself, Anthony knows how essential it is to support the organizations that reach out to help those with disabilities.

Living with Diabetes

Author: James Reed
Publisher: Hilton Pub
ISBN: 9780984144723
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Provides information on coping with diabetes, including exercise, diet, and how to choose a healthcare provider.

Diabetes Survival Guide

Author: Stanley Mirsky
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 0345493303
Format: PDF, Docs
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Provides simple suggestions and methods to help readers live with diabetes without major disruptions to their lives, and includes a diet designed to control blood sugar.

Blessed Health

Author: Angela Ebron
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439146357
Format: PDF
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Blessed Health offers African-American women the medical information and inspirational motivation they need to achieve total health -- a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Many black women will go to church all day every Sunday but won't take one day out of the year to get a Pap test and mammogram done. Yet that yearly doctor's visit could help save lives. Often the first people to pray when a serious illness strikes, black women may be the last to seek timely medical care. As a result, they are suffering with, and dying from, manageable illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, cancer, and diabetes more than any other group in the United States. It doesn't have to be that way. Don't wait until a health emergency happens before turning to your faith and your physician. You can achieve optimal health by arming yourself with medical knowledge and a strong spiritual base. Research has proven that a well-nurtured spiritual self can help to replenish, rejuvenate, and safeguard your physical self. Written by a prominent African-American OB/GYN and a highly respected journalist, Blessed Health is a personal health and spirituality guide for every stage of a black woman's life. Included here is important information on: How your body works, and what can be done to prevent or help solve common health problems, including pelvic infections and fibroid tumors How to find a doctor that ministers to your physical and emotional needs How to successfully cope with illness, from a faith perspective How spiritual wisdom and prayer can decrease the harmful effects of stress How best to take care of your breasts and reproductive organs, and decrease your risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer and much, much more, including the latest on managing menopause.

African American Healthy

Author: Richard W. Walker
Publisher: Square One Pub
ISBN: 9780757003615
Format: PDF, Docs
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"How vitamin D3 and other smart choices can dramatically improve your well-being."--Cover.

The Perfect Diabetes Comfort Food Collection

Author: Robyn Webb
Publisher: American Diabetes Association
ISBN: 1580406688
Format: PDF, Docs
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Most home cooks have four or five go-to dishes they love to make. They may occasionally break out of routine and try new dishes, but they always end up coming back to the tried and true dishes they know and love. In The Perfect Diabetes Comfort Food Collection, Robyn Webb, author of the all-time best-selling Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook, focuses on nine favorite comfort foods and makes ten variations of each to give home cooks new, healthy twists on the meals they crave. These all-American classics include: lasagna, meatloaf, burgers, stir-frys, tacos, main dish stews and soups, entree salads, chicken, and pasta. Along with nearly 100 classic recipes, this book also features a meal-planning section that helps readers match a favorite comfort food dish with classic sides to create hundreds of complete, nutritionally balanced meals designed to help control blood glucose levels and promote heart health. The Perfect Diabetes Comfort Food Collection combines the elements everyone loves—healthy comfort foods that are prepared quickly and come out tasting amazing.