The Aftereffects of Caregiving

Author: Gary Joseph LeBlanc
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 9781478759829
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Throughout the many years that you, as a caregiver attend to the countless needs of your loved one, or ones, you will lose fragments of your life that may take years to recover. You may come crawling out of your caregiving campaign wondering if there's any of the original "You" left. Is this you? Are you feeling a little lost, fragile, maybe hesitant to move forward in life? This book was written specifically for you! We want to help you find yourself again or at least show you ways to reinvent yourself. We know from personal experience that the aftereffects of caregiving can be catastrophic. Our intent in writing this book is to help you open your front door and step back into the world. There is life still out there waiting for you.

While I Still Can

Author: Rick Phelps
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 146918849X
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Rarely does one get an opportunity to experience the nightmare that is Alzheimer’s Disease from the perspective of the person who has been stricken with it. In his book, “While I Still Can,” Rick Phelps, the founder of “Memory People,” an online Alzheimer’s and dementia support group, changes all of that. Diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease in his 50's, Rick decided it was time the veil was lifted. Throughout this book the reader is given a firsthand account of: the early signs that Rick experienced, the loneliness he felt during the denial period of family and friends, the terror that gripped his heart upon receiving the undeniable diagnosis and, after the diagnosis, how he and his loved ones have learned to cope with this mind robbing and fatal disease. A real page turner, “While I Still Can,” affords an uncommon glimpse into the world of memory loss, while at the same time it tells the story of love, commitment, faith and courage in the face of a catastrophic disease.

The Caregiving Trap

Author: Pamela D. Wilson
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
ISBN: 163047536X
Format: PDF, ePub
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"The Caregiving Trap" combines the authentic life and professional experience of Pamela D. Wilson, who provides recommendations for overwhelmed and frustrated caregivers who themselves may one day need care. "The Caregiving Trap" includes stories about Pamela’s actual personal and professional experience along with end of chapter exercises to support caregivers. Common caregiving issues include: A sense of duty and obligation to provide care that damages family relationships Emotional and financial challenges resulting in denial of care needs Ignorance of predictive events that result in situations of crises or harm Delayed decision making and lack of planning resulting in limited choices Minimum standards of care supporting the need for advocacy

Family Caregiving Across the Lifespan

Author: Eva Kahana
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 0803944314
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Examining caregiving issues from a multigenerational, family life cycle perspective, this volume deals with the broad spectrum of chronic illnesses that necessitate family caregiving throughout the lifespan and discusses responses to these challenges by both caregiving families and caregiving systems. Part One addresses the caregiving paradigm and the relationship of family caregiving research to family life studies. Part Two examines conceptual aspects of caregiving, ranging from the expansion of the caregiving paradigm, caregiving processes and tasks, to the positive aspects of caregiving. Part Three emphasizes how family caregivers are affected by the connection (or lack of it) to macro-level systems.

Grandmothers as caregivers

Author: Meredith Minkler
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
ISBN: 9780803948471
Format: PDF
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Published in cooperation with the Center for Practice Innovations, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University Recipient of Choice Magazine's 1993 Outstanding Academic Book Award One major consequence of the staggering cocaine epidemic is the increase it has caused in "skipped-generation families"--families in which the middle generation is absent, and grandparents are left to raise their grandchildren. Providing a rich and in-depth look at this phenomenon, Grandmothers as Caregivers focuses on African American women who are raising young grandchildren as a direct consequence of this epidemic. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods, the authors give voice to the women's stories, and capture the strengths, the courage, the pain, and the insights of these "forgotten caregivers." The book explores multiple dimensions of grandparent caregiving, including the circumstances surrounding the assumption of the new role, the effects of such caregiving on the physical and emotional health of grandparents, the high costs of caregiving from an economic perspective, and the dual standard in government welfare policies that penalize grandparents for being related to the children in their care. The authors also look at grandparent caregiving nationally, describing innovative community interventions and service programs to support grandparent caregivers. A detailed and insightful look at the adverse effects of the cocaine epidemic, Grandmothers as Caregivers will be essential reading for professionals and students of gerontology, social work, family studies, nursing, and sociology. "Enlightened lay persons, as well as professionals and scholars, will benefit from the awareness generated. This is a highly recommended and well-written text with implications for practice and policy further research." --Family & Community Health "This study models thoughtful design, careful scholarship, vivid writing, and cogent recommendations. Spanning traditional fields of social research, women's studies, substance abuse, gerontology, child welfare, and public assistance, the book deserves wide reading. Highly recommended."

Clinical Dimensions of Anticipatory Mourning

Author: Therese A. Rando
Publisher: Research PressPub
ISBN: 9780878223800
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Dr. Therese Rando is joined by 17 contributing authors to present the most comprehensive resource available on the perspectives, issues, interventions, and changing views associated with anticipatory mourning. Content Highlights Introduction Part I Knowledge and Theory -- A Review and Critique of the Literature; The Six Dimensions of Anticipatory Mourning; Re-Creating Meaning in the Face of Illness; The Transition to Loving in Absence; The Transition of Fading Away; On the Experience of Traumatic Stress; Coping with Dying: Similarities, Differences, and Suggested Guidelines for Helpers; Denial and the Limits of Anticipatory Mourning; Towards an Appropriate Death Part II Anticipatory Mourning from Different Perspectives -- Grief in Dying Persons; Promoting Healthy Anticipatory Mourning in Intimates of the Life-Threatened or Dying Person; Challenges for Professional and Volunteer Caregivers Part III Specific and Applied Cases -- Anticipatory Mourning and Prenatal Diagnosis; Dealing with Chronic/Terminal Illness or Disability of a Child; Anticipatory Mourning in HIV/ AIDS; Mourning Psychosocial Loss: Alzheimers, ALS, and Irreversible Coma; Advance Directives; Organ Donation; The Human-Animal Bond

Mit einem Schlag

Author: Dr. Jill B. Taylor
Publisher: Knaur MensSana eBook
ISBN: 3426401657
Format: PDF
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Als die Hirnforscherin Jill B. Taylor einen Schlaganfall erleidet, erfährt sie am eigenen Körper, was Patienten erleben. Fasziniert beobachtet sie die Funktionsweise des Gehirns und gewährt damit einen bisher nie beschriebenen Innenblick. Ihr Schicksal zeigt aber auch, dass eine vollständige Genesung nach einem Schlaganfall möglich ist. Mit einem Schlag von Dr. Jill B. Taylor: als eBook erhätltlich!


Author: Beth Witrogen McLeod
Publisher: Wiley
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Helping your family and loved ones when they need you most "Caregiving has a big heart-on a much-needed topic. A rare book of spiritual and practical wisdom." —Sue Bender, author of Plain and Simple and Everyday Sacred "A poignant, wise, and in-the-trenches view of caregiving that is both practical and spiritual, especially of value to midlife adults." —Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D., author of Goddesses in Everywoman and Close to the Bone "Lovely. . . . Beth McLeod's experience and wisdom shine through as she shares her heartfelt journey of loss, surrender, hope, and healing." —David Simon, M.D. medical director, the Chopra Center for Well Being, author of Vital Energy and Return to Wholeness Sooner or later it will touch us all: A family member or loved one becomes ill or disabled, and we step in to help. This is caregiving, and in this powerful, unique book, prizewinning writer and advocate Beth Witrogen McLeod leads us through the caregiving journey with unflinching authority and compassion. Framed by the author's personal odyssey as a caregiver and richly informed by the inspiring and poignant tales of others, Caregiving explores medical and financial problems, all aspects of spirituality, and such issues as depression, stress, housing, home care, and end-of-life concerns. A rare blend of powerful storytelling and practical information, Caregiving is a revelation.

Principles and Practice of Grief Counseling

Author: Howard R. Winokuer, PhD
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 0826108733
Format: PDF, ePub
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"The book is well-written, interesting, informative, thorough, and useful! As an educator for 43 years, this is the sort of text that I would be pleased to use in my classroom!....I would highly recommend this book! It is an important contribution to the field!"--Gerry R. Cox, PhD, in Illness, Crisis and Loss This core, introductory textbook for undergraduate and graduate level courses is the first volume to combine the knowledge and skills of counseling psychology with current theory and research in grief and bereavement. It is grounded in the belief that grief counseling is distinct from other therapeutic issues because grief is an adaptive response rather than a form of pathology. The book describes the unique aspects of grief as a normal response to loss, and views the goal of counseling bereaved individuals as one of facilitating the unfolding of the healthy and adaptive aspects of the process as it manifests itself within each client. Grief is considered a response to losses that are both death- and non-death-related; and psychological, physical, social, economical and practical experiences of grief are addressed. The text introduces various theories of bereavement and examines different therapeutic modalities that can be used in the context of grief and loss. Specific counseling practices that facilitate successful interventions are discussed, particularly that of "presence," considered by the authors to be the primary therapeutic stance when working with bereaved individuals. The text also addresses grief counseling with special populations, ethical issues, and self-care concerns for counselors. Case studies, discussion and reflection questions, and suggested additional resources are included in each chapter. Key Features: Regards grief therapy as a unique form of counseling based on grief as an adaptive response rather than as a form of pathology Combines the knowledge and skills of counseling psychology with current research in grief and bereavement Written by a prominent clinician and an educator with over 60 years of combined experience in grief counseling Focuses on the importance of "presence" as the most important therapeutic foundation for working with bereaved individuals