The Amish Foundling Girl

Author: Hannah Schrock
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781537269849
Format: PDF, ePub
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Twenty-two years ago John Lapp found a baby alone in the woods. The only clue to her identity was the embroidered seal on a blanket in which the baby was wrapped. That baby was Eleanor. She was raised by John and his wife as their own child in the Amish community. After learning she's a foundling, it's clear to Eleanor the only way to be at peace with herself is to find her birth parents. It won't be easy as doing so will mean venturing into the world of the Englischers. She finds the solution in Gabriel Kauffmann, her lifelong friend who longs to be more, though Eleanor doesn't share the sentiment. The only way Eleanor will be permitted to go out among the Englisch is with Gabriel as a chaperone. Just how far will Eleanor's journey take her? By the time the journey's finished, what will she have learned about her past...and her future? A delightful, clean and wholesome new Amish mystery romance story from Hannah Schrock.

Identical Strangers

Author: Elyse Schein
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9781588366443
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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As seen in the hit documentary Three Identical Strangers • “[A] poignant memoir of twin sisters who were split up as infants, became part of a secret scientific study, then found each other as adults.”—Reader’s Digest (Editors’ Choice) WINNER OF A BOOKS FOR A BETTER LIFE AWARD Elyse Schein had always known she was adopted, but it wasn’t until her mid-thirties while living in Paris that she searched for her biological mother. What she found instead was shocking: She had an identical twin sister. What’s more, after being separated as infants, she and her sister had been, for a time, part of a secret study on separated twins. Paula Bernstein, a married writer and mother living in New York, also knew she was adopted, but had no inclination to find her birth mother. When she answered a call from her adoption agency one spring afternoon, Paula’s life suddenly divided into two starkly different periods: the time before and the time after she learned the truth. As they reunite, taking their tentative first steps from strangers to sisters, Paula and Elyse are left with haunting questions surrounding their origins and their separation. And when they investigate their birth mother’s past, the sisters move closer toward solving the puzzle of their lives. Praise for Identical Strangers “Remarkable . . . powerful . . . [an] extraordinary experience . . . The reader is left to marvel at the reworking of individual identities required by one discovery and then another.”—Boston Sunday Globe “Absorbing.”—Wired “[A] fascinating memoir . . . Weaving studies about twin science into their personal reflections . . . Schein and Bernstein provide an intelligent exploration of how identity intersects with bloodlines. A must-read for anyone interested in what it means to be a family.”—Bust “Identical Strangers has all the heart-stopping drama you’d expect. But it has so much more—the authors’ emotional honesty and clear-eyed insights turn this unique story into a universal one. As you accompany the twins on their search for the truth of their birth, you witness another kind of birth—the germination and flowering of sisterly love.”—Deborah Tannen, #1 New York Times bestselling author of You Just Don’t Understand “A transfixing memoir.”—Publishers Weekly

Lady of Milkweed Manor

Author: Julie Klassen
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 9781441202291
Format: PDF
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The engaging and moving story of a once-proper lady who finds herself in a most unexpected situation; a romance set in Regency England.

The Winter King

Author: Bernard Cornwell
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 125001736X
Format: PDF, Mobi
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It takes a remarkable writer to make an old story as fresh and compelling as the first time we heard it. With The Winter King, the first volume of his magnificent Warlord Chronicles, Bernard Cornwell finally turns to the story he was born to write: the mythic saga of King Arthur. The tale begins in Dark Age Britain, a land where Arthur has been banished and Merlin has disappeared, where a child-king sits unprotected on the throne, where religion vies with magic for the souls of the people. It is to this desperate land that Arthur returns, a man at once utterly human and truly heroic: a man of honor, loyalty, and amazing valor; a man who loves Guinevere more passionately than he should; a man whose life is at once tragic and triumphant. As Arthur fights to keep a flicker of civilization alive in a barbaric world, Bernard Cornwell makes a familiar tale into a legend all over again.

The Witnesses

Author: Robert Whitlow
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1401688918
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Young lawyer Parker House is on the rise—until his grandfather’s mysterious past puts both of their lives in danger. Parker House’s secret inheritance is either his greatest blessing . . . or his deadliest curse. The fresh-faced North Carolina attorney shares his German grandfather’s uncanny ability to see future events in his mind’s eye—a gift that has haunted 82-year-old Frank House through decades of trying to erase a murderous wartime past. While Parker navigates the intrigue and politics of small-town courtroom law, Frank is forced to face his darkest regrets. Then, a big career break for Parker collides with a new love he longs to nurture and the nightmares his grandfather can no longer escape. Sudden peril threatens to shatter not only Parker’s legal prospects but also his life and the lives of those dearest to him. Two witnesses, two paths, an uncertain future.

Mistress of Mourning

Author: Karen Harper
Publisher: New Amer Library
ISBN: 9780451236906
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A young widow and candlemaker, Varina Westcott, agrees to travel to Wales to investigate the suspicious death of the newly married Prince Author as a secret request of Queen Elizabeth of York, the wife of Henry VII. 25,000 first printing.

The Missing Amish Girl

Author: Hannah Schrock
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781537314044
Format: PDF, Kindle
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When Rebecca Lehman, a pretty young Amish girl, goes missing the whole Amish community draw together to try to find her. When Dana, the police detective brings tragic news the next morning, Sadie Zook, the mother of Rebecca's best friend, becomes drawn into the investigation to find the murderer. Sadie finds that Rebecca lived in a secret world of Englisch friends and possibly Englisch boyfriends. She also knows that Eli, Rebecca's father, is very controlling and would not understand why Rebecca would be interested in the world outside the Amish community. Then there is the matter of Mark, a young jealous Amish boy, who wanted nothing more than to court Rebecca. As Sadie investigates further she finds herself drawn deeper into a pool of potential suspects and personal danger.

The Lucifer Principle

Author: Howard Bloom
Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
ISBN: 0802192181
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Lucifer Priciple is a revolutionary work that explores the intricate relationships among genetics, human behavior, and culture to put forth the thesis that “evil” is a by-product of nature’s strategies for creation and that it is woven into our most basic biological fabric. In a sweeping narrative that moves lucidly among sophisticated scientific disciplines and covers the entire span of the earth’s, as well as mankind’s, history, Howard Bloom challenges some of our most popular scientific assumptions. Drawing on evidence from studies of the most primitive organisms to those on ants, apes, and humankind, the author makes a persuasive case that it is the group, or “superorganism,” rather than the lone individual that really matters in the evolutionary struggle. But, Bloom asserts, the prominence of society and culture does not necessarily mitigate against our most violent, aggressive instincts. In fact, under the right circumstances the mentality of the group will only amplify our most primitive and deadly urges. In Bloom’s most daring contention he draws an analogy between the biological material whose primordial multiplication began life on earth and the ideas, or “memes,” that define, give cohesion to, and justify human superorganisms. Some of the most familiar memes are utopian in nature—Christianity or Marxism; nonetheless, these are fueled by the biological impulse to climb to the top of the heirarchy. With the meme’s insatiable hunger to enlarge itself, we have a precise prescription for war. Biology is not destiny; but human culture is not always the buffer to our most primitive instincts we would like to think it is. In these complex threads of thought lies the Lucifer Principle, and only through understanding its mandates will we able to avoid the nuclear crusades that await us in the twenty-first century.

Amish Heartache

Author: Hannah Schrock
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781507533550
Format: PDF
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Joanna is shocked when her parents attempt to arrange a marriage for her with Sampson, a man she has disliked since childhood. As a good and loyal daughter she agrees to see where the idea might lead, despite it being against her wishes. Matters are complicated further with the return of Joanna's childhood friend, Eli. A young man who had left the Amish community when he was just a boy, without even saying goodbye. When Sampson falls ill, Joanna believes it to be her fault as she prayed that the marriage would not happen. Yet all the time Sampson lies gravely ill, she and Eli grow closer together - especially when they search for a missing treasure from Eli's dark past. Eli is fighting his own problems; his lack of faith and if he wants to rejoin the Amish or not. There is one person that could convince him to stay. But she seems destined for another.